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21st Nov 2014, 12:37
Friend in the UK takes an urgent letter for us to the London central sorting office last week. Pays a fortune for guaranteed two-working-day delivery UK to Spain with tracking number.

Two working days later, hasn't arrived. I check the tracking number, "it's been handed to the Mail department for overseas delivery". Spanish mail tracking website, "tracking number not known".

Four days later, no delivery, same thing on Royal Mail website. Spanish website, number not known.

Six working days later, still not appeared. Go to website, find telephone number for complaints, "no not us try this one" try that one, "no, try this one" etc. (Lucky we have Skype.)

Finally find helpful chap, "oh it was handed to the Mail department for overseas delivery here yesterday", five working days and seven days after being handed in at the London central sorting office.

Lucky it was only urgent.

21st Nov 2014, 12:53
At their exorbitant prices there is probably so little business in that area that the structure has collapsed and the unexpected trade caught them out.

21st Nov 2014, 13:07
A few months ago someone posted an important urgent document to me from a town in France. He paid the top rate, €65 for next day delivery guaranteed.
Tracked it on the 'La Poste' website and it for 3 days it just showed : "Handed in at .... on ...."
Then it showed 'in transit' for the next 3 days.
After 8 (working) days it showed : "Left Paris."
The next day it was delivered to me in Chester.
8 days to get to Paris and less than 24 hours to get from there to Chester.

And La Poste weren't even on strike.

21st Nov 2014, 13:15
What always strikes me as being an example of unthinking, useless bureaucracy, is the fact that "tracking numbers" of the official mail handler, rarely work, once the item is outside their country.

You try to check on a tracking number and they tell you, "Sorry, it was last recorded leaving our international mail sorting centre. Once it has left our control, we cannot tell you where it is". (!!)

An even better exercise is trying to claim insurance on articles damaged in the post.
You have to return the item to the country it came from, before you can claim!

In my case, every one of the insured items I received in damaged condition, was worth less than the postage it would cost, to ship it back to the country it came from, for claim purposes!!

21st Nov 2014, 13:16
I think that cutbacks within once state sponsored communication industries has left the remaining staff demoralised and fearful for their jobs. As to whether they worked well or hard on the old days is debatable, but the influx of private courier companies into the postal market has changed things forever. My dealings with La Poste, last used regularly up to 3 years ago, was always exemplary, less so the Royal Mail. I'd wager that the workers are either overburdened with work in the sorting offices, or are being belligerent to show their displeasure towards the management, sadly at the cost of the customers.

If it's important and needs to 'be there' these days it has to be FedEx, UPS, DHL etc etc. There is no excuse for priority post languishing somewhere, more so when it costs so much for express post.


21st Nov 2014, 13:19
€65 for urgent delivery for a document from FR to GB?? Good God, for that kind of money, it should have travelled in its own 1st class seat, and arrived in a chauffeur-driven Rolls!!

21st Nov 2014, 14:57
Living up here in Orkney means I use the internet a lot to order clothes, white goods etc. However, Fedex "tracking" ceases at Inverness or Aberdeen and the system then considers the item "delivered" even though another courier takes the item to Kirkwall and our island haulage contractor then delivers it to my home

21st Nov 2014, 15:18
It's not just Royal Mail.

I'm still waiting for an urgent delivery ordered and paid for five weeks ago (supposedly 72 hour delivery). I understood the order was in stock in UK, but after ordering I discovered it was in fact coming from Germany.

After non-delivery (we had to wait in...) I contacted the sender's on-line, so-called "customer support" but they merely referred me to the international courier's tracking website (it's a well known company, it's hard to do any motorway journey without seeing one of their white delivery vans). I had in fact contacted the sender only after noting that the order was still apparently in transit between Germany and France after eleven days, where it remains!

Contacting the international courier resulted in me being passed from Germany to France to UK and back again. No-one takes responsibility for the loss.

I've since been chasing the sender for a refund, who says there is a backlog of refunds; another story all by itself. :ugh: :*

21st Nov 2014, 15:26
Received a birthday card (hint hint) from my niece in UK delivered here in south of France on Wednesday morning 19/11/2014 via ordinary mail. With postmark "Swindon Mail Centre" 17/11/2014. Which isn't bad at all, is it? However, my neice lives in Oxfordshire, Swindon is in Wiltshire...?! And I have no idea on what date the card was actually put in the 'local' postbox. :(

Loose rivets
21st Nov 2014, 15:52
The Royal Mail missed it's chance. It seemed to me at the time that a secure email system with nice RM headings etc., would be worth a penny a shot. Two-point-four pennies, if you like and call them Royal Pennies.

