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17th Dec 2014, 14:28
This is pretty funny. It's also nice to see the insane bureaucracy of airline ticketing being beaten at its own game.:D

(I just wonder what all the other Elizabeth Gallaghers looked like!!!!!! :E)

A Toronto man who made headlines last month by offering a free round-the-world air ticket to a woman with the same name as his ex-girlfriend has found Ms. Right.

Jordan Axani, 28, and his then girlfriend, named Elizabeth Gallagher, booked heavily discounted round-the-world air tickets in May, but their relationship ended and he didn't want her ticket to go to waste. The ticket had a strict no-transfer policy, but since passport information was not required when booking, it can be used by any Canadian named Elizabeth Gallagher.

Axani posted his offer last month on the popular Reddit social media website, and received thousands of emails, including 18 from actual Elizabeth Gallaghers with Canadian passports.

He's now chosen his travel mate, Elizabeth Quinn Gallagher, a 23-year-old student and part-time office administrator from Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia.

"It's strictly a platonic trip. It's going to be great," Axani said.

'Now that I talked to him it's less creepy'

At first the new Elizabeth Gallagher thought a trip with a stranger whose ex-girlfriend's name is the same as hers was "crazy" but she hit it off with Axani after talking on the phone with him for hours.

"It definitely did seem a little bit creepy at the beginning but now that I talked to him it's less creepy and more awesome," she said.

Elizabeth Gallagher, 23, of Cole Harbour, N.S., said her boyfriend isn't particularly pleased with the arrangement, but understands her desire to travel the world.

"This is totally sort of like as friends," she said. "I have a pretty serious boyfriend. We've been together for a while. We're planning on buying a house and we have a puppy, so yeah I'm not really looking for anything at all."

She acknowledged her boyfriend isn't thrilled.

"He understands that I've always wanted to travel so while he's not happy I'm taking off for nearly a month at Christmas with a random guy he's smiling through it," she said.

Axani, who works for an international real estate development and advisory firm, said the tickets were purchased for a couple of thousand dollars, but their cash value today is around Canadian $5,000-$7,000.

The trip is scheduled to start Dec. 21 in New York City and continue on to Milan, Prague, Paris, Bangkok and New Delhi before ending in Toronto on Jan. 8. Axani said that after the breakup he deferred all other planning for the trip, such as making hotel reservations.

But since the story became public, Marriott International offered to put him and the new Elizabeth Gallagher up, in separate rooms, during their trip.

Axani said the trip will be documented and shared online. He said that he was so moved by some of the emails including one from an 8-year-old boy who said he was going blind and wanted to see the world before that happens that he and his brother created an organization called A Ticket Forward to help people who desire to see the world but lack the finances to do so.

17th Dec 2014, 14:43
WTF is Elizabeth Gallagher but, more importantly, does she have big tits? :E:}

17th Dec 2014, 15:05
Toronto man finds an Elizabeth Gallagher to travel the world with him | Toronto Star (http://www.thestar.com/life/2014/12/17/toronto_man_finds_an_elizabeth_gallagher_to_travel_the_world _with_him.html)

Here she is.

What would you lot do???????


17th Dec 2014, 15:08
Oh hell yeah! Let's make babies Elizabeth. And lots of 'em. :ok:

Lon More
17th Dec 2014, 15:11
If he's Lucky he may get to go around the world (http://www.answers.com/Q/What_does_around_the_world_mean_in_sexual_terms)

17th Dec 2014, 15:19

You pig! :}:E (I was thinking the same thing actually.)

Can I volunteer in his stead? :ok:

17th Dec 2014, 15:46
Guess that puppy's going to be looking for a new mom soon. Unless Axani likes puppies, that is!

17th Dec 2014, 15:59

17th Dec 2014, 16:06

Agreed, she is hot, hot, hot. Like so many Canadian women. I know I rag on the O' Canadians often about their sending snow and ball-numbing cold down here but, damn, their women can be so damned hot! (Which can make us forgive the O' Canadians for the likes of Justin the peckerhead, Bieber.)

17th Dec 2014, 17:19
Forgive me if I'm sceptical, but if there's any chemistry between them at all, after 2 weeks or so they'll be intimate in one way or another. If there's none and the cooler temperatures of a European winter dull the joy of the first part of the trip, then it will remain truly platonic. I wonder if she will be on Skype/facetime etc every 5mins to back home, or will she embrace the perhaps wonderful opportunities afforded by this trip ?


18th Dec 2014, 00:03
One of my Basic Jet Flying Instructors had a girlfriend called Alison. By chance, his previous two girlfriends had both been called Alison. They split.
Next girlfriend (called Jane IIRC) agreed to be called Alison to avoid embarrassing mis-calls in bed. They were still together when I moved on to Advanced.

Funny old world.

18th Dec 2014, 14:25
the cooler temperatures of a European winter dull the joy of the first part of the trip

Hehehe.... They're from CANADA!!!! To us -20c in late Dec is a HEATWAVE. :}

18th Dec 2014, 18:48
I appreciate you Canuckians are a hardy bunch, but in general 'enjoying' a city as a tourist is best done in friendly weather, although some of the most special experiences are had when the masses are gone and a city shows it's magical sides.


18th Dec 2014, 19:00
SHJ wrote:

but in general 'enjoying' a city as a tourist is best done in friendly weather,

So very true. I personally found that out when I visited Moscow and St. Petersburg. In January. (My balls still seize thinking about it.)

wings folded
18th Dec 2014, 19:38
You have balls which think?
I'd be very careful if I were you

18th Dec 2014, 19:51

Of course. And they also have a mind of their own at times. (Dependent upon the amount of beer consumed. After too much, they tend to need restraining.)

wings folded
18th Dec 2014, 20:06
For many, too much beer is restraining. I could not possibly comment...