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15th Dec 2014, 11:40
I am a student at St. Andrews University on the Museum and Gallery course.We are preparing an exhibition ( March 2015) with the heritage officer, at RAF Leuchars, Karen Clayton, to celebrate the " Life on Base" over the past 90 years. The Exhibition is called Balloons to Typhoons.

I wonder if you have any stories that you can remember about life in Leuchars, especially that of the antics that happened with the Cowardly Phantom Welly or anything with the chickens or other mascots kept on base. We are hoping to show the lighter side of life as well as the daily job of defending the realm. Were the initiation pranks fairly standard on base for new crew? Stories of life on base, the parties, the sports etc etc.

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15th Dec 2014, 19:23
Try the Military Forum.

I'm sure Henderson's may feature once or twice too.

15th Dec 2014, 19:29
Don't forget the Commie either.

I believe Finningley Boy has a book out soon on the same subject.

16th Dec 2014, 07:58
Museum & Gallery Course........?

Whatever next............................

Courtney Mil
16th Dec 2014, 10:25

You may get some good answers here. I have copied your question over to the Military Aviation forum as well, so watch out for replies there too.

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New thread is at http://www.pprune.org/military-aviation/552986-leuchars-stories.html