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11th Dec 2014, 05:15
What sort of visa would be required for an alien to buy/build a home so one can summer in the US say 3-4 months each year and be in their home country in their respective summer.

Assumptions are that you have ties (business)to the home country but with income arrangements and financial means that allow you to basically live any where in the world.

Work wouldn't be on the table as you are of sufficient means that you don't work like ordinary people. However, you may wish to start/buy/invest in a business if you see a good opportunity.

Occasionally you may want to stay on the US for a full year if you want to tour the US.

It seems the rich/celebrity set have no trouble getting a visa for what ever they want to do and own homes in multiple countries.

A lotto win would see me buy a home in Oregon. seems like a wonderful state.

Espada III
11th Dec 2014, 05:27
Most countries permit residency if you can show enough assets to be self supporting. Thats why there are all these furriners in Londongrad.

Loose rivets
11th Dec 2014, 16:15
You're almost exactly describing the younger me. By the end of the 80s it wasn't easy, one could find oneself trying to explain a planned holiday to a grumpy immigration operative who hadn't got one house, let alone two.

I have no idea how showbiz folk achieve what they do. I have little doubt they have immigration lawyers acting on their behalf. One of my neighbors in Essex (old money and gentlemanly in the extreme) made sure his daughter had enough funds for business investment, and just for good measure put $3,000,000 in her bank. And that was a many, many years ago. She employed IIRC 14 people. But despite all this the immigration authorities gave her such a bad time she moved to another country that was more welcoming.

What you don't want is a green card. I not only have dual tax liability, but am required to spend more than half the time there. Why, when they spend so much time keeping people out?

How are you going to cover the medical insurance issue? Holiday insurance will not cover many trips, and probably no long ones. Once out of the airport you're in the land of $5,000 AN HOUR for medical - if you're unlucky. You can trust me on that one.

However, sitting in Essex for my first winter in 11 years, I'm seriously thinking of heading west. It's bleak and even my Swallows and Amazons backwaters looks like a big blob of black mud. Which it is.

My wife and I used to have B1 B2 visas, but despite being Multiple Indefinite, were suddenly cancelled 'Without Prejudice'. The Visa Waver program was nowhere near as 'safe'.

Does anyone know if there's a middle ground between Green Card and Visa Waver? Something like the good visas we had?

The US is fantastic, but do an awful lot of planning. Something I never did.

11th Dec 2014, 16:28
Live on a yacht in the Bahamas - that's Sean Connery's trick. Hope to have my yacht in a couple of years.

Always go through the same small border crossing office, where they know you - that's my (and Sean's) trick.

There's no theoretical problem with Visa Waiver, but with the capricious nature of some Border officials.

11th Dec 2014, 16:34
My wife and I used to have B1 B2 visas, but despite being Multiple Indefinite, were suddenly cancelled 'Without Prejudice'. The Visa Waver program was nowhere near as 'safe'.

Have all B1 B2 visa's been scrapped?

This is what I have, but I haven't visited the US post 9/11, so I haven't any recent experience.

11th Dec 2014, 16:35
I have no idea how showbiz folk achieve what they do. I have little doubt they have immigration lawyers acting on their behalf.

Within the bold bit is the key. There is a loophole, if I may, in the US immigration laws that allows for individuals that can perform a function in the US that US citizens cannot perform, such as being an entertainer.

Can a US citizen be a Justin Bieber (let us pray to God not), chances are no, so he gets a magic visa.

Also, have a US Senator or two on your side, and magic things happen when it comes to visas.

Or, you can do what most immigrates do, just come in illegally from Mexico, or better yet from Canada, as nobody is watching that border.

11th Dec 2014, 16:36

The hell with the Visa crap. Just take a flight from Oz to Mexico and then get yourself to the US/Mexican border. Wade across the Big River and, voila, your in. You will then be considered an undocumented immigrant with all the rights and privileges the US has to offer. You get free health care, should you want it, a free cell phone, a free driver's license and free lots of other things. No need for a Visa.

wings folded
11th Dec 2014, 16:38
I had an irrevocable unlimited US entry visa in my passport.

Until some cove at Boston Logan drew a line through it in felt tip pencil, and then asked why I had no visa.

"I did until 2 minutes ago, why did you cancel it, and on what grounds?"

"Because I can, sir"

I hate the falsehood of "sir".

I only got into the US that time round because I was to appear in Federal Court, and courts do not like you not being there.

Haven't tried since and don't want to. Stuff them.

11th Dec 2014, 16:41
RG, I'm shocked, shocked I say, with what you wrote.

illegal immigrant


That would be an undocumented immigrant I'll have you know.

I mean really. :suspect:

11th Dec 2014, 16:42
wings folded:

I wonder if the "cove" at Boston Logan was of Irish heritage? :}:E

11th Dec 2014, 16:43

Oops. My bad. Undocumented immigrant. Sorry.

(Round these parts of NY we tend just to call them beaners.)

wings folded
11th Dec 2014, 16:47

no I don't think so. Unless Irish genes underwent some transmogrification on crossing the ocean, and emerged with a swarthy appearance at the end of the journey. Could be possible, I suppose...

Loose rivets
11th Dec 2014, 23:47
I can't really remember when our visas were cancelled - before 9/11, I'm sure. However, it was on departure and I suppose someone thought there'd be time to apply again when in the UK. But I was building up to becoming a Treaty Trader and it is possible I may have needed to head back in a few days. It was unnecessary and could have caused considerable hardship, but sad to say they've never cared about that.

Back then I used to commute c 5 monthly, but once I needed to ask for an extension over the regular 6 months. A charming lady in a huge government building gave me a further 6m extension in a moment.

Being needed in the US? Well, I had no intention of doing anything, but my wife's request for help buying c 15 computers a month lead to chaos. I could not find a decent computer in Austin Texas! I found a Dallas supplier of cases and industrial keyboards and built to my UK CAD workstation standards. In weeks I was selling to other companies and folk were eager to pay 20% more for a brick built PC.

So, just one of those opportunities that pop up when you least expect it and a little company was born.

Gertrude the Wombat
12th Dec 2014, 09:47
They cancelled all the B1/B2 Multiple Indefinites didn't they? - certainly mine is no longer useful.

Anyway, this business about wanting a visa at all is only the colonials getting uppity with their former masters to show that they can: we should be let into most parts of the world without ceremony.

12th Dec 2014, 10:06
we should be let into most parts of the world without ceremony
That was my response when immigration at Perth (Australia) wrote in my passport (property of HM the Q). :=

The cheek!

12th Dec 2014, 12:02
Gertrude wrote:

colonials getting uppity with their former masters

Key word here being former.


*Please note the white flag. The universal sign of surrender.

12th Dec 2014, 12:26
They cancelled all the B1/B2 Multiple Indefinites didn't they? - certainly mine is no longer useful.

Yes, they did, since quite a while.

Now You can have a B1/B2 Multiple entries, but is only valid 10 years.

12th Dec 2014, 12:32
*Please note the white flag.

That's a French flag.

Gertrude the Wombat
12th Dec 2014, 13:05
That's a French flag.
The blue, rather than red, uniforms might be a bit of a clue too.

12th Dec 2014, 13:19
Eh Gertrude? The blue uniforms were worn by members of the Continental Army.

12th Dec 2014, 13:32
And also by the Hessians used by the British.


12th Dec 2014, 13:37
Yes, the Hessians. Whose uniforms were easily distinguishable by the funny-looking, pope-like helmets they wore. :E

12th Dec 2014, 13:45
Well, since Hesse had been a part of the Holy Roman Empire since 1264, one can hardly be surprised at their headgear. ;)

12th Dec 2014, 13:47

True indeed.

Metro man
13th Dec 2014, 03:06
Be careful of spending too much time there, even without a green card you may fall foul of the tax laws and end up being classed as a resident. Look into the substantive presence rules as simply staying under six months a year won't do it anymore.

The IRS are desperate for money, the tax laws are incomprehensible and change all the time.

13th Dec 2014, 04:20
Fox3, as Voltaire pointed out long ago, the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor roman nor an empire.

13th Dec 2014, 18:28
Loose Rivets asked---------"Does anyone know if there's a middle ground between Green Card and Visa Waver?"

Canadian Passport.

13th Dec 2014, 19:46
ESTA/ Visa Waiver only gives 3 months routinely of course, haven't tried for more so don't know if it is possible, reckon it comes down to the individual at point of entry, i.e. Who You Know not What You Know ?

My last B1/B2 was only of 10 yrs. validity and wasn't cancelled, just ran out about 5 yrs. ago, now need an ESTA every 2 years, and am photographed and fingerprinted at each entry ..... except ...... entering Hawaii last week I started to smile crookedly at the camera with my hand on the finger reader and was told that there was no necessity because ......I am now over 80 !!! Didn't have to remove my shoes on departure, either.

Expect a lot of geriatric terrorists now !!

Where's the logic ? Oh, forgot, logic and bureaucracy is an oxymoron, moron being the descriptive word !

World's Gone Mad

13th Dec 2014, 22:18
Well I have a permanent, and legal, US Green Card, have had for 46 years.

The only time I had any kind of hassle coming back into the US was by a female immigration person at Dulles, I was with a girlfriend and we had been in Argentina for 3 weeks.

Interestingly the only other hassles I had anywhere were into Canada by road from Maine, also by a female official, and interestingly with the same girlfriend, and one time (alone) by a bastard official in Indonesia who took a $100 bribe.

Maybe its my good looks and charm....