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24th Dec 2014, 00:24
Pretentious road and building names appear to be compulsory for new developments these days. Its always Blenheim this, Marlborough that, Buckingham the other, with no reference to the local area. At the opposite extreme, we have Steptoe and Son's 'Oil Drum Lane' in Shepherds Bush, although that is of course fictional.

What are the least pretentious road or building names you've come across?

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24th Dec 2014, 00:30
Quiet Street, Bath

24th Dec 2014, 01:23
Yellowknife, NWT, Canada:

24th Dec 2014, 01:31
Which wound up in l'Anse au Clair Labrador.


24th Dec 2014, 01:38
In a Montreal suburb.


24th Dec 2014, 01:42


24th Dec 2014, 01:49
Poverty Road (http://nf.geoview.info/poverty_road,26405090w)

http://i.imgur.com/d73chA0.png (http://nf.geoview.info/poverty_road,26405090w)


24th Dec 2014, 02:03
In Flackwell Heath :


As for pretentious, nothing more pretentious than : '50 on Main', a pet hate of mine.

24th Dec 2014, 02:06
"Y street (https://maps.google.com/maps?ll=-37.862458,145.079688&spn=0.002295,0.003363&t=m&z=18)" is Y shaped.

24th Dec 2014, 02:43
Dull St., Dickson, TN

24th Dec 2014, 03:00
Gallows Road is a major road in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC.


24th Dec 2014, 03:25
I've got a pic on my phone of adjacent street signs on a pole (somewhere in the US).
They're indicating the intersection of 'BANGHER' and 'LEEVER'.

A much-photographed pole, I'd reckon.

24th Dec 2014, 04:57
Seems to be plenty of unpretentious roads in USA, google maps showed a few Boring roads and I like this one: Smelly Lane, Burlington, NC, United States...

24th Dec 2014, 06:45
Mud Lane, Bristol, UK

24th Dec 2014, 07:02
...and from Australia:

Thongon Street in Cairns QLD

Mate Street in Tumbarumba NSW

tony draper
24th Dec 2014, 07:31
Elizabethan street name in London,Grope C*nt Lane,I kid you not,only recently changed.

24th Dec 2014, 07:34
Gropecunt Lane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gropecunt_Lane)

Yamagata ken
24th Dec 2014, 07:56
When I lived in Kenilworth, we were in Lower Ladyes Hill. Just up Ladyes Hill from us was Upper Ladyes Hill. Funny, that.

west lakes
24th Dec 2014, 08:02
Harmless Hill in Whitehaven
Cockpit in Whitehaven
Main Sprit Wiend in Preston

24th Dec 2014, 08:11
There's an Avenue Road in North London.


Low Flier
24th Dec 2014, 08:15
This one is in Queens, NY.

24th Dec 2014, 08:18
'Hooker's Gate' - which is at one end of 'Old Sodom Lane'. Near Royal Wootton Bassett in Wiltshire

Also in Wiltshire, near Ashton Keynes and somewhat more peculiar, 'Friday's Ham Lane.'

24th Dec 2014, 08:35
Maybe we should return to naming streets and areas after the people who work there.

We could start with the area around Westminster and call it Useless, lazy, crooked, tosser place:ok:

Low Flier
24th Dec 2014, 08:41
The dead end sign seems redundant.

24th Dec 2014, 09:08
In Leeds there was (maybe still is) a street called Hoares Mount, and behind it, Back Hoares Mount.

24th Dec 2014, 09:15
As a child I lived on Fairy Bank Crescent (https://goo.gl/maps/L0npy)which branched off from Fairy Bank Road

24th Dec 2014, 10:07
And there is the road in Sheffield where the police HQ is located - Letsby Avenue

24th Dec 2014, 10:24
Morphany Lane spotted recently up near Warrington.

tony draper
24th Dec 2014, 10:26
Isn't there a Street of a Thousand Arseholes in Westminster,or is it Whitehall.:rolleyes:

24th Dec 2014, 10:38
I've got a pic on my phone of adjacent street signs on a pole (somewhere in the US).
They're indicating the intersection of 'BANGHER' and 'LEEVER'.

