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19th Nov 2014, 17:48
... but check out some of the other items on the site before you panic too much

ATF raids civilian air show, confiscates historic WWII airplanes - Call the Cops (http://www.callthecops.net/atf-raids-civilian-air-show-confiscates-historic-wwii-airplanes/)


19th Nov 2014, 17:56
I do believe that the story is a spoof.

As the airshow is long over and if the ATF did seize every war bird that was at the airshow, we in the industry would have heard about this before now.

Would have made headline news it would have. :p

19th Nov 2014, 18:02
From the reporters website

About Us
Call the Cops
This site is a satire of the current state of Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical work. Stories posted here are not real and you should not assume them to have any basis in any real fact. Heck we tend to leave in spelling and grammer errors just to prove we is not the professional media. No reference of an individual, company, or government entity seeks to inflict malice or emotional harm.
Any statement made by authors on this page should not be considered the opinions of agencies they are employed by.

19th Nov 2014, 18:07
But I'll bet a crisp, brand new hundred dollar bill to a soggy doughnut that there are some in this Administration that would love to do what the spoof story claims.

19th Nov 2014, 18:09
I thought y'all were allowed to bear arms?

19th Nov 2014, 18:11
I thought y'all were allowed to bear arms?

Please don't go there, if you must, please go to the Gun thread.

Solid Rust Twotter
19th Nov 2014, 18:18
Sadly, it actually did happen in SA. Idiot cops raided the Museum of Military History, seized a number of exhibits, assaulted the curator causing permanent damage to his eyesight and then locked him and another staff member in the cells for a couple of days. He was eventually released but the damage to his sight was permanent by then.

Turns out they shagged the cat on that one. No surprises there. Strangely, you can't generate enough voltage here to get them off their fat arses to do the job for which they're actually paid unless it involves someone in govt or a celeb.

West Coast
19th Nov 2014, 18:30

I wonder how many were drafting long posts condemning the US until you pointed out the obvious.

19th Nov 2014, 18:36

I wonder how many were drafting long posts condemning the US until you pointed out the obvious.

Funny thing is, I know of one P-51 that does have working 50 cal. machine guns, all six of them. :p

There is a video of it firing all six on a hardstand, I'll see if I can find it.

19th Nov 2014, 18:59
6 .50 cals going full out on a Mustang? !

'Murica! :ok:

19th Nov 2014, 19:03
I recall a chap in Arizona telling me about his purchase of a Rooskie jet warbird.

They are of course supplied without the weapons panel & gunsight.

You then go along 2 days later to the same company that supplied the jet

"I'm a gunsight collector........"

They even give you the one which by sheer co-incidence matches the one taken out of your jet...and the screws.

John Hill
19th Nov 2014, 19:14
50 cal, how does that compare with 20mm cannons?

19th Nov 2014, 19:19
A .50 cal round is approx 13 mm. So I'll suppose you can visualize the difference between the .50 cal and a 20 mm round with that info.

19th Nov 2014, 19:24
RGB, you fell into JH's trap. He knows the difference. He just wants to point that his 20mm is bigger than .50cal.

19th Nov 2014, 19:55
Seems The Onion is generating some knock offs. coughDailyMailcough

20th Nov 2014, 00:25
Just for you Brick


20th Nov 2014, 00:48
Megan ... I saw this done with a Spitfire at a Battle of Britain Day at RAF Castle Bromwich back about 1952 or whenever. They just pointed the aircraft at the butts, lifted the back end and let go. They may have had a couple of Erks hanging on the tail plane as well.... no H & S in those days of course.

20th Nov 2014, 01:01
They should do that at airshows.
With blanks mind.
Rare to hear such noise - it's usually overshadowed by the sound of a Merlin or Allison - and at the end of the day, guns was what it was all about.
Brings how what it would have been like to sit in a cockpit in your early 20's, smell the cordite and feel the air-frame shaking.

20th Nov 2014, 08:10
Weren't the 20mm shells used in aircraft cannons ones that went 'bang', rather than just lumps of metal?

Solid Rust Twotter
20th Nov 2014, 10:06
Hence the development of 20mm anti materiel rifles, Mr Radeng. Good variety of projectiles from AP to HE.

20th Nov 2014, 15:01
Castle Brum. Had my first flight there as a lad about '52. 10 min. pattern in a DC3.
Look at the trouble it got me into.


20th Nov 2014, 17:44
Heck we tend to leave in spelling and grammer errors just to prove we is not the professional media.

The professional media??? Not the UK papers then, if a lack of spelling and 'grammer' errors are the benchmark to go by.