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Neville Nobody
16th Dec 2014, 23:49

What next, polishing technique of shoes?

17th Dec 2014, 00:09
Don't take this the wrong way, but had it been posted by anybody other than CASA it might have been welcome advice.

thorn bird
17th Dec 2014, 00:18
Na, that would be going too far Nev, even for CAsA.

But I can see more questions added to the medical interrogation.

"Do you chew your food at least twenty times before you swallow?"
"Do you brush up and down or back and Forth?".

Followed by a few grands worth of dental appointments to regain your medical if you answer wrong.

Of course where this AD is going in another piece of shelf ware that will have to be written and approved, after the usual fees are paid of course.

CAsA will no doubt require a syllabus of training for an aircraft washing course details in the shelf ware, followed by a proficiency check by an examiner who holds an aircraft washing approval.

If you operate under a 217 organisation you will require two examiners who hold aircraft washing approvals so the checker can be checked, and each of these examiners will require a yearly check by CAsA to check their competency to check.

The revenue raised from these approvals could be used to fund the employment of Aircraft washing specialists with the requisite tertiary qualifications and of course the cost of them travelling overseas each year for recurrency training.

17th Dec 2014, 00:37
Not as silly as it sounds.

Aircraft have special washing requirements due to their aluminium construction.

Automotive detergents should not be used on planes because of concerns about corrosion.

I use this product, which has a bunch of aviation approvals:

Zi-400 Aircraft Colloidal Cleaner - non toxic, non hazardous Aircraft cleaner (http://www.eco2000.com.au/zi400air.shtml)

17th Dec 2014, 03:18
Likewise, it works well!:ok:

17th Dec 2014, 13:26
This is the same CASA whose inspector insisted we provide a detailed AD compliance report that included the status of ALL the ADs in their "Equipment" AD list. That includes all sorts of things like magnetos and so on that no-one would ever dream of installing on a B737. Maybe a couple of dozen items might apply to a B737 (but in our case, don't).

So I produced said document. It is a computer print out from our MRO system and runs to 426 pages. I expect he's still reading it to see if I missed out any commas. :rolleyes:

Would anyone like a copy?

No, I thought not. :)