View Full Version : How to stop a thief.

17th Dec 2014, 14:23
This is pretty cool !


17th Dec 2014, 14:42
Nice roundhouse kick to the mug. Works well. :ok:

17th Dec 2014, 14:44
Oh didn't know that's what it was called RG if I tried it I'd probably put my back out !

17th Dec 2014, 14:47
Yup, that's a martial arts "roundhouse kick." Takes a bit of practice to master but can be very detrimental to the continued consciousness of the kick-ee.

17th Dec 2014, 22:11
Oh you were there then Eclan ? ffs.

17th Dec 2014, 22:26
Lovely move.

17th Dec 2014, 23:42
ffsBelgian prank show, guy was throwing nets over people's heads in Luik and the reactions were filmed using a hidden camera. Guy that runs up at the end is saying "c'est un camera caché".

17th Dec 2014, 23:44
This first appeared in 2009. The "thief" was part of a Belgian TV prank, hence the camera being there.

Sorry Bushfiva, you and I were replying at the same time.

18th Dec 2014, 02:22
Yes, chaps.
That's an old one.

superq, - I'm not sure whether you should spend more, or less, time on the internet.

Ancient Mariner
18th Dec 2014, 06:56
Good stuff, hate those "prank, "hidden camera" programs.
Here's a bit more.

18th Dec 2014, 07:27
Yes, when I watched the original, it seemed strange that the 'victim' (the one whose 'pocket was picked') remained strangely passive when the 'thief' was felled by the kick, and another (apparently uninvolved) person wandered into the shot and seemed to 'calm' the situation.
It was difficult to determine who was the victim due to their (non) reaction.

18th Dec 2014, 10:22
I apologise gents, it seems it was fake.

18th Dec 2014, 11:24
The point is that the kick ISN'T fake.

It was a fake initial attack - but the fake attacker ran into a real kick.

18th Dec 2014, 12:39
No need to apologize superq7. It was entertaining regardless. I guess some people also tell their young children, way before the age of reason, that Santa is a big, fat fraud as well.

18th Dec 2014, 13:35
Thanks RG I only put it up for a bit of fun.

18th Dec 2014, 13:39
As it was taken superq. I guess someone had to come along and declare it a fake. But we all know those type. The same ones who, as youngsters, probably picked their noses and farted outright at a friend's birthday party.

18th Dec 2014, 13:49
It's absolutely hilarious that someone gets knocked out by a kick to the head. How about a video of someone getting run over by a a train for some real fun?

18th Dec 2014, 16:36
Is no one listening? It isn't a fake. :8

18th Dec 2014, 16:54
It's absolutely hilarious that someone gets knocked out by a kick to the head. How about a video of someone getting run over by a a train for some real fun?I have such a video. Would you like to view it? :}
I also have a video of a firefight in Afghanistan, taken back in '05, between some American troops and Taliban goons where the latter are literally pulverized by a Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle. You can even see the guts exploding out of the Taliban targets. Great stuff.

Boudreaux Bob
19th Dec 2014, 01:54
Where I come from the net throwing is called "Simple Assault"....and after that you are apt to get your Ass kicked by the Victim who has an automatic shield under the law called Self Defense.

"Life is tough....it is tougher if you are Stupid!"
Sgt Stryker USMC