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13th Dec 2014, 09:09
I seem to recall quite a few on here are fans of science fiction and though the details I remember are sketchy I would be grateful if somebody here could help me find the title of a book I read in about 1981.

It involved a group of people landing on a planet to make it habitable for an ever increasing population arriving shortly after. Soon after arriving there are creatures which soon start picking them off. These creatures have some sort of biological 'nitrous oxide' which they can switch on to make them move incredibly fast. They are exceedingly difficult to kill and need water to cool off after using their oxide. The main creature was called Grendel and the story could have been loosely based on the Norse saga Beowulf. That is all I can remember apart from some vague recollection of the human habitants taking refuge in a cave which proves to be a mistake as there is a stream running through it, which enables access for the creatures.

Your starter for ten....;)

13th Dec 2014, 09:13
The Legacy of Heorot, by Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, and Steven Barnes, 1987.

13th Dec 2014, 09:18
Brilliant. :D That's the one. Thank you very much.

Funny how the mind plays tricks, I would have sworn it was written in the late 70's early 80's. I also didn't realise it was a series.

I've been trying to remember and find this for ages.:ok:

13th Dec 2014, 09:53
A veritable fount of information in here. Often useless information, but a fount nevertheless.

Robert Heinlein was my fav for scifi.

tony draper
13th Dec 2014, 09:55
Spooky, I just mentioned that book or Rather the plot of same in another thread tother day.
You forgot the bit where it bares many young who eat each other including mum until only one is left and it becomes the new Grendel,or am I thinking of two different books?

13th Dec 2014, 10:01
Robert Heinlein was my fav for scifi.

Mine also but he dropped into second place after I discovered Iain M Banks.

Heinlein is however still my number one philosopher.

13th Dec 2014, 11:07
I think that's the one FSL, I've just bought it on my Kindle and will let you know in due course. :ok:

30th Dec 2014, 15:19
Just to confirm that is indeed correct FSL. :ok:

I enjoyed re-reading that, so much that I've gone and bought the second book in the series and am enjoying that as well. :)

A A Gruntpuddock
30th Dec 2014, 17:00
For genuine 'Science' fiction - can't beat Asimov.

Even his non-fiction is amazing!

Thiotimoline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thiotimoline)

30th Dec 2014, 17:59
Not much use asking here.... ;)


(it's in HK, in case you were wondering)

30th Dec 2014, 19:17
Beaufort there is a sequel to The Legacy Of Heorot, titled Beowolf's Children. Excellent read.

tony draper
30th Dec 2014, 20:48
Yer I also enjoyed reading Asimov's Books of essays on different science subjects, Mr Gruntpuddock. :)