A much-photographed pole, I'd reckon.

A fake, but the reality is nearly as good:
http://xstreets.khill.net/images/ThumbNails/tnxBangh-Leeve01.jpg http://xstreets.khill.net/images/ThumbNails/tnxSeama-Cummi00.jpg (http://xstreets.khill.net/fakes.html)

24th Dec 2014, 12:00
There are any number of mining villages in the North East of England with the front street called Front Street, and the back street...

tony draper
24th Dec 2014, 12:56
What about politically incorrect Pub names? :uhoh:
http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a194/Deaddogbay/Deaddogbay001/Politicallyincorrectpub_zpsde1413a3.jpg (http://s11.photobucket.com/user/Deaddogbay/media/Deaddogbay001/Politicallyincorrectpub_zpsde1413a3.jpg.html)

24th Dec 2014, 13:36
Dublin has Cow Parlour. Also Misery Hill, which is in Docklands and quite flat.

24th Dec 2014, 13:36
Always enjoyed the name of this street in York.

24th Dec 2014, 14:27
Hoel-y-sheet (https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Heol-Y-Sheet,+North+Cornelly,+Bridgend+CF33+4EY/@51.514931,-3.6871524,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x486e6f68b698cac3:0xee4c1b5b3f0b34d 9)

Makes me laugh every time it comes up on my GPS as I pass Port Talbot on the M4

Senior Paper Monitor
24th Dec 2014, 14:36
I live on 'The Street' - was thinking to changing the name to 'The House'

24th Dec 2014, 14:42
There is a WanKing Path in Sai Kung, Hong Kong.

was gingernut
24th Dec 2014, 17:29
welcome to Levy

http://rlv.zcache.co.uk/levenshulme_the_street_with_no_name_postcard-ra94f6c04d1d9425b9bc522699428aafb_vgbaq_8byvr_512.jpg?bg=0xf fffff

24th Dec 2014, 19:38
There is a Stark Street in Portland, Oregon.

24th Dec 2014, 20:44
Butter and Egg Road? out by Milford Bay. Always brings a little smile to me when I pass the road end.

24th Dec 2014, 21:17
There is a Wankers corner in Portland OR

25th Dec 2014, 06:27
Southport, Lancashire, had a " Cockle Dicks Lane " when I used to bicycle to school past it every day.

( Near Emmanuel Church, on the way to Churchtown, since you asked )

25th Dec 2014, 06:37
Here is an appropriate seasonal name: Xmas Farm Road, Pallinup, Western Australia

compressor stall
25th Dec 2014, 06:39
High Street Road in Melbourne Aus.

25th Dec 2014, 07:38
Cape Town has Long Street, which isn't really.

25th Dec 2014, 07:42
Show me the signs...I want photographic evidence.

25th Dec 2014, 07:44

25th Dec 2014, 08:34
O.G. Rd., Adelaide, SA

uffington sb
25th Dec 2014, 09:02
India must have a fascination for a certain type of British car, as in just about every town you'll find a M.G. Road!!

25th Dec 2014, 12:19
Elizabethan street name in London,Grope C*nt Lane There was one in Shrewsbury too Mr D - now just Grope Lane - and some folk won't believe the original!

Knew a chap whose lady friend lived in Gas Street, Barnsley . . :sad:

25th Dec 2014, 14:56
A Tod Point Rd. in Redcar.

25th Dec 2014, 15:06
Barf close ( Mickleover Derby)
Brown Willy near Camelford Cornwall

25th Dec 2014, 15:46
Not a street name but always remember the sign for the Wankey shoe company behind the Excelsior in Hong Kong.

Have seen many people over the years wearing their products:}

25th Dec 2014, 19:36
In Ludford Magna (Darkest Lincolnshire) there is Fanny Hands Lane . Just off the main road - can't miss it.

