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25th Nov 2014, 00:45
Hi my fellow Ppruners ;)

Im kindly ask here an helping hand if possible...presently im preparing a small work for the great 50th anniversary of my airport, (2015 opened at July 1965), Faro-Portugal, and im trying to find here on the net any history site where i could find if possible (its not fully necessary the month or day) but at least the Year of wich airline started a route or service here...some of old Faro Aiport registry mvt's books/files from the 70's are gone astray, missing or destroyed, and i really would love to get some info for at least DLH, EIN, Monarch and Transavia please. All of them are very "old" here regarding operations...as i said before could be the starting year, aircraft type and org/dest airport...:)

If not possible with any site, maybe some old fellow here who worked for any of these airlines or aware of my info, could please share with me...Any info even if not full but limited its very welcoming as well.

Many many thanks for the kind attention and help...JF, Algarve:ok: