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16th Dec 2014, 23:52
Having been a pilot [Private/Corporate/Airline - retired more than 23 years ago],
AND a railroad engineer [part time]. I've enjoyed the PPRuNe Forum for years as I'm sure others have as well. I'm sure
this site will continue to be a great source of information. Wish I could hang
around longer but it looks like I might be "logging out" earlier than I planned
as I have ALS. Guess it's the price I gotta pay for having such a good life!
I'll be moving to a Hospice House soon.
My Best to all. DC-ATE

17th Dec 2014, 00:20
So, I'll go first.

I wish the best for you DC-ATE. You'll always be http://www.pprune.org/images/statusicon/user_online.gif here amongst your friends.

17th Dec 2014, 00:38
SO sad and sorry to read this. I lost a very old and good friend to this last year, and hope that the fundraisers which followed will somehow be of immediate benefit to you.

17th Dec 2014, 00:46
Sorry to hear that DC-ATE. My very best wishes to you sir.

17th Dec 2014, 01:09
THANKYOU 11Fan, finfly 1, and pigboat !!

17th Dec 2014, 01:29
Aw, Son Of a Bitch, I am so sorry to hear this.

At least you'll have you memories of a life time of adventure. Most people that work in the office environment don’t have such wonderful memories.

This makes all the nonsense we usually discuss here pale in comparison.

God Bless you Sir!

And not wanting to be morbid, but I shall have a pint in your honour.

17th Dec 2014, 02:53
Sounds like you've made the best of what you had. I'm sure you'll make the best of what you have left. It's all any of us can hope to do.

17th Dec 2014, 07:25
Wishing the best! Fox said the rest, so ditto.

17th Dec 2014, 08:15
Thanks for the post DC ATE
I've had a bit to do with aged care lately, a family member is 93
Realised there is a heck of a lot I don't know about

I like your attitude, reckon I can learn from you so keep us posted on your journey. Don't worry about what we think, I think we would like to know what you think

17th Dec 2014, 10:19
That's a bugger, DC-ATE. My wife used to work in clinical neurosciences, so I'm aware of the issues that can arise. All I can say is hang in there, keep popping into JB where you'll find some pretty decent companionship, and I wish you all the best for the future.

17th Dec 2014, 10:57
DC-Ate - don't go far, mate. Keep popping in as much as they will allow you. And my heartfelt thoughts a prayers on this next part of your journey.

17th Dec 2014, 13:14

Sorry to hear of your plight.

There comes a time for all of us to step off the merry go round of life.

As Con says "will raise a drink in your honour"



17th Dec 2014, 13:26
I am so sorry to hear that DC-ATE. Godspeed sir.

17th Dec 2014, 15:11
There are hundreds of thousands of fine aviators up there already waiting to welcome you home, buy you a drink and share all your stories.

The rest of us with be along shortly.

Do me a favour - mine's a Caipirinah.

Fly safe.


17th Dec 2014, 15:19
Best wishes to you sir. You will always be welcome here.

Out Of Trim
17th Dec 2014, 16:12

Very sorry to hear your News! Please don't withdraw from friends and Family or your shared community here. I hope you can make the most of life and wish you all the best..

I will salute you with a drink this evening.

Take care Sir


17th Dec 2014, 16:24

Although the cause of ALS is not completely understood, the recent years have brought a wealth of new scientific understanding regarding the physiology of this disease.
While there is not a cure or treatment today that halts or reverses ALS, there is one FDA approved drug, riluzole, that modestly slows the progression of ALS as well as several other drugs in clinical trials (http://www.alsconsortium.org/clinical_trials_101.php) that hold promise.
Importantly, there are significant devices and therapies that can manage the symptoms of ALS that help people maintain as much independence as possible and prolong survival. It is important to remember that ALS is a quite variable disease; no two people will have the same journey or experiences. There are medically documented cases of people in whom ALS ‘burns out,’ stops progressing or progresses at a very slow rate. No matter what your individual course or situation may be, The ALS Association and your medical team are here to help.
To learn more about the personal stories of people who are living fully, click here (http://www.alsa.org/about-als/aam-2014/stories/). As one man put it, “I’ve made ALS part of my life, not my whole life.”

17th Dec 2014, 16:41
Very sorry to hear your news - I have a very old friend (younger than me) who is suffering from this disease, so I wish you both all the very best.

This may be helpful to those who are not familiar with ALS. The term is not widely used on this side of the Atlantic where it is more commonly known as motor neuron disease. I stand to be corrected but I think the two terms are synonymous, or at least the causes and symptoms are pretty much the same.