Anyway, a team of people taking care of encryption and a slew of other needs, along with a mechanism to replace faxes as a 'legal document' would have been a major asset. "Sorry, we only accept faxes" drives me crazy. A fax machine was working in France in the 1800s so why are we still demanding its use? He demanded, angrily.

So much could have been done, and saved something I feel was rather special.

Tracking seemed to work quite well for me in the UK in 2011 I found out I was the keeper of dozens of electrical movements from an historic valve tester by AVO. I mailed these to several countries with masses of insurance as they were, as far as we know, quite irreplaceable. Not one went missing and the tracking seemed to work well.

My foray into restoring thirty year old Sei (hide from searches) ko chron ometers meant I was scanning tracking numbers several times a day from my home in Texas. Only stuff from China got held up, and then by US customs as far as I could see. In fact, stuff from China was on its way within an hour of ordering.

So, it seems I'm likely to be disappointed if I set up business here in the UK. Sending kit into a void would be rather stressful for me, so I can only imagine what it's like for businesses who rely on the post.

Then there's what you can do and what you can't. A pal asked me to accept an big river parcel at her home and then post it to a European country. It seems a set of kitchen knives is an example of product that can't be sent abroad by the e-vendor. So, cost of sending to Essex plus my RM bill for SIXTY SEVEN QUID.

21st Nov 2014, 17:30
I wish more e-vendors would send their stuff by normal mail. But they think they are providing a better service by using Fedup Express, or similar. Problem with those guys, if you are not a business, is that you are never there when they come to deliver - and tracking them gives you, at best, a window of not less than 24 hours. Then you have to call them and arrange another delivery slot which they never are able to meet.

With the post they will bring it to your door (usually around the same time every day) and if you are not there they leave a little note so you can go to them and pick it up. Our post offices open early and close late ( they take a 4 hour lunch break).

21st Nov 2014, 17:39
I'd hazard a guess and rate the Swiss Postal service as the premier postal service in the world. Unless someone knows differently ?


21st Nov 2014, 17:52
Strangely stuff coming West from Eastern Canada, well, around the Mississauga area, (everything in Canada starts in Mississauga,) takes two to three days.

Stuff going East, even small packages, take ten days.


21st Nov 2014, 18:13
ChrisVJ, I believe that in logistics circles, the phenomenom is generally known as the (anti) Coriolis Effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coriolis_effect)... ;)

21st Nov 2014, 19:01
I can only imagine what it's like for businesses who rely on the post.Let me enlighten you......

Starting some 10 years ago, we have needed to send and receive technical staff certificates - originals and thus priceless - on a daily basis, at its peak 20 - 30 a day. We invariably sent them by Special Delivery within the UK (50% or so) and tried to use the lesser tracking service offered for overseas.

As from about a year ago, we now dispatch only 5 - 10 envelopes a day, and because we can reproduce the contents if/when lost we don't bother with Special Delivery or tracking. So things may have improved but I doubt it.

When we used Special Delivery within UK the loss rate, ie mail not delivered, was about 1%. This meant that some times, at its worst, they lost about 1 or 2 every week.

Overseas, the rate was well under 1%. Work that out, if you can.

The losses were bad enough; each one was a personal disaster for the owner of the certificates. For a period we tried couriers; reliable but horrendously expensive. Mind you the RM prices were eye-watering, and are worse now. Within weeks of the sell-off, the cost of sending an A4 envelope to Europe was tripled.

The real problem was that it was - and probably still is - impossible to speak to a human being about a lost item. The call centre is awful, if you have the patience to wait long enough to speak to anyone, the staff are dismissive and rude. It is made clear that they don't give a toss "You'll get compensation, what's the problem?".

Until not long ago, and perhaps now, undelivered mail is sent to Belfast where it is added to a huge pile. If you ask for someone to go and search, they refuse, because the pile is too big.

I feel sorry for the front-line staff, postmen and women, counter staff and the rest who do their best to overcome dreadul management and a Luddite union. But I pray for the day when I can use an efficient competitor, and I suspect it won't be all that much more expensive.

It would be a very good thing if the front-line staff quit Royal Mail and took their experience and enthusiasm to well managed competitors (which is not all the possible competitors).

21st Nov 2014, 21:34
Thirty or more years ago, I heard from a VERY reliable source that Canada Post was intentionally delaying mail from the USA. At that time, if you had to send a letter from coast-to-coast in Canada, it was much faster and cheaper to get the envelope across the border and into the US mail system - and it went back to Canada near the destination.

But that had been CORRECTED. The US postage rate to send mail to Canada (US$ 1.15) is now the same as sending the mail to Timbuktu. The price increase can't possibly be to please Canada Post, can it?

22nd Nov 2014, 00:40
I'd hazard a guess and rate the Swiss Postal service as the premier postal service in the world. Unless someone knows differently ?

Well possibly, but I'd rate the Royal Mail very highly too. I post about a dozen small packages a week, mainly to UK addresses but a fair sprinkling to overseas addresses. I only ever use 2nd class for the UK ones, and find that nevertheless a lot of them arrive the next day and it is very rare to experience a delay of more than say 3 days.

I have very patchy results with overseas recipients. Deliveries in France are generally very slow (not surprising) and The Netherlands is little better (perhaps more surprising). Further afield the USA isn't bad, but as Chris VJ says Canada is a joke - a friend in Vancouver tells me that one week for delivery of a letter to anywhere over near the east coast is quite normal.

Because I am posting small items in low volumes my business would not be of interest to companies such as DHL, TNT etc, so I am worried that the Royal Mail is facing more and more competition from companies who are only going to cherry pick the easy part of the business. Nobody other than Royal Mail is going to deliver a letter from Cornwall to Shetland for 53p.

22nd Nov 2014, 01:53
Canada Post to Australia has the most expensive mailings I have ever encountered. It's bad enough that their charges are high - but you also get a massive "fuel surcharge" tacked onto the postage charge.
I think someone in the senior management within CP must have previously been working for an airline.

Speaking of outrageous fuel surcharges, has anyone noticed them being removed or reduced, now that oil prices are at a 20 or 25 year low??
No, I thought not - neither have I.
In fact, one transport company I deal with, states quite categorically that their fuel surcharge remains because they're still dealing with high fuel costs.
What a load of tosh. Fuel prices are definitely still too high in comparison to the drop in oil prices, but they've still dropped substantially in the last few weeks.

22nd Nov 2014, 04:25
I understand that the fuel surcharge has been removed from taxi prices in Washington, DC. But then it's the Congress-people and their friends who are big taxi users.

22nd Nov 2014, 16:44
I had an item delivered by DPD the other day. Had a text in the morning giving me the driver's name and a one hour time period when he would deliver it.

Not only that, if that wasn't convenient, several options to make sure that I could get the package when it was.

Excellent service and no reason why other delivery companies can't do so themselves. It is so frustrating having to wait for a delivery 'sometime' during the day (and quite often its the end of the day too).

22nd Nov 2014, 16:50
I get my wines delivered in the UK by a company called Yodel. Super efficient, I get a text giving me the delivery day, another giving me a two hour 'window' and then sometimes another giving me a more or less exact time, and finally when it's been delivered another, and it's tracked on their website like this :

Parcel delivered, left safe Front porch 12th Nov 2014 11:22

They have never failed to deliver at the time/date promised, and nothing has ever been damaged or lost.

22nd Nov 2014, 17:41
Yodel also deliver up to 21.00hrs and at the weekend.

23rd Nov 2014, 08:13
I had an item delivered by DPD the other day. Had a text in the morning giving me the driver's name and a one hour time period when he would deliver it.

Yes, DPD do a fairly good job on the whole.

I get my wines delivered in the UK by a company called Yodel

Yodel is now a DHL sub-brand, formerly HDNL .... can be a bit of a mixed bag quality wise.

Personally, I put UPS at the top of the pile. Efficient, deliver on time, friendly drivers. For anything of high value or which must get there on time, there's no other choice than UPS.

