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8th Dec 2014, 18:07
I had the pleasure of attending this years Waddington display. Chatting to the various crews they were, to a man, courteous, informed, switched-on and professional. They put up patiently with my rambling questions and even retrieved my five-year old sons toy glider when it landed, to his distress, by the wheels of a GR4. What a quality bunch of people...which unfortunately entirely bu99ers up my plan of encouraging him to provide for my old age by becoming a barrister, or better still, a plumber. You sods. Couldn't you have sworn at him, or trodden on his glider? As a result he is now set, inexplicably, on becoming a Navy pilot.

Door Slider
8th Dec 2014, 18:28
It's ok, he is only 5. There will be no aircraft left in another 15 years.

Perhaps he could become a politician?

8th Dec 2014, 18:30
I wasn't there but I'm really pleased you enjoyed it.

There was no end of moaning on spotters forums about how poor it was. I don't think they comprehend cutbacks, overstretch or operational tempo. They all seemed to expect a 1977 Finningley Royal Review to be laid on...

Mind you, at the time Finningley had over 100 aircraft by itself, which could have made for an entertaining day without any guest appearances.

8th Dec 2014, 18:45
Following in his Dad's footsteps in to mil' aviation, eh?

Good luck to him! Although I think being one of the sky gods is a better career choice. The Typhoon will still be here in 15 years, the F-35 might be in service by then! :ok:

8th Dec 2014, 20:53
he is only 5.
You never know, he might grow up before he's old enough. :E

8th Dec 2014, 23:31
He can either grow up OR be a pilot; it is impossible to be both!

Right Stuff
9th Dec 2014, 23:56
Bob Viking - would you care to explain your post?

Bob Viking
10th Dec 2014, 00:02
I don't think I need to explain. I'm just dissappointed I didn't get a better bite.

10th Dec 2014, 08:38
I don't think I need to explain. I'm just dissappointed I didn't get a better bite.

Im sure theres lady pilots these days(cant speak for there preferances though:E)

10th Dec 2014, 09:40
Can't spell either.

10th Dec 2014, 10:05
Bob, maybe the Navy pilots are too busy taking their turn in the barrel to be reading pprune;)

Apparently it doesn't count after more than 3 days at sea;);)

Ahaaarr me hearties, rum, bum and baccy:)

Courtney Mil
10th Dec 2014, 13:10
Wrong, [email protected] They don't get rum or baccy anymore.

Bob Viking
10th Dec 2014, 14:03
Come on 26er. If you're attempting to stick up for the Navy you can do better than that.

10th Dec 2014, 14:55
Positive vibes to SOH failure and personal jibes in half a page. A new record?