View Full Version : Any Tips for Jumpseating Out of TLV??

20th Dec 2014, 04:34
In a couple of days I will be bringing a 767 into TLV for mtce and will be deadheading home on a company flight a few days later. 'Thought I'd drop the deadhead and surprise my fam by sneaking home in time for Xmas. To make it happen though, I'm going to have to jumpseat with a U.S. carrier out of TLV to JFK or EWR.

The question is, has anyone had any experience with the security procedures at TLV, vis a vis jump seaters? Is it the same as anywhere else in the world - check in at baggage check and list yourself there a couple hours before departure?

Thanks in advance!

20th Dec 2014, 14:48
The main thing I want to know is that it's doable at all given the security situation in Israel.