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31st May 2002, 18:11
Can someone tell me if the Canadian VNAP A Departure Procedure is exactly the same as the ICAO A Departure Procedure? It apparently is described in the Canada Air Pilot General Pages on page 15 (which I do not have a copy handy.)

If the Canadian VNAP A Procedure is different from ICAO, I would appreciate it if someone could post a description of it - hopefully the exact text - from the original Document.

Thanks for any information that you can provide,


2nd Jun 2002, 05:06
Sorry Petigram I don't have a Canada Air Pilot available, however I am certain the following reference will be the same.
From the A.I.P Canada page 7.6.3

Procedure A

(a) Takeoff to 1 500 feet AAE:
(i) takeoff power,
(ii) takeoff flap, and
(iii) climb at V2 + 10 to 20 KT (or as limited by body angle).

(b) At 1 500 feet AAE:
(i) reduce thrust to not less than climb power.

(c) From 1 500 to 3 000 feet AAE:
(i) climb at V2 +10 to 20 KT

(d) At 3 000 feet AAE:
(i) accelerate smoothly to en route climb speed with flap retraction on schedule.

2nd Jun 2002, 21:00
quietwing got all numbers right about procedure A (VNAP).

Just add this "note" (from Canadian Air Pilot):

-Pilots intending to use vertical noise abatement procedure VNAP A at Canadian airports are to notify ATC Clearance Delivery or Ground Control.

-At airports where VNAP A is the only procedure to follow, ATC does not need to be notified.

5th Jun 2002, 01:06
the 'new' basic difference from the old VNAV dept's is that the 'Climb thrust' is selected at 800' agl.....I wondered which mental midget devised this until I noted that it's in the US ops specs(so it came from there???)
Some airports in Canada have 'stipulated' that certain VNAV climbs'will' be used.????The nations 'main' carrier has refused on the grounds that the A/craft in question are Chapter 3,and the FCOM stipulates 'Climb thrust at 1500' agl.
Further communications with the ATC people at said fields reveals that in some cases they'd like the distance instead of the Altitude(the Vnav climbs you at V2+ until 3000'agl)...:p