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4th Dec 2014, 11:01
Boris Johnson wades into mid-air on-flight row involving 'head butt incident' - People - News - The Independent (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/people/boris-johnson-wades-into-onflight-row-involving-head-butt-incident-9900841.html)


4th Dec 2014, 13:00
There seem to be rather a lot of similar incidents reported, and I am in no doubt that being in the cabin when one occurs can be very disturbing for the other passengers. The possible causes probably include excessive drinking, use of drugs, or psychiatric episodes, or combinations of these.

But one suspects that the booze aspect comes very high on the list of potential causes, and I wonder how the statistics for "dry" airlines compare with those for the majority which provide alcoholic drinks during these long flights.

A few years back I flew with BCal back to Gatwick from Tripoli, Libya. There was a flight by Libyan Arab Airlines on the same route, but their services were dry, and the aircraft was far from full. The BCal flight however, was not dry, and with the added attraction of their delightfully kilted cabin lasses, we were absolutely packed. Mostly Libyan males (not many UK folk travelled to Libya in those days), who commenced their carousing as soon as the cabin service started. By the time we reached Gatwick, far more than just one solitary offender had been a thorough nuisance to both the stewardesses and to the rest of us, and the police were waiting for them. := I very much doubt whether any such appalling behaviour had occurred on the parallel Libyan flight ... :rolleyes: