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18th Nov 2014, 13:43
A man who presented himself as a much-decorated soldier during a Remembrance Day parade in Canada has been accused of being an impostor.

Franck Gervais faces charges after impersonating soldier at Remembrance Day ceremony - Politics - CBC News (http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/franck-gervais-faces-charges-after-impersonating-soldier-at-remembrance-day-ceremony-1.2836655)

Alleged phoney soldier Franck Gervais could face more charges, Ottawa police say | CTV News (http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/alleged-military-impostor-could-face-more-charges-1.2105268#ixzz3JPTe4OOp)

18th Nov 2014, 16:51
Glad they got this imposter. We have the same problem here, but sadly few states have laws to arrest this imposters.

Here a couple of Marines challenge an obvious fake Army Sargent.

Fake Special Forces Sgt Major (Robert 'Bobbie' Bowen) Called out by 4th Anglico Marines (Part 1) - YouTube

18th Nov 2014, 17:05

I've seen this video before. This guy is a joke, to say the least. Once he couldn't tell the Marines who were querying him what the Army regulation is regarding the wear of the uniform (AR 670-1 by the way) he was doomed. The final nail in his coffin was, of course, when he couldn't distinguish his bronze star from his other medals.

I believe a soldier, in dress blues, cannot wear both medals and ribbons at the same time. I'd have to check 670-1 to be sure as I predate, by many years, the dress blues!

but I'll give him credit for one thing. He wore the infantry blue cord correctly. I've seen other imposters wearing the cord on their left shoulder.

Correct wearing of ribbons and medals with the Army Dress Blues uniform:


18th Nov 2014, 17:09
RGB, whilst it would look a bit stupid if he did, why is is your exemplar soldier wearing medals on the left but ribbons on the right. It's a genuine question. (He'd look like a Ruskie if he did; or one of our royals!)


18th Nov 2014, 17:24

Medals and ribbons may not be worn at the same time on either the dress blues or dress greens. (The latter for us old farts) The only exception to this is that ribbons may be worn at the same time as medals but only on the left breast area of the uniform and only unit awards which are only available in ribbon form. Thus, the First Sergeant (Infantry) pictured above is most certainly wearing his uniform correctly.

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18th Nov 2014, 21:29
He'd look like a Ruskie if he did; or one of our royals!)

Ruskie understood, but which royal where you thinking of? Apart from the Duke of Edinburgh who has an impressive group, most of which represent his WW2 service, the remainder have fairly modest arrays.