View Full Version : Is it time to make a stand against poor management practices at EK?

Grand Master
17th Nov 2014, 12:47
We think that it is and would welcome your views.

18th Nov 2014, 11:17
Well grand master I take it the craft has no real influence out there. Which has to be good news in, my view. Seems they are screwing it up themselves, without your help.

My suggestion is, if you don't like it, leave. :}

18th Nov 2014, 16:15
What's EK? Pardon my ignorance, but I didn't know there was a problem in East Kilbride so it can't be that...

wings folded
18th Nov 2014, 16:17
Must be East Kent.

Lots of problems there...

18th Nov 2014, 16:31
Nah - he must mean the East Keilor pub down in Oz.

I heard there was a change of management and the
main bar is suffering from a reduced number of its
regular drunks, as they are all buggering off to the
Linc in Essendon instead.

18th Nov 2014, 17:14
No doubt it refers to a Middle East airline that uses EK as its flight numbers.

wings folded
18th Nov 2014, 17:17
Oh really?

How dull.

18th Nov 2014, 17:52
This need to transfer to the ME section, among all the other complaints about working there.

18th Nov 2014, 19:56
This need to transfer to the ME section, among all the other complaints about working there.

Probably the reason that it's been 'disappeared' into JB, still not deleted, but out of reach and sight to those who might comment.


18th Nov 2014, 20:27
Have they stopped serving alcohol and pork on their flights?


18th Nov 2014, 20:30
He must be a grand master of optimism if he really thinks he can change anything over there.

19th Nov 2014, 01:57
'Taking a stand against management' in a Middle East environment is the quickest way to a single ticket home that I can remember. :rolleyes:

galaxy flyer
19th Nov 2014, 02:12
Don't like it, leave. That's probably their attitude, should be your's.


North Shore
19th Nov 2014, 03:38
Every place that I've ever worked at, there were some employees who thought, rightly or wrongly, that management wasn't doing a good job.
It wouldn't surprise me to hear that there has been a convo in the staff room at the Harvard Business School along the lines of "Can you believe what those [email protected] in management did this week!?"

19th Nov 2014, 11:10
What North Shore said.

Different people have differing views on what management is for and what it should be doing. It's difficult for those being managed to have an entirely unbiased view of the bloke above.

Some extremely difficult decisions have to be taken (that's part of the job) and it's rare for all parties to agree it was "right". Examples are plentiful.

19th Nov 2014, 11:40
I had 19 different managers in 32 years. Except for the last 7 years, all the good ones left or were pushed out, many because they told upper management the truth. In the last 7 years before retiring, I had two Australian, one American and one British manager; one Australian left to return to Oz because he didn't want his daughters educated in a US public school, the Brit left for a 'better' job that saw him redundant within 18 months but all of them were good at listening before making a decision....and so made the right ones.

Grand Master
19th Nov 2014, 19:31
Some interesting comments.

What I find particularly interesting is the theme of "If you don't like it - leave". I think that this type of attitude is endemic these days in the aviation world (maybe elsewhere too), which I find very sad. Maybe not all of us want to move on, but would like to engage in a positive process of improving what we already have? It is not a fairy-tale scenario to have a company which is competitive, profitable AND well managed.

There is no advantage for crew in demanding unrealistic terms and conditions that would prevent their airline being profitable, but that is not what we are talking about here. We are referring to poor, inconsistent, incoherent and sometimes abusive management practices. I don't believe that these enhance a company's profitability or competitiveness - quite the opposite. It has been demonstrated time and time again that a happy and well motivated workforce will be more productive, will 'shine' at customer service and generally be prepared to go the extra mile for the company

Sometimes, action is needed in order to raise awareness and kick-start the process. You will be able to find out more about our plan soon when we launch our new website.

Be seeing you...:D

Grand Master
23rd Dec 2014, 23:26
Guess we've rattled some cages, as the UAE government is now blocking our website! A perfect example of heavy handed management in action.