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23rd Dec 2014, 09:30
- I've wondered sometimes if it has started already, by 'pulling the plug' or 'drilling cheap'. That's from DWail, but seems more reasonable than most (to me, at least):

How oil's become the world's most potent weapon | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2884454/How-oil-s-world-s-potent-weapon-Forget-nuclear-arms-U-S-Saudis-oil-price-crash-topple-regimes-Russia-Iran-sabotage-Scot-Nationalists.html)

How oil's become the world's most potent weapon: Forget nuclear arms. The U.S. and Saudis are behind an oil price crash that could topple regimes in Russia and Iran
Price of oil has fallen dramatically - down by nearly half in six months
The collapse in price means it is cheaper to fill up your car at the pumps
But has sparked fiscal crisis that threatens to shift global power balance
U.S. and Saudi Arabia are using market slump to wreak havoc on enemies
While Russia - which depends on a bouyant price - is on the edge of crisis
Most pressing issue for Britain is the fate of oil industry in North Sea basin

23rd Dec 2014, 09:41

I think as usual the Whail over-hypes stuff....

Sure cheap oil may have an adverse impact on certain countries.

But there's another word unrelated to oil that people would be well advised not to take their eye off....


Buster Hyman
23rd Dec 2014, 11:45
Yes! There'll be a boom in fine cups & saucers any day now...mark my words! :p

23rd Dec 2014, 11:55
There'll be a boom in fine cups & saucers any day now.The last I heard, was that Royal Derby was the only fine china producer left in the UK, if its still operating, then someone will benefit.

23rd Dec 2014, 13:19
What is WWWIII?

23rd Dec 2014, 13:37
Re: What is WWWIII?

The internet address for World War III?

23rd Dec 2014, 14:02
world wide war?

23rd Dec 2014, 14:30
The Russians are playing a real sneaky game, have you noticed, the price of cod liver oil has risen 31% over the past nine months? What do we consume cod liver oil for? The plan is to seize up Western peoples' skeletal joints and get this..... Russia is the main producer of this oil.

You won't fool me Mr Putin the game is afoot and your plan is now known.

23rd Dec 2014, 14:46
Re: What is WWWIII?

The internet address for World War III?

Yeah, I though the topic would be about North Korea :p

26th Dec 2014, 17:04
now all we have to do is wait for him to fake some sort of incident and World War Three, here we come.

New Russian military doctrine says NATO top threat - AOL.com (http://www.aol.com/article/2014/12/26/russias-new-military-doctrine-names-nato-as-key-risk/21121427/?icid=maing-grid7%7Chtmlws-main-bb%7Cdl1%7Csec1_lnk3%26pLid%3D589381)

Oh, and Merry Christmas from Vlad.

John Hill
26th Dec 2014, 18:49
Another Cold War, why are you not jumping for joy?

26th Dec 2014, 19:12
Another Cold War, why are you not jumping for joy?

You are assuming that it will be another Cold War.

However, another Cold War does seem to be Putin's and Obama's goal and I see no reason what so ever to 'jump for joy'.

26th Dec 2014, 20:11
I don't suppose the Saudi's will be too upset if they kill off the fracking industry either (or at least put the wind up any potential investors in fracking for a few years).

27th Dec 2014, 07:56
it looks more like No-War - with everyone declaring they did not do/are not doing this or that (military in another country, hacking another country - to name the first that come to mind).

27th Dec 2014, 18:24
it looks more like No-War

If so, I'm happy with that. :ok:

28th Dec 2014, 15:33
How would it begin ?
Perhaps the same way as the first one.
By someone underestimating the other sides political resolve,will or capabilities to fight.
One bohemian corporal made that mistake in the twentieth century and his empire is still occupied by a foreign armed forces.
The biggest threats to peace have not been mentioned,as people are too frightened,they will not discuss them.Out of politeness ,why do we not just talk about the weather?
It would be a mistake to underestimate the resolve and capabilities of our former allies.
A short Corsican made that mistake in the nineteenth century and that country never recovered it position as a global power.
Who would be stupid enough to try in the twenty first century ?
Or who has the least to lose?

28th Dec 2014, 15:38
Or who has the least to lose?

The Duchy of Grand Fenwick? :p

galaxy flyer
28th Dec 2014, 15:48
And, the Grand Duchy would have the most to gain. :eek:


28th Dec 2014, 16:15
who has the least to lose?
good question. Real good.

28th Dec 2014, 17:04
Peter Sellers was a comic genius ,as were most of the goons.
Spike was my favorite as he was the silliest and I do like silly comedy.

Peter sellers in the mouse that roared was great ,but his dark performance in Dr.Strangelove foretold a dark monster that was to come. I wonder if he went to the same optician as Dr.Kissenger ?

Both movies dealt with weapons of mass distraction,but at least the mouse that roared made me laugh more than once :)

28th Dec 2014, 17:18
I don't know, ‘Dr. Strangelove’ had its moments.

George C. Scott; "This is the War Room, there's no fighting in the War Room." :p

29th Dec 2014, 07:17
As for Probes's WW3 concern I wouldn't lose sleep over it.
Well, I've got other things to lose sleep over, too. Sometimes I'm just wondering. You know, like the Ice Age - when did everybody know: that's it now. It's not like you put your head out of the cave one day and there it is. Life is changing - from swords to guns to horses to tanks... has it moved on to bomb belts, mice and touchpads? And oil prices.

29th Dec 2014, 23:07
George C. Scott 's performance in Patton was epic.
It may have been the inspiration behind Kenny Everett's General .

tony draper
30th Dec 2014, 09:30
Patton was shown here over the Christmas,one of the few war movies I have any time for,I also believe for which George C Scott told Hollywood to stick its oscar up its arse,which vastly increased his stature in my eyes anyway.

30th Dec 2014, 11:19
Oil is important.

Is it factually correct that before Pearl Harbor was attacked, USA cut off oil to Japan in response to Japanese aggression in China?

30th Dec 2014, 16:31
There are many threats to peace ,not all off them caused by large armies like the massive build up in Turkey. Although when that army starts to move the middle east may have an Ottoman empire.