On the bottom of the pile ... TNT.... absolutely to be avoided at all costs. They've never been able to issue an invoice that didn't have errors on it, their drivers turn up without the right tools (e.g. "sorry, left my sack truck at home, can you help me carry these 25 boxes to the van instead ?"), they magically change service specifications en-route ..... quite frankly I wouldn't trust TNT to deliver a fork of food from a nearby plate to my mouth !

23rd Nov 2014, 08:25
I put DHL at the bottom of the pile, since they lost a document that was sent to me from Surrey, where they picked it up, for delivery to an address in a major street in the centre of Barcelona. I was promised two day delivery, which was fine. On D3, which was a Friday, it hadn't arrived and I called the Spanish service centre who were useless, and not because I don't speak Spanish, I do, they were just useless. I gave them the tracking number and they could only confirm that it had left the UK on D1. I asked them to look into it and call me back. They didn't. I called them several times and was either unable to talk to anyone, or unable to get an answer from the person I spoke to.

I also called the UK centre who were almost as unhelpful, the only difference being that they apologised whereas the Spanish lot didn't, it's not really in their nature to do so, which I'm used to and it no longer worries me, apologies don't solve problems.

I got a call on Saturday to say the the consignment was in Leipzig and due for delivery in BCN on Monday. Fantastic, as on the Monday I was going to be in CPT so I asked for it be sent on to CPT and they couldn't, as they said it had to go back to the origin in the UK first.

A totally useless bunch of tossers. I would rather entrust things to a barefoot runner with a cleft stick than DHL.

Krystal n chips
23rd Nov 2014, 10:08
Ah yes....."super efficient Yodel".....

Yodel named worst parcel delivery service - Money Saving Expert (http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/shopping/2014/01/yodel-named-worst-parcel-delivery-service-again)

23rd Nov 2014, 11:16
I also called the UK centre who were almost as unhelpful, the only difference being that they apologised whereas the Spanish lot didn't, it's not really in their nature to do so, which I'm used to and it no longer worries me, apologies don't solve problems.

Do you think the UK guys were sincere in their apologies? My experience is the brits apologize for just about everything, all the time. But they rarely actually mean it. (My wife is British!)

Not to slag the brits, just observing that the Spanish may have been just as sorry!

23rd Nov 2014, 11:21
the UK guys were sincere in their apologies?

The response from the first three Royal Mail numbers the mem' called was "no sorry, not us". We'd like an apology as to why an urgent letter floated around London for six days before being sent on by Royal Mail.

P.S. "Two days guaranteed delivery" posted on November 12th still not arrived November 23rd.

23rd Nov 2014, 12:08
I have mixed feelings and experiences with them all. Generally the post office has been ok except for the attitude of the staff in our local PO.
Anyway my best story involves Royal Mail.
I had sold some genuine brand printer cartridges on EBay as no longer required, for a reasonable price. The buyer paid no problem so I posted them off on a normal 2nd class service which covered the value up to £40.00 or something if lost. Lo and behold they never arrived so I had to refund buyer. So I think I was down something like £30.00 excluding postage so put in a claim showing how they were sold on Ebay and for how much.
Few days later get a call from a guy in Royal Mail and offers me half what I got for them ! . No I said I sold them for x amount. Ahh he says but looking on the net just now I can buy these items for about £15.00. I don't care I said I'm down £30.00 on the deal. Long story short all I got from them was his perceived value and not the amount I had lost. True story..
They did refund the postage charge also but that would be expected.

cockney steve
23rd Nov 2014, 12:22
Yodel bad?....they haven't dealt with Hermes!

Despite "glass" labels, wads of paper and polystyrene beads, they managed to smash one of a pair of headlamps and ditto sidelamp/indicator. Then you find in their t's &C's no glass whatsoever is covered, in fact about the only things you'd get compensated are a vintage flat-iron or a firewood log..... Carton battered to hell and I've seen similar complaints......these people are NOT professional carriers. they treat their cargoand customers the same......
with abuse and contempt...Hermes? :yuk:

23rd Nov 2014, 12:25
Privatisation will make things better right?
I live approximately 1,200 yards from a main sorting office. Since privatisation the mail is delivered sometime between 12.30 and 13.15.
The post-box at the end of the road used to have a last collection time of 18.00. The very last collection anywhere in Redhill is at 19.00 from the post-box outside the sorting office. In the days of the mail trains it was possible - with a first class stamp and an additional 1p one - to post a letter in the letterbox on the train which departed at 21.15.
The final collection - indeed the only collection - from the post-box at the end of the road is now 09.15.
I won't weary you how the chimp in the local sub post office managed to send a parcel for my son in Penzance to France. "Oh sorry, I tort you says France".

