View Full Version : Cologne Power Station Raid 12/08/41

19th Dec 2014, 10:01
Looking for details, particularly operating locations, of the part played by 19, 65, and 266 Squadrons in the raid on the Cologne Power Stations 12th August 1941.


21st Dec 2014, 09:04
19 sqd. [ Spitfire 2a] was at Fowlmere moved to Matlask 16 8 41
65 sqd. [ " ] at Kirton in Lindsey moved to Oulton 28 9 41
226 sqd. [ Blenheim] at Wattisham

Presumably the two Spit. squadrons operated from a forward airfield for the op.
I probably have more info. in books but will need to track it down.

21st Dec 2014, 11:26
Thanks for taking an interest papjuliet - its the forward operating base that I wish confirmed from the ORB's (probably Ipswich, but I need a confirming reference to quote)



21st Dec 2014, 12:49
A bit more......
A history of 19 squadron, by Derek Palmer, states - " the squadron, consisting of 12 Spitfires, took off from Ipswich at 1130 hours as part of 12 Group Wing on "Operation Circus 77"......"
The book later says the squadron was re-equipped with Spitfire lls on 21st. August, lla's on 7th. Sept and Vb on 25th. Oct. [ contradicting the source I quoted in my first e-mail].