25th Dec 2014, 19:52
Gas Nook (?Street) in Barnsley has gone now, it was near the Jumble Lane level crossing and is now under the multi storey car park.
Faith Street, Hope Street and Charity Street are still extant down "The Klondyke ", near Cudworth.

mr fish
25th Dec 2014, 20:05
theres a traffic island in BROXTOWE ESTATE NOTTINGHAM called "SIX WAYS".
No prizes for the amount of roads leading off, I'd show a pic but only a fool gets his phone, camera, money or shoe laces out there!!!!


rusty sparrow
25th Dec 2014, 21:19
Straight Bit in High Wycombe (Friday afternoon street naming?), UK and Dunny Lane in Kings Langley UK

25th Dec 2014, 23:32
8 Mile Road. -Detroit.

26th Dec 2014, 05:48
Not a street name but always remember the sign for the Wankey shoe company behind the Excelsior in Hong Kong.

and I bought my first motor bike in Singapore from the Ying Tong Motor Cycle shop. ( Goon show aficianados will understand)

26th Dec 2014, 06:51
Twatling Lane In a place called Lickey End. Trust me, it's in Birmingham

uffington sb
26th Dec 2014, 08:02
In Castleford there's a Tickle Cock bridge.
The local council decided to change the name to Tittle Cott bridge, but the locals wouldn't have it and made them change it back!

Tickle Cock Bridge returned to original name after row - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/7263162/Tickle-Cock-Bridge-returned-to-original-name-after-row.html)

Weeds round the prop
26th Dec 2014, 08:36
There was, and maybe still is, a 'Civilisation & Sanitation Road' in Kunming, China.
It smelled a bit.

I spotted a row of terraces near Swansea called 'Chemical Row'.

Weeds round the prop
26th Dec 2014, 08:38
Oh, and a 'Welfare Road' in Glasgow, along with a 'Skellyton Avenue'.

26th Dec 2014, 10:12
In South Cerney (Glos) there was an area in the village called 'UpperUp' and a small road called 'Upper UpperUp'. This was in 1050 when I lived there - I wonder if they are still there.


26th Dec 2014, 10:14
The Detroit area has a number of <number> Mile Roads. The featureless, flat US midwest was laid out with section roads every mile. Thus 7 Mile Rd, 8 Mile Rd, 9 Mile Rd, 10 Mile Rd, 11 Mile Rd, 12 Mile Rd, etc. Named streets are now interspersed.

26th Dec 2014, 10:14
And, of course, Grope Lane in Shrewsbury - a small alley connecting the main streets.


uffington sb
26th Dec 2014, 10:29
Blimey ff you're a bit older than 76 if you lived there in 1050!!

26th Dec 2014, 11:30
There is an Avenue in Coburg, a suburb of, Melbourne Australia called.......

"The Avenue".:p

26th Dec 2014, 11:36
Gunbarrel Highway - NT, SA, WA - Australia.

Coward Street - Qantas HQ.

26th Dec 2014, 12:29
Crooked Usage in London N3 is one of my favourites.

26th Dec 2014, 13:07
Here, at MUB airport they named a new hotel right next to the 'Kagiso Funeral Parlor', 'Terminal Lodge'. After much local hilarity it is now 'Airport Hotel'.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a photo of the two signs together due to the angles they were at.

26th Dec 2014, 14:44

Where in South Cerney? It's not far from me, although I don't think I've ever been to other than High Street, Clark's Hay, Silver Street and Broadway Lane.

I see there is a road there called Bow-Wow......