Vince Cable should be flogged.

23rd Nov 2014, 12:56
My oh my. The adage that "get something right and 1 internaut might acknowledge it, get something wrong and 10 times that number will post negatively about the product / service" is always relevent here...?!

In the UK at least, blaming the Royal Mail must be on a par with blaming everything else on the EU (or the French).

Some folks are never content. And I guess if they lived in Bombay and were one of the 175,000 who get their meals delivered from home to office everyday via Dabbawalla (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-26128597), they'd complain about the food going cold. Even though statistics show that just 3.4 out of 1 million deliveries go awry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dabbawala). And that workers conducted a 1-day strike (http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/economy/dabbawalas-to-strike-for-the-first-time-in-120-years/article2369850.ece) (for the first time in 120 years) in 2011.

PS. I wonder if a wine bottle will fit into the average Dabbawalla tiffin? Would someone like Capetonian then complain that the wine bottle had to be transported vertically with the risk of the cork drying out? Or simply that 1 bottle daily was not enough...?! ;)

23rd Nov 2014, 13:15
If I pay for a service and don't get it, I am entitled to complain. If there's no compensation, I am entitled to complain loudly and publicly. It doesn't matter if one million other people got what they paid for, I didn't. So yes. you can complain.

I lost my cell 'phone on Wednesday. Dropped it somewhere. So I got on to O2, who promptly barred it. OK. Then a discussion about a replacement followed and they offered me a new 'phone with the same free minutes for half the price I was paying. Having sorted that and signed up, the new 'phone 'could take up to three working days' to be delivered. They actually delivered it in 18 HOURS!

23rd Nov 2014, 14:16
I'm not disputing your right to complain. But when does a complaint become an argument? :p

Argument Clinic - Monty Python's The Flying Circus - YouTube

23rd Nov 2014, 14:29
Would someone like Capetonian then complain that the wine bottle had to be transported vertically with the risk of the cork drying out? Or simply that 1 bottle daily was not enough...?!Wine bottles are normally transported vertically but stored horizontally.
As for one bottle daily being enough, it is more than enough for me. I can't speak for others though.

23rd Nov 2014, 14:37
Wine bottles are normally transported vertically but stored horizontally. Are you sure that's what really happens in transit?

And heaven forbid, but what happens when you're back in the southern Hemisphere? Is your wine delivered 'upside down'? :}

23rd Nov 2014, 14:42
The cases have an arrow pointing up.

23rd Nov 2014, 15:14
Looking at this photo, your wine order package would be inherently unstable if transported vertically:


Of course, if you prefer cheap plonk... ;)

23rd Nov 2014, 15:14
blaming the Royal Mail must be on a par with blaming everything else on the EU (or the French).


I blame the Royal Mail for defaulting on their contract with us: the contract said delivery in two working days, they took ten pounds something for performing this service, their website claimed they had dispatched the letter immediately...and they hadn't and didn't.

23rd Nov 2014, 15:19
I don't drink 'cheap plonk', I stick to South African, Spanish, and south American wines. They are, in my experience, transported vertically, certainly from the suppliers I use.

23rd Nov 2014, 15:30
Thank goodness you didn't feel insulted. And I wasn't accusing you of actually drinking 'cheap plonk'. Maybe you just order the cheap stuff so that you have something available for the occasional house guests you don't particularly agree with... ;)

Krystal n chips
23rd Nov 2014, 17:42
Well we can't, as a national pastime, blame BR anymore, so Royal Mail will have to suffice...irrespective of the reasons being factually correct or otherwise.

" I don't drink cheap plonk ".....

Why I hate wine snobs | Life and style | The Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2006/nov/19/foodanddrink4)

One's own is conveyed at varying angles, in a poly bag, from Aldi / Asda etc in the boot of ones charabanc.....or back pack if one is partaking of the services of the local omnibus company.

One has never knowingly overspent either.

23rd Nov 2014, 18:46

I'm so much less clever than you that you'll have to explain how an Indian food delivery service's statistics are relevant to the abysmal performance of the Royal Mail in the UK.....

Please use simple words.

