View Full Version : Two things to restore your faith in technology....

21st Dec 2014, 17:52
In recent threads on PPRuNe such as the Sony one, I've noted one or two people uttering the words "life was better before computers".

Although there are a multitude of examples I could give where computers serve a useful role these days, I thought I'd provide a couple of videos instead ....:cool:

Number one : The Robotic Beer Holder


Numer two: The current state of play in prosthetics


The Flying Pram
21st Dec 2014, 19:02
Interesting that the first clip shows music being played by a good old fashioned analogue reel to reel tape deck - similar to the one sitting on a shelf 3 ft away from me right now!

The second is undoubtedly very impressive, and will make a huge difference to the subject, and others similarly affected.

I would be one of those who remember life before computing became so entrenched in our daily lives, and yes, they have revolutionised things. But it's the way that so many people totally rely on them which I find depressing. You, more than most on here, know how easily any computer can be compromised or disabled, and that is when the old ways often come back to the fore. The constant need to keep up with software and security updates makes many of the advantages seem less so. Not all of us appreciate "continuous improvement" and I would switch back to your hated XP in a moment if the security aspect could be resolved. It did all I wanted, without the many problems Win7 has presented in the last 8 months or so.