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Mutley Eugenius
21st Nov 2014, 18:34
Australian Airspace Assignment Alliteration

Class A = Almost anything anywhere above 18 angels altitude AMSL, and also alternate areas and altitudes as advised. Any access above announced altitude automatically advocates acquisition of absolute ATC authorization, and above all, assumes an adequately approved aircraft. All accelerations approved. ATC alerts all aircraft about avoiding any adjoining aircraft as appropriate, avoiding any accidents anywhere around ATC antenna area. And adjacent afar areas, airmen actively avoid all alternate aircraft. Alert: atmospheric attributes aloft are adept at attenuating awareness and affect an airman's accurate altitude, attitude, and area ascertainment abilies.

Class B = Basically biggest busiest Boeing base built, bounded by broad blue band. Big businesses boasting big budgets. Bulky behemoths boldly blasting by; beginners borrowing Beechchrafts, Barons & Bonanzas better beware before being blown broadside by British Airways backblast! Better Be on Best behaviour before breaching border. Basically, 'B' block best be bypassed by being below & beyond boundary. But breathe better, Big Brother Britain basically banished 'B'.

Class C = City center, chiefly catering cross-continental commercial carriers. Class C comprises concentric cantilevered cylinders, containing consistent communication & coordination coverage. Corridors conveying commercial craft constantly converge causing congestion. Controllers command continuous course correction & counter-collision coordination. Current clearances & complete clearance compliance compulsory. Common call channel contains constant chatter; consequently, correct call-sign & conversational conduct crucial. Craft captains & copilots can contact controller concerning 'clear of cloud' clearance. Cessna & Cherokee crews could consider circuit chances continuously challenging, compromised, or completely cancelled, considering clean configuration commercial craft can create considerable conical currents. Careful! Check circulars containing current cautions.

Class D = Decent domestic destination, doubtlessly distractingly dense. Diagram depicts dotted diameter/dimension demarcation. Dedicated directors dictate directions, distances & demand diligent duplex-dialog. Definite do's & dont's during drop-in (disapproval does denotes delay), descent, downwind, dual-drilling and departing. Do due duties directly - don't delay. Decontrolled daily during darkness denoting different designation? Dunno. Depends.

Class E = Everywhere else each earlier explanation effectively excludes, except ensuing entries...

Class F = Federal flight fellows forget 'F', finding further forms futile.

Class G = Generally graded 'Go Guys, Go!' Gas guzzlers, gyrocopters & gliders galore. Government granted ground guidance gone. Garmin glass gear's great; GPS gives good general guess. Get GrandDad's Grumman Goose going & growling, give gas, gear-up & go great guns!

Happily handcrafted to hang in hangars & halls, hopefully it helps.

Mutley Eugenius.

thorn bird
21st Nov 2014, 20:49

you have far too much free time on your hands....but I loved it.

rutan around
21st Nov 2014, 21:27
you have far too much free time on your hands....but I loved it. Happily heading hangerward to honour 100 hourly hysteria, hot & humid. Helping hand honestly h’appreciated

21st Nov 2014, 23:29
I love the English language...how well it lends itself to confabulation, contortion and conundrum...well done, that man, well done:ok:

Mutley Eugenius
22nd Nov 2014, 02:32
Thanks, I started with A and just, sort of, kept going.

Fun though.

Plus, I'll never forget the classes now!

Nautilus Blue
22nd Nov 2014, 03:26
Restricted RAAF regions really rife, resentment results.

Annoying antipodean adventurer and agitator attracts attention advocating Airservices Australia adopting American airspace attributes attitudes and abilities.

PPRUNE posters postulate proposals periodically, promptly pointless pirouetting proceeds.

Mutley Eugenius
22nd Nov 2014, 03:43
I was just saying the same thing!

22nd Nov 2014, 07:14
Youse Guys D E F I N I T E L Y have TOOOOO mucho time on ya hands.....

But Oi luved it too..!!!

A B I G CHEERS...!!!:p:ok:

22nd Nov 2014, 08:41
Lots of loud larfs locally !:ok:

Can CAsA continue to contain corruption and cover-ups 'cos conscientious citizens continue to cast criticisms concerning cronyism, corruption and criminality.
Can creative CEO condone corruption continuing cowardice, or cut-out CAsA cancer.
we shall C

Nautilus Blue
23rd Nov 2014, 05:32
Kudos for omitting the obvious C word.

Mutley Eugenius
23rd Nov 2014, 06:01
The thought never crossed my mind!

23rd Nov 2014, 07:40
certain casa cretinous c***s continue to cause consternation and chaos.!:mad: