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18th Nov 2014, 19:08
nothing life-changing, just curious (but curious enough to ask, I have to admit :8 - I would think refueling would be more about how long one expects to stay up there?):
Let's head to the cockpit of a small jet, which has just landed outside a major U.S. city. A year ago, that jet would have refueled there regardless of cost. Prices for fuel, provided by a patchwork of middlemen, were opaque and jumbled.

Today, its pilots are probably using a little mobile app known as FuelerLinx. It collects and analyzes the cost of jet fuel at airports around the globe, suggesting the best prices.

In 2008, FuelerLinx founder Kevin Moller started gathering prices at 1,800 locations by phone and fax, entering them by hand into a giant Excel spreadsheet on Wednesday mornings. Today the collection is largely automated, and pilots can access it from their cockpits via smartphone.
Why Aren't Smartphones Making Us More Productive? - WSJ (http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424127887323982704578455163211575512?mg=reno64-wsj&url=http%3A%2F%2Fonline.wsj.com%2Farticle%2FSB10001424127887 323982704578455163211575512.html)

18th Nov 2014, 19:19
Many flights do not require the maximum range of the aircraft. Hence, one can buy less than the maximum of fuel if it's expensive, or top off and have some left over for the next trip if it's cheap.

18th Nov 2014, 20:21
Kind of a non-news sort of thing.

Back when I flew wooden jet aircraft, men where men and sheep were nervous, I used to make phone calls to FBOs at my destination to find out who had the cheapest fuel prices. Same for refueling stops, the city with the cheapest prices that were close to our route, got my business.

These new apps just save time and trouble.

18th Nov 2014, 20:39
sorry, it wasn't supposed to be news anyway - it just sounds (to someone not in the know :sad:) like planes land according to fuel prices, not where they need to go.
So, thank you - also for reminding that there was life before apps, too :)

18th Nov 2014, 20:43
It's all good... the more info available, the less vendors will be able to hide behind fuel price anomalies.

Seem to recall my old Economics Prof saying Perfect Competition requires Perfect Information or some such quote. :cool:

18th Nov 2014, 21:05
Does the app figure out the cost of tankering fuel? We had a formula, which I have since forgotten, on what it cost to haul unneeded fuel that was purchased simply because it was cheap.

I flew for a railroad which used vast quantities of diesel for the locos and bunker fuel in our ore concentrator and pellet plant. These products were obtained by contract to the lowest bidder. (Which somehow always worked out to be Exxon/Mobil). When I became director of flight ops I had the company purchasing department add our yearly fuel requirements into the bidding process, with the result that our fuel prices dropped substantially. At home base we simply signed a fuel chit. At other locations where a credit card was required we were charged the fixed price plus an into plane fee of x cents per liter. Downside was, not every location had an Exxon FBO so we were obliged to pay the going rate.

John Hill
19th Nov 2014, 00:08
Back when I flew wooden jet aircraft.............

Interesting comment!

DH100 maybe?

19th Nov 2014, 00:34
Interesting comment!

It was a joke John.

John Hill
19th Nov 2014, 01:53

Almost all wood forward of the leading edge. Not at all uncommon and we even have two in our hangar.