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Effluent Man
9th Dec 2014, 15:12
It's twenty one weeks until polling day from Thursday. I know quite a few are interested and this isn't intended to be a political discussion thread but related to the election issues themselves. If people wish to contribute their own views I would just suggest that they confine it to that area.

In addition I thought that an Election prediction competition might be quite interesting. I suggest it might work like this.

Predict Con/Lab % Vote share. 100 points each.10 points lost for each % under or over.

Prediction of the number of seats won by Labour and Tories. 100 points for each- you lose a point for each seat away from the final total.

Lib Dems Predict total seats lost. 100 points with 5 lost for each under or over.

UKIP Predict total seats gained. 100 points with 10 lost for every seat under or over

Government . 100 points Predict Con/Lab/Con Coalition/Lab Coalition.

Maximum score 700 points.

Lon More
9th Dec 2014, 16:18
Better not forget SNP and the Greens, likely to hold the balance of power. Sinn Féin and the Unionists might well have a say

Effluent Man
9th Dec 2014, 17:21
The reason I set the parameters where I did was because those parties are more peripheral than the LD's. UKIP is the current media focus and I have already posted elsewhere my guess of 5 seats. The four options I give covers all the possibilities.