12th Dec 2014, 20:56
There is in here an open letter to the men and women of Australia that should be read closely by all who fear the banks for their rapacious unprincipled manipulation of the economy, and consequently how the people are suffering grievous hurt and how devoid of any sense of fair play
the moguls are. Anger will feed upon anger till the majority say ENOUGH.

Queensland vet pens letter comparing banks to terrorists | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2867951/I-ve-never-ashamed-Australian-life-Farmer-pens-emotive-letter-comparing-banks-terrorists-treatment-drought-stricken-farmers-s-gone-viral.html)

13th Dec 2014, 06:32
Fantome ... should be read by all in Oz.

13th Dec 2014, 06:51
Looking for bright ideas. . . . . how best to help spread the word?

Could run off 500 copies and post to pollies but think that'd be a waste of time and money

People like David Pascoe are in no way defeatists. . . .. but how the hell do you get the message out to a dumbed down populace?

13th Dec 2014, 07:57
Fantome the Populace don't care....and are too self centered to care.....the Likes of Newman and Abbott don't care, exactly like Dud and Red Witch before them....they care only for themselves, nothing more nothing less.....what's in it for me??

Alan Jones may well travel to outback QLD, but he is better suited to making thoroughly distasteful remarks about this nations First Female Prime Ministers dead (not even cold) Father.....a disgrace

It's not in the LNPs DNA to help out the good people of this Nation...the good people of this Nation, who most likely were staunch LNP voters can go and get f&*ked as far as Abbott & Newman are concerned anyway....They'll never vote Labor, and therefore that is all that matters...F&#k 'em is teh attitude

...These Farmers, good and wholesome people have defaulted on a loan......I am not a farmer, and if I lost my job (for drought or any reason) should I expect the 'Gummint' to bail me out?

What we're seeing here is simply far right economics maximising their profit, and return to shareholder....THE HUMAN COST IS NOT A CONSIDERATION....only the bottom line, and nothing but the bottom line is the only concern.......the only concern at all......

....I own some bank shares....(not enough to vote LNP).....they pay some dividend....(again not enough for me to be able to afford to vote LNP) but are the banks not simply upholding their Fiduciary obligation by doing this? :confused:

Heart breaking?, yes. Morally wrong?, well... for me yes.....the right thing to do? For wealthy shareholders and the 'whatever is in it for me' crowd, you bet!!..

For better context here is a line form an online contributer -

"This article is a load rubbish and these people (Bob Katter) are making a lot of political mileage for vote catching. These farmers are not heard when there are boom years and they don't keep much back for lean years because they know that if there is a drought the hand-outs keep coming"

I actually like Bob, I think he makes a lot of sense on many things...I clearly remember his speech in Parliament the day Rudd was rolled.....and I clearly remember Abbott being S**t scared of the likes of Katter when he made his 'You might think it's cool to vote independent' speech, not being the politically stupid person Abbott took me to be I saw right through that little bit of BS Tony.....

I seem to recall a few around here dismissing 'The Man in the Hat' as well....well if he isn't working for TA he isn't worth considering right?? :mad:

13th Dec 2014, 08:43
Fliegs - If, as the article suggests, the farmer in question (and others) have not defaulted but simply become "an unviable risk", then it is not only immoral, but also not (immediately) within a bank's best interest to foreclose as they will cease to lose the interest payments and may end up with an asset that is hard to sell in these times.

These banks are taking advantage of the climate situation, which puts them one step behind British banks, which "advise" businesses to take out loans they cannot afford to repay, then liquidate and asset-strip them.

13th Dec 2014, 15:36
We have a situation in the UK where the newspapers are full of examples of bad practices by our banks. Many of us have suffered in the hands of the banks. Most of our current financial woes were caused by greed in the banking system. Our politicians continue to debate about failures in the banks. Top managers in the banking system earn massive salaries and get massive bonuses. I could go on, and on, and on. It's all public knowledge.

What has actually been done in the UK about the greed of the banking system and the malpractices that have effected us all?

:mad: all.

15th Dec 2014, 00:12
Good post - it's almost worth framing.