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19th Dec 2014, 13:04
An argument. One side says the origins derive from 'Game' and hunting, the other side (me) says it derives from tennis or similar. It's generally regarded as meaning that one is open/prepared to partake in an activity or task, but the inter web shows no definitive answer to it's origins. JB being the font of wisdom, what is the answer please ?


19th Dec 2014, 13:09
Sorry, jack, I reckon you lose. I believe it is a sporting origin, but not hunting. It is from the cock-fighting - a "game-bird" is a fighting cock, and so being game is being up for a fight or an adventure.

19th Dec 2014, 13:14
Older than that.
The term gambling is believed to derive from the Anglo-Saxon words gamenian which is defined as meaning "to sport, to play", or gamen which means "joy, pleasure, sport".


19th Dec 2014, 13:35
a fighting cock


19th Dec 2014, 13:50

19th Dec 2014, 13:52
Hey Fox3? The guy on the left is a real d**khead. :}:E

19th Dec 2014, 13:56
I was going to comment on "game bird", but there's already a thread running on Mandy Rice-Davies.

19th Dec 2014, 14:00
Uh Magnus? Who is Mandy Rice-Davies pray tell? :confused:

19th Dec 2014, 14:05
Sorry, rgb, she was a "model and showgirl" involved in a political sex scandal in the UK in the 1960s. She died this week. The thread is "He would, wouldn't he".

19th Dec 2014, 14:11
A model and show girl she was? I must do a search for her in the younger days. See what this is all about. :ok:

19th Dec 2014, 14:20
Speaking of Mandy, is Christine Keeler still going?
She was game.

19th Dec 2014, 14:24
Please....my manhood has been "exercised"
enough about Christine Keeler over in that
thread without finding it here! :\

Romeo Oscar Golf
19th Dec 2014, 14:24
Indeed she was. Whilst doing aircrew training in the 60's, MandyRiceD and another performer were putting on a show nearby. It happened that my pal was a "close" friend of the other performer, so we got "preferential" tickets for the show. Mandy was certainly a game bird.
So the term "Game" clearly came from being up for it:ok:

19th Dec 2014, 14:29
I'd heard that SHJ.

Well, that's what someone wrote on the wall of trap 3.:ok:

tony draper
19th Dec 2014, 14:33
"Before the game is afoot, thou still let'st slip."

"Come Watson the game is afoot"

19th Dec 2014, 14:42
Game must come from gaming which means to play with somebody else.
MasterGame must come from………………………………………..

19th Dec 2014, 16:20
Please....my manhood has been "exercised" - didn't your mum tell you? You'll go blind.

19th Dec 2014, 17:29
All those replies and……..thread hijack and diversification := Obviously only a few were 'Game' for the task of finding the origins of this saying. :zzz: Whilst 'Gamen' etc mean joy, I can't imagine anyone using this phrase "I'm Game" before the 1850's or 1920's, or did they ?