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joy ride
14th Dec 2014, 19:01
Being broadcast on the talking-type wireless:

BBC Radio 4 Extra - The Goon Show, Operation Christmas Duff (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007jl4y)

Solid Rust Twotter
14th Dec 2014, 19:39
Oooh, Jim! It's all that sinful Caucasian knee dancing...

Lon More
14th Dec 2014, 20:00
Mate of a mate worked at the Beeb; had all the Goon shows on tape. More than the Beeb ever had. At one time they were on a P2P site but long gone

14th Dec 2014, 20:11
The Goon Show ( and other BBC shows of that era) were distributed worldwide on LP discs by BBC Transcription services. It is very unlikely that they have all been destroyed.

A punch up the conk with the thick end of a seagoon for all concerned if they have been.

Lon More
14th Dec 2014, 20:21
Quizling, unfortunately a lot have disapppeared.

One of the best, was a Christmas compilation of what would now be called outtakes. It would never, ever have made it to the ether. There were also compilations from Mrs. Dale's Diary and the Archers which would have had the WI screaming that the Apocalypse had arrived

14th Dec 2014, 20:40
Lon, you have just turned me green with envy.

The very thought of the outtakes or bloopers from the goons and the unscripted asides ...........

In my broadcasting days, the sixties, I regularly ran a recorder on our more, shall we say, error prone personalities and caught some beauties.

However I missed our gardening guru when he told his listeners "you must have a wet bed to get the best rooting action for rape." :\