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2nd Jun 2002, 09:34
Just come into some inheritence money - thought about doing a CPL course because of my love of flying. But at 34 - can u wise wizards tell me if I would be likely to use it with a commercial airline. Know the general situation re. airlines etc.

Any advice would be most welcome.

Kind Regards

2nd Jun 2002, 11:00
I reckon that I have spent about 30000. I am 40 and now have the (f)ATPL, CPL/IR & FI(A). 8 of my friends have done similar. Eight are now flying commercial airlines. One did it with inheritance money - he did the full integrated course.

How fluid is your income? Have you even tried flying yet? Married? Kids? We all had good incomes or working wives at the time.

Most importantly - are you fit to Class 1 medical standards?

Regrets? No. Fears? Yes. For the future. Big step.

All the best.


3rd Jun 2002, 00:43
Many thanks for that. No kids or partner. Fairly fluid re funds and would have no problem passing a Class 1. Just trying to establish if it's worth spending 30K+ on what is probably a whim. Perhaps I should just stick with my PPL - had that for 5 yrs and kept it current.

More thinking to be done I reckon.

3rd Jun 2002, 14:56
I gave up a good job that drove me nutts and ploughed 50k into the business when I was 33. I didnt even have a PPL to start with!! I had done about 20 hours just to make sure that it was what realy what I wanted and thought it would be (saying that I had always wanted to be a pilot since I was about 5 but didnt have the money till I got to be an old fart)

I had a wife and a little girl of two plus a healthy mortgage to support! I spent 15 months at OATS and managed to get through pretty much unscathed. My wife and daughter stuck by me and were a great help even though they both got pretty peed off since they were down in Cornwall for the duration and I was up in Oxford. I didn't feel I could have a family and give the study the focus it needed if I was living at home and I think I was right.

Where am I now you may ask, well I graduated Febuary 2001 and was one of the luck guys who managed to get a job almost immediatly, and a jet one at that! I now have a years commercial flying under my belt, over a thousand hours, and LOOK FORWARD to going to work every day.

Was it worth it? Yes
Would I do it again? Yes
Did I know what I was getting into at the time? No, I didnt realise how difficult it was to get a job I was just realy lucky
Was it the same as my original expectations? No, it was better!!

Your not too old, give it a go if its realy what you want. Don't let the doom mongers get to you, but do go into it with your eyes wide open.

Good luck to you!!

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