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19th Nov 2014, 12:02
BBC - Earth - Seals discovered having sex with penguins (http://www.bbc.com/earth/story/20141117-why-seals-have-sex-with-penguins)

Shouldn't laugh but :D

19th Nov 2014, 12:11
Welsh Seals? I thought only the US Navy had SEALs. :}

19th Nov 2014, 12:12
Do they shag penguins as well?

19th Nov 2014, 12:21
mad jock:

Um, most assuredly not. Navy SEAL's are known to shag just about anything else though. :}:E

19th Nov 2014, 12:23
Are sure that's not just a technical lack of access to penguins?

19th Nov 2014, 12:27
mad jock:

dunno. I'll try to locate a Navy SEAL and introduce him to a penguin and we'll see what happens. :}:E

19th Nov 2014, 13:23
Well if they are anything like the UK's SBS/Royals it will be 50/50 eat it or shag it.

19th Nov 2014, 13:26
mad jock:

US Navy SEAL's were created by a naval officer who was trained by the British SBS*. So, yes, eat it or shag it. Probably the former though!

*conversely, the US Army's "Delta Force" (1st SOFD-Delta) was created by Charlie Beckwith who received a lot of his training at the hands of the British SAS.

19th Nov 2014, 13:39
Them that shower and them that don't

19th Nov 2014, 13:42
Gives a whole new insight into the old TV ad which suggested we "P-p-pick up a Penguin".


19th Nov 2014, 14:02
Actually it could have been the Royals that taught the seals in the Falklands to shag penguins.

19th Nov 2014, 14:06
Apparently they shag the penguins then eat them.

19th Nov 2014, 14:16
Sheep having a day off then?

19th Nov 2014, 14:20
Sheep having a day off then?

Thirteen posts, just thirteen posts! WE ONLY SHAG THE PRETTY ONES! Get the message.:ok:


Oh, and only girl sheep- there's nothing queer about us neither!

19th Nov 2014, 14:21
The falklands sheep had liver fluk or something that meant they couldn't eat them after shagging them.

19th Nov 2014, 14:22
Sheep? Wales? I thought sheep-shagging was reserved for New Zealanders? At least I got that impression via John Hill. :}

19th Nov 2014, 14:24
You hold your tongue, RBG- I was nice about 'Muricans in the other thread!


Here it's optional- NZ not so much.

19th Nov 2014, 14:44
That bull seal was really going for it in the second clip, I noticed a gull was paying particular attention to the 'act' maybe the gull fancied a three some?

My God I've been watching animal rape!!!!! Now I just need to set up a web site:E £££££££

19th Nov 2014, 15:01
Rape? maybe it was consencuseal.

John Hill
19th Nov 2014, 16:14
While on the other side of the Atlantic the horse does the shagging and the man is the shagee.**


19th Nov 2014, 16:50
Would have been even more bizarre if a penguin had blown a seal.

19th Nov 2014, 16:51
Navy SEAL's are known to shag just about anything else though. :}:E

Well, they certainly f****d Bin Laden!

19th Nov 2014, 17:01
Yes, they certainly did f**k bin Liner. And now, after coming out about it in the media, are suffering for their limelight-stealing charade. (A big no-no in the SpecOps community.)

19th Nov 2014, 17:06
Well I suppose they could shag a penguin.

The would stop being known as the soldier that slotted Bin Laden quite quickly after that hit youtube.

Windy Militant
19th Nov 2014, 20:26
That looked more like a short nun than a penguin to me!

Conversation at PFA rally at Wroughton many years ago.

London Met police man on security to Carnarfon fire crew.
"From Wales eh I hear you boys shag sheep."
Fireman " That's right, and afterwards we sell them to our mate sammi, who makes them into kebabs" Winks at his mate.
Second fire man" Ever wonder why kebabs taste salty?"
Met copper turns slightly green and throws away the kebab he was eating. :}

Um... lifting...
19th Nov 2014, 23:12
It's very rare that the planets align so well for this joke.


unstable load
20th Nov 2014, 07:11
Apparently they shag the penguins then eat them.
It's called marinading.....:hmm:

20th Nov 2014, 07:14
.......or dressing for dinner.

