thunderbird five
11th Dec 2014, 23:38


Username here
12th Dec 2014, 01:23
This got my hopes up...

Now I'm sad....:uhoh:

12th Dec 2014, 10:16
Santa doesnt need an ASIC because he has a Sled Pilot Licence which is a "security restricted certificate" under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2005, ? 9 ? whatever.:ok:

So if your Licence is an SRC...why do we have an ASIC as well.???
For the money and nuisance value to the holder, I guess.

So if you dont have an ASIC, or they wont issue you one...you are denied the right to exercise the privileges of yr Licence. Even though you are not flying into a safety restricted area, had an ASIC before, have an exemplary record for the last 35 years..you cant even taxi yr own aircraft ffs. I kid you not.!

Welcome to the draconian state of the Security Soviet..!! :mad::mad:

12th Dec 2014, 10:34
Where have the flight strips gone in ATC, or am I showing my age? :O

Worrals in the wilds
12th Dec 2014, 13:50
As foreign aircrew, I don't think Santa requires an ASIC?:}

12th Dec 2014, 18:13
The video for this year's Santa visit was all shot and used last year as well. I am the good looking bloke shaking Santa's hand 15 seconds in.

The video was taken prior to the new Melbourne tower becoming operational and was done when the familiarisation training had finished for the day.

Santa has another business with a Harley Davidson motorcycle. The bike has a coffin shaped side car for those who want a bike themed funeral.

Takan Inchovit
12th Dec 2014, 19:43
I thought we'd never see Santa again, he bought a Jeep didn't he?:E

Worrals, Santa had a distinct Aussie accent.

12th Dec 2014, 19:50
Santa had a distinct Aussie accent.
Yes, I was about to send the video link to my grandson, then I realised that young children have an amazing sense of detail and that would blow Santa's cover.

13th Dec 2014, 06:48
I once done a charter to Perth from Thailand.

It was heavy crew with a turnaround back to
Singapore and with an hour to kill decided to
wander around for a stickybeak. Hadn't been
to Guildford for many years

A galoot with attitude walked up and said
"Excuse me where's your sick card?"

"I'm not sick."

"No your a'sick card?"

"I told you I'm not sick."

"Unless you have a sick card you cannot proceed
further than a few feet from your aircraft."

Since said galoot was obviously a bogan with a
uniform I just crawled back into the aircraft as I
decided its no use reasoning with this nut.

Once back home I found out its a ASIC and just
a method of extracting more money from pilots
under the ubiquitous auspice of 'security'.

You blokes should collectively refuse to wear the
bloody things - they can't jail you all at once.

Worrals in the wilds
13th Dec 2014, 12:24
"Unless you have a sick card you cannot proceed
further than a few feet from your aircraft."
"And what if I do"?
Cue confusion. :E