26th Dec 2014, 20:21
I forgot, until I saw the exit ramp for it this morning, that we have a Ladies' Mile Road in Cape Town.

barry lloyd
26th Dec 2014, 21:03
Ex Sp33b1rd:

Still going strong:
https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Cockle+Dick's+Ln,+Southport,+Merseyside+PR9/@53.6611282,-2.9780178,3a,52.5y,305h,90t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sQA1nSi-8COOV3dl1V8pICw!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x487b3f03efc0ea9f:0x1014e50a2 2966350!6m1!1e1?hl=en

As a youngster I regularly went on holiday to Banks, and often passed it (whilst supressing a childish giggle) and remember it well! Written as someone who currently lives on Chimney Crescent (the site of a former industrial laundry with a large chimney which the locals didn't want demolished, but was - hence the name!)

26th Dec 2014, 22:26
barry lloyd - thanks, looks a bit smarter than I remember. I lived a bit further North, off Preston New Road, on the way to Banks and in l later life frequented the Plough Inn just before Banks, where the road from Crossens joined. Happy Days !

27th Dec 2014, 11:58
"Avenue Road" in Mosman, Sydney used to have me scratching my head.

Super VC-10
27th Dec 2014, 14:32
Seven Mile Lane, between East Peckham and Wrotham Heath in Kent, UK. Not sure how long it is though.:}

27th Dec 2014, 14:37
A new estate was built in the village here and the developers asked the parish council to suggest a name. 'Spring Rise' was suggested and accepted. Afterward someone asked the suggestor (a local farmer of the old school) why Spring Rise?

His reply was "Wait till it rains, they'll find out then".

27th Dec 2014, 14:49
Bogaduck Road, Aldgate, South Australia

wings folded
27th Dec 2014, 15:20

I lived a bit further North, off Preston New Road, on the way to Banks

How many Preston New Roads do you know of?

I know of five.

Why did Preston need so many new roads? Why were the old ones so crap they had to be renewed?

Has puzzled me for ages. Well, that and the appeal of Australian Soap Operas have both puzzled me for ages.

27th Dec 2014, 16:54
Of Alley (http://www.tiredoflondontiredoflife.com/2009/05/search-out-of-alley.html) as was.

27th Dec 2014, 18:13
How many Preston New Roads do you know of?

Good point, and I can't recall a single Preston Old Road.

wings folded
27th Dec 2014, 18:22
I know one!

wings folded
27th Dec 2014, 18:40
Upon reflection, two.

27th Dec 2014, 19:01
We've just has dinner in Harfield Village in 'Second Avenue'.

There is another suburb a bit further south called Lakeside where some of the roads carry the names of English counties. One of them is called : 'Hants Road.'

27th Dec 2014, 19:58
Fronks Road in Dovercourt is an odd one.

The Hangings is a strip of shrub/wood land extending from Dovercourt Bay to Parkeston and I spent many happy hours playing there as a lad but my strongest memory is of the day when, at around ten years old, I had a pee in a bush and then walked around it to discover a girl a bit older than myself doing the same on the other side.

How does a young lad explain an erection that lasts most of the day? :eek:

27th Dec 2014, 21:59
How does a young lad explain an erection that lasts most of the day? :eek:

Depends on who the young lad had to do the explaining to! :bored:

barry lloyd
28th Dec 2014, 17:41

How many Preston New Roads do you know of?
Good point, and I can't recall a single Preston Old Road.

What? You've never heard of the Preston Old Road Chippy in Blackpool (where else?) :D

https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Preston+Old+Road+Chippy/@53.805209,-3.016306,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x487b43ea8b7899e3:0x1eaec098a4becff 8?hl=en

28th Dec 2014, 22:44
I was brought up in the Moortown district of Leeds where one of the main thoroughfares was "Street Lane"...

Always puzzled me as a lad :hmm:

Sue Vêtements
28th Dec 2014, 22:53
We always called that one the Mereland Road Chip Shop. It was good as well. There was another one a little bit further along, next to the Number 4.

Remember the Post Office that was close by? They had a whole wall of vending machines outside - until they all rusted out of course.

28th Dec 2014, 23:12
Preston Old Road. Upon reflection, two.
Wings Folded, which one had you forgot, Freckleton or Clifton?

