View Full Version : Best version of Plaisir d'Amour?

rusty sparrow
19th Nov 2014, 20:11
Written in the late 1700's this song has been recorded by hundreds of artists - there was a programme about it on BBC Radio 4 yesterday BBC Radio 4 - Soul Music, Series 19, Plaisir d'Amour/Can't Help Falling in Love with You (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b04p845x)

I'm sure I've heard a simple acoustic guitar version of it years ago but can't find it. Warbling singers have murdered it - the best version I have found to date is Rina Ketty, from 1939 on youtube at


Anyone got a favourite version? I've got this song going round my head now!

Mac the Knife
19th Nov 2014, 21:42
Phoney Joanie Baez did a pretty good version I seem to remember.



19th Nov 2014, 22:57
I always thought the term "Soul Music" as it is generally understood is rather silly and irritating. The idea that a type of music which has its roots in American Gospel music of African origin has any more "soul" than music from a dozen other genres is just plain daft. This excellent series chooses a piece of music from a different genre each week, classical, jazz, modern etc, and contributors try and explain why the particular piece moves them.

So far I don't think they have picked a piece of "Soul" music, but of course there's no reason why one shouldnt be included at some stage.