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18th Dec 2014, 16:09
Just watching a film on Movies for Men channel - "Fighters of the Fifties" - quite a good programme, but commentary IMHO a bit over the top. However, was surprised to see one of the Lightnings in a "farewell" formation with overwing tanks. only piece of film I have seen with them on. Some nice clips in the film, including the 22 Hunter loop

18th Dec 2014, 16:43
Good Heavens was that the fifties...... seems like only yesterday!

27th Dec 2014, 20:51
Some of those overwing tanks on the F.6 Lightnings may have been weapons pods.

28th Dec 2014, 08:38
Not on UK Lightnings surely

28th Dec 2014, 10:02
I think the overwing products were mainly for the Middle east customers Jordan, Saudi and the like, I was given a cracking picture of the last every Brand new Overwing Lightning to leave Warton bound for the Air Museum at Cosford .
The misty story I was told, was it should have been part of the Royal Saudi order but continued being a development A/c for so long the Saudis donated it to the Cosford people, however I am sure some one with more accurate knowledge will/may correct this if my info or I am wrong.

The picture is signed by the Pilot Keith Hartley, and was taken by the Warton Photographer on the 15/12/1992 @ 1500hrs from the rear view just as it is leaving Warton in the late haze of the sunny afternoon with both afterburners lit up , I was also informed the journey to Cosford was about 14mins.

What an aircraft, I saw one of the first P1's land at Salmesbury in the mid fifties, and have a picture of the last out of Warton in the Nineties.

Liffy 1M
28th Dec 2014, 11:53

It sounds like your photo is of Lightning XP693. This was retained by BAC/BAe for test work and never entered RAF service. It also remained in overall metal finish throughout its life. On 16 December 1992 it was flown to Exeter for a civilian owner and was later sold in South Africa, where it continued to fly for several years. It was never intended for an overseas customer, as far as I am aware.

The Lightning at Cosford is a Mark F.1 which was used for development work. It is serial XG337.

29th Dec 2014, 08:03
Good morning L1M

Yes my picture does show the lightening as overall shiney metal, with overwing tanks, RAF roundels..+ refueling probe on the portside wing, I will take you word for the serial number, for when the picture was signed they didn't give any other info to me just that it was going to Cosford, so thank you for the additional info, did this A/c finish up at Thunder City.?

Peter R-B

29th Dec 2014, 11:44
For 15 each, you can buy these rather nice-looking DVDs from the Lightning Preservation Group detailing the operations of the Warton-based development aircraft, including XP693: