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12th Dec 2014, 17:16
so, London airspace has been reopened again (wonderful live coverage at the moment - visual-wise - of the center btw, Live: UK Flight delays after computer failure - BBC News (http://www.bbc.com/news/live/uk-england-london-30321231)).
Anybody else who thinks the computerized world is really vulnerable? I mean the real vital things like... well, everything that's computerised?

12th Dec 2014, 17:19
Ask Sony Studios.

12th Dec 2014, 17:24
Not at all, it's all backed up by computers :ok:

12th Dec 2014, 17:32
BBC TV news saying power failure not computer failure; unlikely as there should be a standby power supply.

12th Dec 2014, 17:34

What a disappointment. With the title line of "IT" I thought in terms of Stephen King and....


Although I guess Pennywise could well shut down British air space. :}

12th Dec 2014, 17:48

...there should be...
wise words, chevvron, wise words.
HOW often have we discovered there aren't? (9/11, Fukushima, MH370, Thalidomide, BP, Lockerbie, Syria, climate change, Titanic - to name the first that pop up to my mind).

12th Dec 2014, 18:25
Apparently, the fail-safe situation was to get those aircraft still up in the air 'down' and stop those on the ground from taking off.

Not a lot wrong with that logic, although to hear the Beeb it was an amazing decision. :eek:

12th Dec 2014, 18:49
I thought probes was getting Nostalgic for The Addams' Family (http://3.bp.********.com/-UFK9O6YbMQU/U6DymzDPfJI/AAAAAAAAKtQ/mxiZusKXlj0/s1600/cousin+it.png).

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