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Paraffin Budgie
4th Dec 2014, 03:35
Saudia delays flight after passengers dreamt it crashed - ArabianBusiness.com (http://www.arabianbusiness.com/saudia-delays-flight-after-passengers-dreamt-it-crashed-573936.html)

4th Dec 2014, 10:48
So you can be arrested for stating a fact?

4th Dec 2014, 11:58
I had a dream.

I was in what looked like the lower 41 of a B747, strapped to the wall. Someone else was strapped to the wall next to me but I couldn't turn to see them. The aircraft was shaking violently, then I was broken loose and thrown about before the cabin came apart around me and I was launched outside. I woke up in a sweat. After a premonition like that my flight to Seattle the next day wasn't the best I've ever had.

Around five weeks later, on 28 January, the whole of the Boeing training school came to a standstill as crowds formed around every TV monitor in the building to watch the highly publicised Shuttle Challenger launch. Then that happened . . .

4th Dec 2014, 12:12
There was a TAM flight last week, that a famous Brazilian clairvoyant had had premonitions of it losing power on take off and crashing into a famous Avenida off the end of the Sao Paulo runway. They had written several times to TAM asking for them to stop that flight on that day. Tam changed the flight number and the flight went ok on time and nearly full, though on idly checking it's flight path later, one noted that it did a racetrack pattern halfway through the flight for some strange reason.

I had a bad dream in 1983 that showed a PanAm 747 falling out of the sky, no doubt nerves preceding a long flight, though that was with United, but 6 years later over Lockerbie :( Also…Sorry one thing triggers another, in the mid 90's I had a dream that showed 2 strange shaped, foreshortened aircraft melting into each other on the ground, I think BA and Alitalia. Several days later a BA(?) 757 and another had a low speed crunch at LHR and the image shown on the news was as near as dammit the same as in my dream. :suspect:


4th Dec 2014, 14:05
My mother dreamt of the Aberfan disaster (before it happened), and she was very upset when it happened for real.