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Shaggy Sheep Driver
13th Dec 2014, 17:05
NHS guidelines for men is a max of 21 units per week. That's about a pint of beer OR a glass of wine per day.

I know a few people who don't drink at all, a few who probably stick to that limit or a bit above, and an awful lot who drink more than that limit. Including me. :eek:

How about other JBers? How many of you stick to that limit or below?

Clues: 1 bottle of wine = 10 units, 1 pint of beer OR 1 large glass of wine = 3 units, 70 cl bottle of 40% spirit = 28 units.

13th Dec 2014, 17:08
I couldn't cossibly pomment.....;)

13th Dec 2014, 17:10
Wow, the whole aerospace system would be grounded in the US.

13th Dec 2014, 17:12
Oh definitely below, I'd say quite confidently well below.

But then again, I've been known to lie a lot. :p

13th Dec 2014, 17:19
I am normally well under those numbers.......so I've just had a bottle of Warsteiner to try and catch up.

13th Dec 2014, 17:23
NHS guidelines make as much sense to me as global warming folks who cite average temperatures over millennia etc.: neither realistically relate to the perception I have of my own existence.

In answer to your question, I'm probably well "over the limits" you cite (though I stopped drinking Scotch a few months ago).

But I may live for another 100 years yet or more. I'm counting on becoming a tee-totaller for the last 1/3rd, so on average...?!

When I'm (finally) in the spritual world, I shall undoubtedly take up Scotch again. That's only natural. :ok:

13th Dec 2014, 17:24
I haven't had a c#nt all evening Drinkstable!

21 units per day seems pretty reasonable to me.


13th Dec 2014, 17:36
How to calculate ? my wine consumption is always with other people over a meal. So lunch today, one bottle of Marques de Griñon Tempranillo 2012, divided by three, and there's still 8cms left in the bottle tonight which I've given to the staff to have with their supper. Sometimes preceeded by something else to excite one's interest, i.e. today a '91 palate-cleansing Cuvée Prestige Berthelot-Piot. Again, divided by three. The occasional glass of malt in the evening after returning from the boar-hunt (in season) but that is about 5mm maximum in a very small glass.

Irrespective of the alcohol content, red wine does NOT agree with me and I try to avoid it in favour of the white stuff.

Not excessive, one thinks.

13th Dec 2014, 17:42
Who really gives a toss what the NHS says,especially as the professor on the guidelines forum has stated that there was no scientific basis to their recommendations and that the figures were just plucked out of the air.

Super VC-10
13th Dec 2014, 17:43
Alcohol is a preservative. Why do you think they shipped Nelson's body back home in a barrel of run? Anyways, have you ever seen a bottle of whisky go mouldy?

I don't follow Nanny State guidelines. I'm a big boy now, and I decide for myself. I know my limits, don't get drunk, and don't have an alcoholic drink every day, but if I want to, I will. :ok:

13th Dec 2014, 17:54
Why do you think they shipped Nelson's body back home in a barrel of rum?

Aye, and did you know that the barrel was empty apart from Nelson's body when it reached Portsmouth, as the matelots had tapped the barrel and drunk the lot. Obviously unconcerned by what other fluids might have been in the rum.....

Dan Gerous
13th Dec 2014, 18:16
Well as the age old saying goes, giving up alchohol,(or ciggies, fatty foods, sugar, etc, etc), doesn't make you live longer. It just seems longer.

13th Dec 2014, 18:24
The Canadian guidelines equate to 26 UK units per week per male. You wusses.

Which may explain...


Here's a summary from different countries

13th Dec 2014, 18:42
From the International Tables
Highest Unit Size: Japan 19.75g (Canada 17g, USA 14g, UK 8g)
Highest safe limit: Basque Country: 490g/week
Catalonia 350, Canada 255, UK 210, USA 196
Lowest safe limit: Poland: 100g/week

Belgium, China, Germany, Hungary, India and Russia issue no guidelines

Shaggy Sheep Driver
13th Dec 2014, 18:56
Right, not just me, then. Time for a second bottle of claret, methinks (well, Mrs SSD's glass is empty so it'd be rude not to). ;)

13th Dec 2014, 19:01
Given that there are (allegedly) some tee totallers out there somewhere, one must do one's bit to make up for their shortfall.

13th Dec 2014, 19:13
Arithmetic is not for me I'm afraid so I tend to stick to the falling down rule :hmm:


13th Dec 2014, 19:17
I've always thought these guidance limits were a load of cobblers, as they are far, far too specific, and only really apply to a tiny number of people around the point that the NHS chose as being the threshold.

As others here may well remember from aeromed training, the rate at which the body eliminates alcohol varies enormously with health, gender, body mass, fitness level, age, etc.

One person may well be able to drink 100 units a week with absolutely no ill effects on health, yet another may have their health impaired by only 20 units a week.

At uni, a friend had a well-known intolerance to alcohol. After less than a pint he'd be legless, then fall fast asleep, only to wake up the next day with a massive hangover. It always seemed to me that his body was simply far less able to deal with alcohol than most.

It also seems to make sense to me that those who are less capable of processing alcohol my well be more susceptible to the damage it can cause, whereas those who are blessed with the ability to process the stuff far more effectively should be less susceptible to damaging health effects.

My guess is that it may well be a bit like smoking, where despite the well-known health risks, many seem immune to the adverse health effects of long-term smoking.

I'm not advocating either drinking to excess, or smoking, but I'm damned if I'm going to stop having a couple of large glasses of wine most evenings, especially as I don't seem to have any particular other health risks (don't smoke, not over weight, take plenty of exercise, normal blood pressure, low cholesterol etc)

13th Dec 2014, 19:26
Thanks Fox3, I am well within my weekly limit where I live.

Was talking to a woman a few years ago who went for her medical examination in France to get her walking-in-the-mountains license.

(Yes there is one and yes you need a medical to get the permit).

The doctor asked her how much she drank. She said well, a glass of wine, or maybe not more than two a day.

Being sneaky she observed what he wrote on the form. It was:

ne consomme pas d'alcool

13th Dec 2014, 19:30
I put Catalonia in for you...

My favourite was an aircrew medical where the Doc was former aircrew.

Doc "Well, we both live in the Mess; do you drink, smoke and eat less than I do?"
Me "Yes"
Doc "Right, you've passed"

13th Dec 2014, 19:43
I just noticed that in the tables, under Spain, we find:

It is noted that wine is officially considered as an integral part of a Mediterranean diet.

Anyone moaning about drinking wine might care to look up life expectancy tables for those consuming the Mediterranean diet, and compare them with life expectancy in those countries where fuddy-duddy restrictive authorities limit the (continued page 94).

13th Dec 2014, 20:51
My favourite was an aircrew medical where the Doc was former aircrew.

Doc "Well, we both live in the Mess; do you drink, smoke and eat less than I do?"
Me "Yes"
Doc "Right, you've passed"

For years the doc that signed me off as fit to fly was a rather stoutly built, Welsh, rugby fanatic (anyone from BDN around 20 to 30 years ago will probably know him from A&STS). I always had the impression that he was not exactly averse to the odd tipple.

The surgeon who did my annual aircrew medical for several years (well-known for his humour, courage and running the "red and green life machine" in Ajax Bay) never once asked about my alcohol consumption that I can recall.

In fact, other than the aeromed training and refreshers on the effects of alcohol in exacerbating the effects of hypoxia, and the "bottle to throttle" rule I can't ever recall being asked how much I drank at a medical. I'm pretty sure that smoking was on the questionaire, though, even then, despite the fact that most of the medics chain smoked.

13th Dec 2014, 21:08
I just noticed that in the tables, under Spain, we find:

It is noted that wine is officially considered as an integral part of a Mediterranean diet.

I read that as "under the tables, in Spain". ;)

Strange this question came up because I had just realised that these days, at home, hardly a drop of alcohol touches my lips (no, I don't chuck it straight past). I've never been a wine drinker and although I do occasionally have a cold beer or cider I usually prefer a cup of tea, instead. I never think about buying beers to keep at home.

I was just given a pre-Christmas rum and coke by my wife; I drank half of it and asked her to finish it for me. I might sometimes drink as much as 3 units per week but more often it's less. If we go out I often drink shandy because I no longer like the feeling drinking alcohol gives me.

13th Dec 2014, 21:11
ok. I had a beer for myself and shared 2, so I'm doomed :sad:.

BBC - Radio 1 - Games - Booze Calculator (http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/games/boozecalculator/#start)

Alcohol self-assessment - Health tools - NHS Choices (http://www.nhs.uk/Tools/Pages/Alcoholcalculator.aspx)

13th Dec 2014, 22:11
NHS guidelines

Does anyone really believe or follow anything said or printed by the NHS?? :bored:

Doors to Automatic
13th Dec 2014, 22:18
I always think these limits are set to 50% of actual (much like landing distance calculations) -so 2-3 bottles of claret a week is certainly not going to kill you!

13th Dec 2014, 22:38
About 50 to 60 beers a week (12 oz)
Perhaps a tad over the guidelines, but dehydration is not healthy, so why risk it?:cool:

13th Dec 2014, 22:55
I'm a complete lightweight when it comes to boozing. Always have been, don't know why, metabolism related I guess. Consequently I don't drink very much at all. Add to that, that we live rurally and I live 30 miles away from my work (where I'm on a call=out rota) so rely on driving everywhere , this means I only drink maybe a bottle or two of beer a month.

Cheap night out if I ever felt the need to get pissed though.

13th Dec 2014, 22:56
I can confirm your tale about the lady and the French medical check.

My wife worked for a railway-related international organisation, that used the SNCF (French railways) medical service for their annual checkups.

Same story : she drank about a glass of wine per meal, and the occasional apero on the weekend. Doctor noted "Does not drink".
So she asked how much she needed to drink for him to write "Drinks". The answer amounted to about a bottle of wine a day... When she asked whether train drivers he saw drank as much, the answer was "Well, no, not all of them"........

Btw, in French parlance, ´alcohoĺ´ only refers to stuff stronger than beer, wine or cider!

13th Dec 2014, 23:07
Doors to Automatic I always think these limits are set to 50% of actual (much like landing distance calculations) -so 2-3 bottles of claret a week is certainly not going to kill you!

You shouldn't have had your 2-3 bottles of claret before posting - if the landing distance calculation was 50% of actual, it wouldn't take too many landings before you were off the far end and you may well be dead! :uhoh:
[I do understand the point you were making and apologise for being pedantic]:O

John Hill
13th Dec 2014, 23:13
I once had the pleasure of being posted to a location which had very strict licencing laws.

Liquor could only be bought by those with 'points' to their credit. Points were allocated each month according to various criteria, income, number of dependants, criminal record, status in society.

My points allocation was 30,000 per month and one bottle of scotch required 1000 points. Just enough to get me through the month!

13th Dec 2014, 23:16
From being someone who drank like a fish around age 21 my drinking has tailed off steadily as Ive got older till I reckon my weekly consumption is under 5 units. Not a conscious decision, it just rarely occurs to me to drink alcohol. That said I had a glass of vin ordinaire with dinner tonight, which I enjoyed.

I find I am very popular as the "designated driver" on nights out, trips to the pub, etc, which I find I enjoy just as much without drinking as I used to in the days when I would have a bucketful.

Cant remember the last time I was drunk, possibly 1999!

13th Dec 2014, 23:33
Seem to be plenty of folk who don't drink, so I reckon that balances out what I drink. Hic. :ok:

14th Dec 2014, 00:09
The Law of Jones...

He is not drunk who from the floor

Can rise again to drink once more.

But he is drunk who helpless lies,

And who can neither stand nor rise

After an excellent landing etc...

14th Dec 2014, 00:41
I had my MOT last wek and the nice nurse went through the results of the blood tests etc. With my BP being OK (as I knew from my annual CAA medical) she said I was OK apart from my alchohol intake, which I admited was true but twice the level she had as normal? I'm OK !!!

14th Dec 2014, 09:33
Ok then......I am clearly a complete and utter pi$$ head.........and so is most of everyone around me..... :O

I am fine and well......work out.....hard...up to 8 hours a week! Lowered my BP, but still carry a little extra weight...

I have to drink less though...clearly

It's funny though, other side of my suburb...maybe an easy 1.5 / 2KM walk from my house, another pi$$ head friend resides.....She is one of my Gym / Workout friends and we see each other socially as well.....her hubby goes to bed and She and I stay up drinking and carrying on until the early hours......Mrs Fliegs tolerates this....probably only just though.....

The past two Saturday nights she texts me endlessly asking for me to come over and 'play' (nothing infidelity like, we'd be too pissed even if we were into that) we're just fellow drunks having an outrageous fun - party time......

Next Saturday night........look out!!! Combined....we're hosting all and sundry....the BG's (That's our 'in' group) Christmas party, one of the BG's Divorce Party, our Son's 18th ....expect all to be well and truly 'lubricated'... :}:O:bored:

14th Dec 2014, 09:44
I was teetotal for a few years, partly because I didn't greatly enjoy alcohol or its effects. It started as I only enjoy a drink with people I like, and I used to have to do a lot of work related socialising with people I didn't like, and the easiest way out of the boozing was to pretend I didn't drink, and that became a self-fulfilling state. I was very popular as designated driver.

I suppose I started very moderate drinking when I found I could afford decent wines instead of cheap shit. I now buy wine faster than we drink it, a bottle will usually last us for two evening meals, and I must have accumulated at least 10 cases since joining an excellent online vintner.

I buy 2 or 3 whiskies a year and they last me for a couple of years so again the stock builds faster than it depletes.

I probably drink 2 or 3 beers a week in the winter, perhaps double that in summer.

Cheap date I am!

14th Dec 2014, 09:54
When I used to do my aviation medicals in China the company doctor used to accompany us to Guangzhou. He would get through a packet of cigarettes going there and another one coming back. The eye checks and ENT were done in the same room and the three medical inspectors there had brought the visibilty down so far with cigerette smoke that it could be difficult to see the sight chart.

There then became a requirement for random drink and drug tests. There were no facilities in Shekou to do this so we sent our chief engineer, a virtual teetotaler, to Hong Kong to be done there.

Ticked a box.

14th Dec 2014, 10:14
This is a subject very dear to my wife's heart, she calculates my weekly alcohol units to around five decimal points, the fact that bottled beers now unhelpfully state the units doesn't permit any rounding down.
I understand that I usually have about 25 units, this is achieved by several glasses of red wine with meals over the weekend, a couple of pints at the pub, and several bottles of brown beer in the shed with a copy of Machine Mart on Sunday afternoons.
I feel completely healthy with this.
Occasionally on an away job I may have six or seven litres of Kaiserdom with my evening meal, this data is not submitted for calculations.

Cyber Bob
14th Dec 2014, 10:16
Taken from the NHS self-assessment

The following can help you cut down:

Work out a daily limit and stick to it
Plan activities that don't involve drinking
Eat before and while you're drinking
Don't let anyone top up your drinks
Tell your friends you're cutting down
Count your units
I'm with Cape, decent wine with dinner and the occasional sundowner!

14th Dec 2014, 10:24

This cheap and rather nasty sherry has served generations of young lads in South Africa well in its capacity as an LPR.

More than a small glass and you throw up, or if you're lucky, pass out!

These days, I don't even use it for cooking.

14th Dec 2014, 11:00
I don't drink much in Oz, it just aint enjoyable.

Firstly, the beer is sh#t. Unless you got a connection and are paying through the nose, you're either drinking over engineered beer made for mass production or imitation German beer made under license or not in Malaysia or the Philippines.


I used to enjoy the odd Johnny Walker Black or Chivas Regal, but these days in Oz they're just garbage made to take the money from cashed up bogans.


Thankfully Oz has some nice winemakers, fortunately I have a little knowledge in this area and use it prevent them from selling out their souls by supporting them when I can.


Now when on the Mediterranean I am an absolute pi$$ head. Not only does alcohol work well with the food and lifestyle there but it is really top notch. Rarely does one get home before 1 a.m. and sober each night. In fact I've been known to yearn for the end of my holidays because getting drunk twice in one day, including lunchtimes (slept off with a siesta) was just getting too much. The point of getting drunk isn't intentional, it's just a consequence of living well and partying with good friends in the long summer days on the Mediterranean.


Then the glorious Mediterranean summer ends like the flick of a light switch and you are left with an unbelievable feeling that you've been cheated as it seemed it would last forever. No more dinners at 10pm and balmy nights, the day is shorter, it's all over damn it.


Then you come back to Oz. Full of try-hards and Mediterranean wannabes, it just aint the same. Better off not disappointing yourself and abstaining, then doing it all again properly next year.


14th Dec 2014, 11:21
Dear me, is that the time? I was going to contribute but it´s pre-lunch pubtime:)

14th Dec 2014, 11:50
The Romans used to drink beer instead of water because it was safer. Our water supply here is from the lagoon which is used as a toilet by the cattle, hippos and crocs. Quod erat demonstrandum :ok:

14th Dec 2014, 18:23
More than a small glass and you throw up, or if you're lucky, pass out!

And one trusts, Mr. C., that these two things are done in that order. I remember an incident involving two colleagues sharing a bed where they were not. Send a stamped address envelope if you want details.

14th Dec 2014, 18:38
Well I can understand that some people imbibe a little too much. Fortunately I am not one that falls into that category.

In the morning I only have one Bloody Mary, okay sometimes two, to get the juices flowing, if you understand what I mean.

Then as the morning goes on, just an occasional shot of Bourbon or two with my coffee.

Of course the standard three Martini lunch, one must maintain one’s standards you know.

Then during the afternoon one must have a bit of Brandy in one’s coffee, just to keep the juices going.

At Happy Hour at the club five or six single malt Scotches before dinner.

A couple of bottles of fine wine with dinner.

After dinner one must settle one’s stomach with a few Cognacs.

But sip, sip, sip all day, never. :=


14th Dec 2014, 19:09
If only the scenario were so light hearted - but I saw one of my closest friends lost to the booze two years ago, and have encountered others since.

Yes - I still drink in amounts that wouldn't register on other people's scales, and yes - I have always had a constitution that wouldn't let me over indulge - but when you see people homeless, lives wrecked - or worse still dead long before their time - you treat it with respect.

Shaggy Sheep Driver
14th Dec 2014, 21:33
TBird has a point. We know if drink is affecting our lives where relationships, jobs etc are concerned, and if all that's absolutely hunkey dory there's a tendency to raise a glass and carry on regardless.

But the liver won't let you know it can't cope until it can't cope. By then, it's too late to moderate one's intake. :eek:

14th Dec 2014, 21:42
I lost one of my best friends to booze a few years ago. I saw him get worse and worse over a few years and after spending a few days at his house, said goodbye to him after lunch at Paternoster up the west coast, and as we had a quick goodbye hug, I knew I'd never see him again. I drove back to my place feeling immensely sad, and a few weeks later, back in Europe now, I had an email from his wife (widow) saying he'd passed away, and it was a terrible death.

Have seen too many other homes, lives, relationships, and finances wrecked by booze.

14th Dec 2014, 21:51
Have seen too many other homes, lives, relationships, and finances wrecked by booze.

And whose fault is that, yours?


It's called life, some can handle it, some cannot.

That goes for not only booze;

but drugs, illegal and legal;

eating, not eating enough or too much;


qualifying for the Darwin award.

You name it, some people will overindulge and pay the price.

15th Dec 2014, 00:08
And if I took the same attitude my friend Elaine would not be in rehab trying to sort her life out, and her kids would have no hope of being united with their mum.

Addiction is a mental affliction that can be beaten, with mental strength sufficient to beat the craving, and the help and assistance of devoted friends.

Darwin has nothing to with it, and no place in any discussion

15th Dec 2014, 01:23
"But the liver won't let you know it can't cope until it can't cope. By then, it's too late to moderate one's intake."

Not so sure about that. When the whites of your eyes turn yellow, your body is covered with black and blue bruises of which you have no memory of creating, and your stomach protrudes more than usual, your liver may indeed be sending you a message it is well to heed.

Unlike the brain, it can and does regenerate itself, given a chance.

Pom Pax
15th Dec 2014, 02:25
When young I used to have a pint or two with mates most nights. I started to put on weight so I spoke to the doc. He questioned my habits and advised me to cut out the daily intake.
"If you drink a pint or two every day, your body starts to think of this as food. Cut this out and have a belly full on a Saturday night and you'll p**s most of it on the wall before it can have time to add weight!"

15th Dec 2014, 12:30
con-pilot lied when writing:

Oh definitely below, I'd say quite confidently well below.

Con? Con, is that you con?


Me? I drink, most nights, between 2-3 12 oz bottles of brew. On occasion I'll drink 4, mostly on the weekends.

15th Dec 2014, 12:32
fox3 wrote:

21 units per day seems pretty reasonable to me.

My kinda guy!!! :}

Shaggy Sheep Driver
15th Dec 2014, 12:40
Unlike the brain, it [the liver] can and does regenerate itself, given a chance.

Indeed it can, but by the time physical symptoms appear it's usually to late for that. By then the liver is too badly damaged to recover and it's all rapidly downhill from there.

15th Dec 2014, 12:43
Cyber Bob wrote:

Taken from the NHS self-assessment

The following can help you cut down:

Work out a daily limit and stick to it
Plan activities that don't involve drinking
Eat before and while you're drinking
Don't let anyone top up your drinks
Tell your friends you're cutting down
Count your units

Can I shoot myself now? :}

15th Dec 2014, 12:55
Just at our favourite lunchtime place. We have the staff trained in Cockney rhyming slang. After lunch when we say 'two afternoon teas please' they know what we mean and know to make them doubles. Confuses the hell out of tourists sitting nearby.