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28th Nov 2014, 09:38
BBC News - North East Lincolnshire Council 'biased in adoption row' (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-humber-30234549)

I find it interesting that:-

In a statement, Unison said: "This blaming culture in local authorities is likely to have an impact on an already depleted workforce. [This] type of case will only drive more social workers away from the profession."

That suggests to me that if a professional person makes major errors in their professional duty, Unison doesn't believe that they should be held to account - which I say is hypocrisy. They would want a doctor who screwed up on one of their relatives held to account, wouldn't they?


A spokesman for the council said that the authority had carefully considered the judge's comments, and that there had been a "rigorous process" to prepare the social workers to give evidence.

He said: "North East Lincolnshire Council is committed to ensuring the best outcomes for children and young people and, where possible, allow them to stay within their extended family.

"We have a growing number of young people supported in this way and we continually review and update our policies and practices to assist with that aim.

"This case illustrates the complexities and difficult decisions that have to be made while striving to act in the best interests of children."

which strikes me as weasel word BS to get around the fat that they screwed up very badly......