29th Dec 2014, 03:51
Edinburgh of course has "Leith walk". I did once, and it goes on for miles....

wings folded
29th Dec 2014, 08:39
Wings Folded, which one had you forgot, Freckleton or Clifton?

Neither of them; Blackburn, actually.

So that takes us up to four.

joy ride
29th Dec 2014, 12:49
Maggie Blake's Cause (near Tower Bridge) I have cycled up it many times.
Balls Pond Road
Anerley Road
The one and only Green Lanes
Straight Lane, which is U shaped (E.Sussex)

I know the afore-mentioned Seven Mile Lane well, and indeed it is nothing like 7 miles long!

Another interesting point is that new housing and business estates tend to be named things like "Park View Estate", "Woodside Estate", "Park Farm Estate", Mill View Estate", but without fail, whatever they have been named after has been destroyed to build the new pre-fab kit-built, identikit estate. The one thing they are never called is what they really are. Has anyone seen "Cheaply Flung Together and Cramped Estate"?

29th Dec 2014, 12:55
Gallows Road is a major road in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC.
http://tinyurl.com/nl4upbk Driven on that many a time. Within about ten miles of there, coming off of route 193, is Ad Hoc Road. :ok:
650 Ad Hoc Rd, Great Falls, VA 22066 - Zillow (http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/650-Ad-Hoc-Rd-Great-Falls-VA-22066/51712124_zpid/)
It's just east/south of Rossmore Court.

I went past it for a number of years, when I was in school in Virginia, considering it an odd street name. Then one day I learned what ad hoc meant, and appreciated the joke that had been played.

29th Dec 2014, 13:10
joy ride,
Loved your last paragraph.

wings folded
29th Dec 2014, 13:54
A bit religiously pretentious:


A bit more secularly pretentious, for those with memories of the popular music scene a few decades ago, but still with a religious theme


About as unpretentious as you will find:

http://i861.photobucket.com/albums/ab176/vikingphoto/citystreetsPICT002222_zpsbdf53076.jpg (http://s861.photobucket.com/user/vikingphoto/media/citystreetsPICT002222_zpsbdf53076.jpg.html)

Sue Vêtements
29th Dec 2014, 20:22
There's a saying round here that every development has at least one street named after the developer's girlfriend.

For instance we have a collection of streets called:

Waterford Dr
Erin Dr
Tralee Dr
Kilarney Dr
Limerick Dr
Wicklow Dr
County Cork Dr
Donnegal Dr
Athlone Dr
Tipperary Dr

and . . .

Bridget Ln :hmm:

Mr Optimistic
30th Dec 2014, 11:42
Robins Folly (Thurleigh)?

30th Dec 2014, 15:02
Bader Walk :)

30th Dec 2014, 16:08
Reading has an Abattoir Road...that's not very pretentious (unless some think it should be called Slaughterhouse Road). There's also a Zinzan Street, but that's just silly.

cockney steve
30th Dec 2014, 20:48
Nicker Brow, Uppermill/Dobcross border.

31st Dec 2014, 05:16
It's been a long time since I last posted here, but had to read this thread and make a small contribution given some of the names of roads in the islands here. A selection of Hawaiian names and (literal) translations follow:

Lakimau Street: Always lucky Street
Ka'onawai Place: The liquid intoxicant Place
Na'opala Lane: Rubbish Lane
'Aikanaka Place/Road: Cannibal Place/Road
Mo'omuku Place: Mutilated lizard Place
Ki'ona'ole Road: Without dung heaps Road
Komai'a Drive: Dragging bananas Drive
Poli'ala Street: Fragrant breast Street
Hepa Street: Idiot Street
Ma'ipalaoa Road: Whale genitals Road

and the delightfully named

Popoi'a Road: Fish rot Road

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou everyone! (Happy New Year!)

31st Dec 2014, 06:52
Aloha to you too.

Low Flier
31st Dec 2014, 14:53
Bader Walk

Twinned with Stump Lane.