17th Dec 2014, 16:42

This side of the Atlantic it's more commonly referred to as "Lou Gehrig's disease" after the NY Yankee great who suffered from the disease.

17th Dec 2014, 16:48
Thanks RGB, that's a new one on me.

17th Dec 2014, 16:53

Lou Gehrig was a NY Yankee (baseball) great who set several club records. He is considered by many Yankee fans, myself included, as one of the greatest Yankee ball players who ever played the game.

Unfortunately, his career was cut short after he was diagnosed with ALS.

FWIW: This is his farewell speech to his team and fans on 4 July 1939.


17th Dec 2014, 20:41

Heartfelt wishes for you and the struggle ahead. I'm an ex-DC-8 freighter pilot, and know the challenges.

We're all on this escalator to the end of our lives, and no one is immortal. I can say today that my life has been one of adventure, experience, revelation, opportunity - all afforded by my good fortune to have been born in a free country, secured by my forebears, blessed by a Constitution, and rich beyond any nation before. I was infinitely blessed.

I hope you, too, have had similar blessings and recognize how blessed you have been.

If you are like me, you will say, as I do, "I could die tomorrow and be happy with the wonderful life I've had".

We are all mortal. I salute your taking time to inform us of your situation, and your fond addressing. I extend my highest respect.

17th Dec 2014, 21:10
I live here in Mi, and if you feel the need, we've got a few planes that just might need re-positioning. Pm me if I can be of help.

17th Dec 2014, 21:24
Best wishes and prayers from this end.

Windy Militant
17th Dec 2014, 23:12
I believe that Stephen Hawking was not given long to be with us. That was in the 1970s.
To paraphrase Rabbie Burns Lang may you be with us, and have blue skies and free steaming or Dieseling as the case may be!

18th Dec 2014, 01:43

con-pilot - Fox3WheresMyBanana - probes

megle2 - MagnusP - david1300 - Basil

BillHicksRules - rgbrock1 - er340790

54Phan - Out Of Trim - henry_crun

rgbrock1 and thanks for the link.

Tankertrashnav - BenThere

Lonewolf_50 - Windy Militant

18th Dec 2014, 01:53
BenThere said all that I wanted to say.

31st Dec 2014, 22:47
Best wishes for the New Year DC-ATE!

31st Dec 2014, 23:06
Like Ben says, we're all on the same list, DC-ATE. The order sometimes gets a bit shifted.

You take good care. Drink a higher quality wine, or whatever your favorite!

Juliet Sierra Papa
31st Dec 2014, 23:07
I second that Fox3 and also to all others sufferers of whatever. May peace and health be with you.

1st Jan 2015, 02:18
A BIG thank you :

Fox3WheresMyBanana - Fox3WheresMyBanana
obgraham - Juliet Sierra Papa

1st Jan 2015, 04:58
DC-ATE, can't really add to what has already been said except,
I am sorry, and cherish those memories.

porch monkey
1st Jan 2015, 06:14
Very sorry to hear this DC. We have never met, but we have both tasted the freedom of the bird, part of that brotherhood. Someone once said that by tasting that freedom, we would be evermore cursed to always look to the sky. My journey was easier for the work of those like yourself, both for your wisdom and experience. A silent prayer for you, as I watch the sunrise on my first sector tomorrow. All of us here travel with you, you know that. You are one of my airborne brothers.

1st Jan 2015, 06:30
It's always too soon, mate. Best wishes.

4th Jan 2015, 01:59
V2-OMG!...porch monkey...RJM

4th Jan 2015, 02:56
Yes, always too soon. Don't "log out" yet DC-ATE....

4th Jan 2015, 04:37

All the above from me.
I pray that the ride is smooth.

Pinky the pilot
4th Jan 2015, 05:07
DC-ATE; What all others above have said!:ok:

Hang in there.

4th Jan 2015, 07:22
Life is not a rehearsal and none of us get out of here alive anyway. Who can remember where they were - or what they were - before they were born?
Whatever your future brings, DC-ATE, "may the road be straight that's in front of you".

4th Jan 2015, 09:02
Bugger of a bloody thing Mr ATE but then
life always becomes a bitch when one is
starting to make seeming headway in it.

If there's even a slim chance of coming
out of this shit alive then stick with it.

And I wish you good luck.

4th Jan 2015, 09:42
DC-ATE : I do hope you'll be around for a while yet, and that you'll enjoy the time that remains. A reminder of our mortality. Best of luck.

4th Jan 2015, 10:03
DC-ATE so sorry to hear your news, I hope you have good luck with a treatment program

5th Jan 2015, 01:20
Yet another BIG THANKYOU to:
Pinky the pilot---criticalmass