23rd Nov 2014, 20:10
Capot, acknowledging one's own limitations is the beginning to greater understanding, you show great promise... :ok:

Insofar as the 'relevence' of introducing the Dabbawalas, is concerned: instead of simple derision, I had hoped to raise the level of discussion and include various comparisons between a very low-tech, yet robust system capable of delivering upto 175,000 'packages' on a daily basis within a small area. With what we're more used to here in the 1st World.

So you might have responded "do I think that a Dabbawala-type organisation would work better over here?". To which I might have replied "What we already have are more or less only slightly higher-tech 'Dabbawala systems' so far as the last few miles to our homes are concerned. And the organisations we rely on (the Royal Mail, courrier services etc.) each / together transport several magnitudes greater of the 175,000 'packages' delivered daily by the Bombay Dabbawalas. But maybe some people don't understand the limitations of some organisations and just how much 'marketing' might lead to over-expectations and eventual disappointment. Like I recently ordered a few masturbation toys from Germany and was pleasantly surprised that the shipping charges @ €10 via DHL were so reasonable. I started to worry though as I realised that I probably wouldn't be at home to receive the package. And somewhat relieved when I received the DHL tracking information, to know that the package, having been delivered via 'DHL' to France within 1 working day, was being handled by the French postal system for the final 3-4 working day stage. I wasn't 'in' when the postman called and collected it from the local post office, a short and convenient 5 minute walk away the next day." Or summat.

Someday, everyone may recognise my superior intellectual abilities (not just Capot or Capetonian) and I shall become as rich and famous as the Aga Khan. Which means that I can despatch the Gulfstream IV (the smallest of the fleet) to collect my 'Indian takeaway' from Veeraswamy's in London. Twin-jets are OK but I wouldn't trust them with my pudicats.

PS. Gandhiji reputedly said: "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty." I'm merely substituting humanity for the Royal Mail... ;)

23rd Nov 2014, 23:05
To my knowledge, only one letter sent to me via Royal Mail has failed to arrive within a few days. It turned up at the parental home, years later, having obviously been jammed in some machine - I suspect the machine that added the postmark.

What we've noticed in these rural parts is that Royal Mail first class and second class mail takes the same time to be delivered. I posted a letter with some original documents to an insurance company last Tuesday afternoon (second class); I got the e-mail back acknowledging receipt the following morning.

24th Nov 2014, 08:51
I posted a set of documents , including my passport, from Phuket to Bangkok using EMS and Thailand Post.

Total cost... 37 thb ( just about 70p) and with full tracking . It arrived the next day at office opening time.

24th Nov 2014, 11:05
Update: urgent "delivery in two working days" letter has still not arrived. Now into the second week since posted.

2nd Dec 2014, 14:14
Getting into the third week now and still not arrived.

Royal Mail, London, were asked to do a trace.

They reported "the postal service tried to deliver it but there was nobody at home".

In fact the destination address was my PO Box in a post office staffed all working day, six days a week, and they haven't seen it.

I suspect the Royal Mail doesn't give a f*ck which is why they are in the mess they're in.

13th Dec 2014, 11:28
Update: 10th December - the Spanish Post Office tracking site reports that they could not deliver my letter to their local post office (no reason why, it's open and staffed and the manageress told me there has been no attempt to deliver anything urgent and registered for me) and will now be sent back to the person who posted it in London.

Situation FUBAR in both UK and Spanish Post Offices, then.

I have filled out a claims form for the Royal Mail. Sent it off by post as their lost, stolen or strayed website didn't work two days running, so had to print and fill out the form. Cost me a stamp - more revenue for the Post Offices.


Krystal n chips
13th Dec 2014, 12:49
Post # 21....... and something about super efficient Yodel.....

Yodel warns of parcel backlog as Christmas deliveries face delay | Business | The Guardian (http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/dec/11/amazon-yodel-christmas-parcel-delivery-backlog)

13th Dec 2014, 13:15
The Post Office used to engage hoards of students as extra workers to cover the Christmas rush - I doubt that they do it nowadays.
It's the private companies such as Yodel that carry the bulk of the extra 'post'.

