View Full Version : I wonder what the pilot said...

1st Dec 2014, 16:11
Must see video: Fire truck runs into police helicopter blades - Statter911 (http://www.statter911.com/2014/11/30/must-see-video-fire-truck-runs-police-helicopter-blades/)

Why can't these cretins learn how to steady their cameras/ cell phones?

1st Dec 2014, 21:59
What a crazy incident!

I got fed up with watching after each time the main event occurred, the camera just managed to miss it.

At work we've got a number of videos taken by colleagues of the Proton launch failure at Baikonur a few months ago. They all managed to follow it to the ground, only shaking when the blast knocked them around or ran for cover, so it can be done, no need to video your feet.