20th Nov 2014, 12:11
I reckon the seal is making a BDSM/interracial porno for the other seals.

Come and watch, "Paula Penguin gets forcibly held down and screwed by huge seal c*ck!!"
Full screen available, and shot from all angles!!

The real thing with seals is pretty intense, too!


20th Nov 2014, 12:13
Problems with seals? We Canadians can handle that for ya.

20th Nov 2014, 12:18
pigboat wrote:

Problems with seals? We Canadians can handle that for ya.

Why, do you eat 'em? :}

20th Nov 2014, 12:26
Well, some of the indigenes do - but the blokes with the baseball bats certainly f*ck 'em.

Ancient Mariner
20th Nov 2014, 12:51
Seal meat, not bad, an acquired taste. Often on our table when I ran around in shorts, which maybe happened two days a year.
Always received cask of salted seal meat when the fleet returned end of season. The smell stayed in the house for days. This restaurant in Tromsų will probably have seal on the menu in season, today only whale.
Skarven » English Menu- Arctandria Seafood restaurant (http://skarven.no/en/menu/english-menu-arctandria-seafood-restaurant-2/)


20th Nov 2014, 13:44

But one might imagine that seal meat is a bit fatty, no?

20th Nov 2014, 13:53

I don't think Per would disagree
with you RGB...

Ancient Mariner
20th Nov 2014, 13:53
Actually it is very lean, just like whale, hardly any fat at all. The seal, and whale blubber is located between the skin and the meat.
The Japanese will eat whale blubber, we don't.

Edited to add, apparently some SEALS are made different. :E

20th Nov 2014, 13:58

Posting that photo is an outrage, guy. You DO know who that is I would hope?
That is one of the biggest frauds in uniform who ever existed. He was outed a long time ago. A despicable sack of shit he is. (Hint: a dead give away to his fraudulence? A US Marine doesn't wear US Army-issued ribbons and/or medals.)


The photo mikedreamer posted is certainly no SEAL but a class A fraud. He should be shot.

20th Nov 2014, 14:02
It was the only fat guy in uniform
I could find at short notice mate,
otherwise the joke would've been
dated in 20 minutes.

I'll remove it if ya want me to. :\

PS - He should be shot.

Me or the fraud?

20th Nov 2014, 14:07
Can you make lardo from seal blubber? I have some porcine lardo (rosemary-infused) that'll get wrapped around chicken breasts before roasting, and I'd try a variation! My sporran is amde from Greenland sealskin.

20th Nov 2014, 14:07
The fat slob in the fake uniform should be shot, mike, not you. :ok:

Ancient Mariner
20th Nov 2014, 14:12
Not sure I will seal blubber for lardo, but why not give it a try if you can find it. Could turn out a delicacy. If I could whale blubber I would certainly do some experiments.

Rgbrock, who should be shot, the imposter or Mikedreamer, I think we should be told.

20th Nov 2014, 14:13
Per wrote:

Rgbrock, who should be shot, the imposter or Mikedreamer, I think we should be told.

As I wrote above, lard ass should be shot. Certainly not mikedreamer.

20th Nov 2014, 14:21
Certainly not mikedreamer

What's so special about him then?

20th Nov 2014, 14:27
Like RGB I dig chicks with nice boobs, that's why. :p


20th Nov 2014, 14:36
Oh good lord. My eyes! Sheesh. :ok::}:mad::eek:

20th Nov 2014, 14:58
My sporran is amde from Greenland sealskin.

Buggah. I thunk they was always made from Aberdeen Angus scrotum. :uhoh:

20th Nov 2014, 15:22
so is mine.

And the tree hungers and animal rights lot want to ban them as well.

Maybe these videos of rapist seals rodgering cute penguins will change there views

Ancient Mariner
20th Nov 2014, 15:29
Rgbrock: As I wrote above, lard ass should be shot. Certainly not mikedreamer.

I am a very sloooow writer, one fat finger at the time.

20th Nov 2014, 17:55
But one might imagine that seal meat is a bit fatty, no?
No it isn't, it's quite dry actually. The fat is in a layer between the meat and the pelt. When you sculp a seal you remove the pelt and fat as one layer.

Like most wild meat seal is an acquired taste. I haven't eaten it in years, and no longer have a desire to do so.