13th Dec 2014, 13:38
The Post Office used to engage hoards of students as extra workers to cover the Christmas rush - I doubt that they do it nowadays.
It's the private companies such as Yodel that carry the bulk of the extra 'post'

Yes they still employ temp staff before Christmas. Know some one who takes his leave every year so he can work their and they were putting a card through the doors recently offering temp work. Still also lay on extra mail flights as well

13th Dec 2014, 13:43
All fule now not use post fo delively of clitmas plesants this time of yea...TWO LATE NOW! Yu want now, yu now use online?! So use foot, go to shop and takeaway. And no complain about foot and stamp bill please. Especially if yu Half-wald lawlel. Heya!

13th Dec 2014, 16:53
Needed to sent a parcel within EU to some friends a week ago, used UPS and dropped off at one of their collection points, parcel did go around the houses but for £16 arrived on day expected.
People who receiving it were out but got at email showing signature who signed for it and number of house as well.
Friends had it 5 minutes after returning home as neighbour spent afternoon watching for them.

13th Dec 2014, 17:11
Friends had it 5 minutes after returning home as neighbour spent afternoon watching for them.

"Neighbourhood Watch", or just nosey-neighbours...?! :E

13th Dec 2014, 17:20
Christmas card sent Swindon postal area to Swindon postal area, 2nd class. Took 7 days by the postmark.

Another one from the Birmingham postal area to the Swindon one, again 2nd class, next day delivery......

I think there's a random number generator involved.

25th Jan 2015, 09:21
Further to my Royal Mail rant:

1) The item posted in November from the UK to Spain never arrived.

2) According to the Spanish post office website the item couldn't be delivered to my local post office on a working day at 08:15 "because there was nobody there". (Strange because I visit the PO every day and their eight staff are always sorting arrived mail at that time.)

3) According to the Royal Mail website the item was then returned to the UK (country of origin) and the sender would be contacted to collect it (she hasn't been.)

4) I filled out a complaints form and sent it in to the Royal Mail. (I have heard heard nothing.)

5) On Monday January 12th another small item was posted by Royal Mail to me here in Spain, and surprise surprise - two weeks later it hasn't arrived.

25th Jan 2015, 11:22
Two letters, correctly addressed, posted 'first class' within a week of each other in Gerrards Cross failed to arrive in Lewes. The second one had a return address on the back. Both disappeared into thin air. Nothing of value in them that anyone could have wanted or used.

25th Jan 2015, 11:52
Back in zee olden days "Punch" had a Toby page at the back. One of their solutions to the postal problem was "Postal Decimation". Some percentage (say 10%) of mail was officially thrown away. Proof of posting could no longer be considered proof of delivery. It provided a whole new level of excuses for not paying bills, etc. And it reduced the volume of mail that had to be handled.

I live in the USA and reading the various complaints about the Royal Mail make me realize how lucky we are to have the US Postal Service ... much cheaper and hardly ever makes a mistake. I volunteer at a place that sends and receives a lot of 1st class mail, some overseas. It is unusual for the outfit to get any complaints about mail. We do get a few letters back as "Undeliverable" which should have been delivered, but that is a very small percentage. Mail to/from Canada is a subject in itself. See my comments a few pages ago.

11th Feb 2015, 12:44

The letter posted in London (UK) on November 12th 2014 was returned to the person who posted it on February 9th 2015.

Despite being sent as urgent by Royal Mail, it was retained by the RM in the UK at the Mount Pleasant sorting office for eight days, before being handed to their overseas unit.

It arrived in Spain during the third week in December, where the Spanish post office "could not deliver it" - the actual reason for non-delivery was nobody present to accept it - to my PO Box on a Wednesday morning at 08:15 at a post office which was open at that time and where the incumbents were sorting mail for that day which had arrived at 08:00 by post office van (the post office opens at 08:30).

It was returned to the UK as "undeliverable" before Christmas and has just arrived back. On checking the envelope it was correctly addressed and the appropriate postage stamps attached, along with a stamp saying "tracked post" and "urgent".

11th Feb 2015, 18:13
I've given up using first class mail and am saving a reasonable sum as I post small packages most days. I now find that in general, second class mail is arriving the next day, and not only on the mainland. I posted an item sold on ebay second class to an address to an address in Northern Ireland last week. By late the next day the buyer had received the package and posted positive feedback on my site. Only one example, but I cant remember the last time I had an item go astray. I am only a small user in business terms (around 10 items a week) so I suppose my sample is too small to be of relevance statistically, but I have no complaints.

12th Feb 2015, 17:24
OFSO wrote: It was returned to the UK as "undeliverable" before Christmas and has just arrived back. On checking the envelope it was correctly addressed and the appropriate postage stamps attached, along with a stamp saying "tracked post" and "urgent".
Another reason to bear in mind perhaps, in order to explain this afternoon's surge in the value of £ against the €...?! :confused:

13th Feb 2015, 00:45
To be fair ...

Ordered two items of apparel from a UK website on a Friday evening in New Zealand. Within two hours was informed that items were despatched by Royal Mail. Items turned up in NZ mailbox on Tuesday afternoon. I was impressed.:ok:

13th Feb 2015, 01:06
Ordered LEGO from the river people for my grandson, 10th February 23:38 - delivery predicted Monday February 16th to Wednesday February 18th (3-5 day free delivery option).

Actual delivery 10 am Thursday 12th.

All with regular updates on 'despatched' and 'out for delivery today'. :ok:

Similar experiences before Christmas.

13th Feb 2015, 10:17
Received a Christmas card this week, posted in Bath (UK) and stamped/dated 19th December.

13th Feb 2015, 14:51
I don't think the PO actually wants the post delivery business. If they do, they have a funny way of showing it. Our daily, yup just the one each day, there used to be two!, delivery now generally turns up between 2 pm and 3 pm. Gone are the days when I could open my post before going to work in the morning. I know, I work at home and could slip my day to let the post arrive before I get down to the day's business. It wouldn't help though as the option to do "same day reply" has disappeared as the local post box collection, which used to be 4 collections spread through the day, now is once per day at 9 AM.


13th Feb 2015, 16:49
We dream of having a daily postal delivery.

Here the girl comes up the mountain on her scooter maybe once a week so she can stick the post in a letter box somewhere approximately near the one on the address: so we all have PO Boxes down at the PO (which cost €62 p.a.) and go and pick up the post ourselves.

Lon More
13th Feb 2015, 18:36
Best one here in NL used to be DHL.
KPN, UPS, GLS (owned by Royal Mail) and Fedex are all a waste of time. High value parcels left on the doorstep, returned as undeliverable with no attempt having been made to deliver them. Can't wait for Amazon to start using drones

Lon More
13th Feb 2015, 18:40
Another reason to bear in mind perhaps, in order to explain this afternoon's surge in the value of £ against the €...?!

More likely José said "Feelthy Foreigner" and chucked it back in the bag.

13th Feb 2015, 21:00
We dream of having a daily postal delivery.

What is a postal delivery

Doobry Firkin
17th Feb 2015, 08:38
I ordered a new camera last week. Deliver through Roayl Fail - Parcel Farce - EXPRESS 24 Hours. Took 4 days, apparently because i live in Aberdeen 24 hour deliver just isn't possible for the nations National post Office. On top of all that, there was no one in so they forged my sigature on the electronic box and left it in the garage. It was only over £1,000 worth of kit - good job the wife got home not long after.

I ordered a new backpack to put all my photography kit in at the same time from a different place, DPD delivered it the next day.

17th Feb 2015, 10:38
DPD get it right, Hurrah!

See my tale at #8. That was them. My goods never did arrive. The consignment disappeared somewhere between the south of Germany and the Paris depot.

All I can say is, if the system fails, don't expect any customer service from them.

Or from the company I bought the goods from - from their website it appeared that I was buying from a UK company, but I was not, only a company with a UK domain name website. They were totally dismissive. It took me over five weeks to get my money back and only after I told them I had instructed my bank to make a chargeback claim against them and had also researched the MDs address and was about to post him a personal letter. Not via DPD....

One final thing. The company I bought from have supposedly independent reviews online, all of them from highly satisfied customers; one of the reasons I bought from them. I received an email inviting me to post mine. I did, briefly and factually outlining my experience with them. My conclusion was that I gave them one star out of five (it wasn't possible to give no stars) and would never attempt to buy from them again The review disappeared from the "independent" website shortly afterwards.

17th Feb 2015, 11:05
Finally have the original envelope back in my hand. Someone along the line (UK Royal Mail, Spanish Correos) it's been opened, however the contents are still there.... sticker on it says in Spanish nobody was there to take delivery (at an open post office).