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14th Nov 2014, 14:36
Some years ago it was decided to build on off-shore gas storage facility further down the coast from us, using natural cavities in the sea bed to store the gas. This despite geologists pointing out some of the risks involved.

Castor Project (http://www.proyectocastor.com/)

As they pumped the gas in there were a lot of earthquakes on-shore and the Castor Project was stopped and then abandoned.

The Spanish government has this month paid €1.3 billion in compensation to the operators of the failed storage facility.

Spain faces 1bn bill over gas plant linked to earthquakes - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/spain/10365300/Spain-faces-1bn-bill-over-gas-plant-linked-to-earthquakes.html)

The money was paid far sooner than the 60 days which the were required by law.

The government has pointed out that there is of course no "connection whatsoever" between the Prime Minister of Spain and the owners of the Castor storage project.

That's good to know if you are a tax payer here, or for UK tax payers facing a €2 billion payment to the EU Budget, some of which will find its way to Spain.

14th Nov 2014, 21:26
There was once a project like that here in the U.S. in a dense soil formation. They called it the "Muhammed Ali reserve".

(Because of all the gaseous clay)

14th Nov 2014, 21:33
As we are sitting on a glut of natural gas, all the traditional storage facilities are full, all the natural gas pipelines are full, so now we are storing natural gas in old played out salt mines.

A company that specializes in underground storage of natural gas.

DEEP.Underground Engineering: Integrated engineering in cavern planning - detail - Customer case stories - EPLAN EPLAN (http://www.eplanusa.com/en/company/press/customer-case-stories/detail/exampledetail/integrated-engineering-in-cavern-planning/)