View Full Version : Another reason to avoid the seat beside the prop

27th Nov 2014, 01:14

Flying debris.

27th Nov 2014, 10:46
Wow - did that happen in a previous flight and they took off again like that? Or did it happen on power-up and they didn't give a damn?

27th Nov 2014, 12:31
Because he's got a screw loose!

27th Nov 2014, 13:02
I suppose one could say that he is sitting so close because he is a nut.

27th Nov 2014, 13:41
Tread carefully guys, you might get screwed

unstable load
27th Nov 2014, 17:54
I read elsewhere that it was in flight.

27th Nov 2014, 18:53
The Jetstream T2 always made me feel a bit uncomfortable, because on walk around you could see a line of small dings in the skin where small bits of ice had been shed from the blades and hit the fuselage, right around flight crew head level.

Sure enough, a year or so into my brief adventures with a Jetstream one shed a blade, which, by the lucky virtue of the pilot being a short arse who had his seat well forward, went through the skin and embedded itself sideways in the seat back.

I'll admit to having tended to slide the seat a bit further forward than was strictly comfortable from then on.

The Flying Pram
27th Nov 2014, 19:10
Use this alternative URL: http://imgur.com/gallery/U7IVd and you'll see the comments - it happened during flight. The replies from those claiming to be pilots and airframe mechanics/engineers are quite enlightening...

27th Nov 2014, 21:02
The replies from those claiming to be pilots and airframe mechanics/engineers are quite enlightening...

True, Flying Pram - anyone can be anybody they like with the qualifications of being able to use a keyboard. :hmm:
Some of those posters are masters of ignorance.
I'm not familiar with that particular type of aircraft but I'd suggest that to be embedded in a window, the fastener came from the spinner.

27th Nov 2014, 23:17
It's always best not to be in line with the prop; this one went through the cabin, as I recall.....


B Fraser
28th Nov 2014, 07:30
The same happened on a Crash-8 recently.

28th Nov 2014, 11:47
That's nothing. Check out this C130. The loadmaster was fortunate to be wearing a khaki flying suit.