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Greek God
13th Nov 2014, 19:53
Disruptive passenger gets 15 month jail sentence.:D

About time this problem was properly addressed by the industry, including Airlines and Airports! Hopefully he won't behave and therefore get early release! Grrrr

Passenger in foul-mouthed rant on Easyjet flight 'deserved' 15-month jail sentence - AOL Travel UK

A man who delivered a foul-mouthed rant at Easyjet cabin crew and fought with police when they tried to arrest him has been told he deserved the jail sentence he received.

Michael Warrilow swore at a harassed air stewardess on a flight from Amsterdam to Liverpool in October last year.

He threatened to hit a male flight attendant who asked him to stop swearing, and when the plane landed at Liverpool Airport, three police officers arrived to arrest him, but he swore and grappled with them, breaking an officer's thumb in the process.

According to the Mirror, as the plane began to descend and the crew tried to tidy he was asked to pick up a pile of crisps he had dropped but replied: "I'm not a f***ing dog, especially not your f***ing dog".

When the male flight attendant tried to intervene, Warrilow reportedly made homophobic comments. When warned the police would be called, he said: "I don't give a ****. Get away you **** before I hit you."

Warrilow, from Liverpool, was jailed for 15 months at Liverpool Crown Court in August after admitting assault causing actual bodily harm and using threatening, abusive or insulting words and behaviour.

But his case this week went to London's Appeal Court as Warrilow claims his punishment was too harsh.

But judges ruled that he deserved the sentence he received. According to the Liverpool Echo, Lord Justice Jackson told the court: "We simply do not accept that. His conduct both during the flight and after the plane had landed was appalling.

"On any flight you have passengers with children, and others, who will be put in fear by such conduct.

"In our view 15 months for this serious and disgraceful conduct was entirely appropriate.

"We therefore dismiss the appeal."

13th Nov 2014, 20:06
Let's hope this is the first of many court decisions taking sensible action against such dangerous disruptive passengers.

Una Due Tfc
13th Nov 2014, 20:14
What I'd really like to see is airlines that have flights diverted by such instances pursuing financial compensation from the individuals involved. I've seen a few of them and I'm sure the extra fuel costs and handling fees associated with these events are not cheap

13th Nov 2014, 20:24

One step at a time is sensible. Sending this guy to prison MAY just prevent others taking similar action in future.

If we pursue them for compensation then maybe the courts will decide this is a reason for changing the original decision on sentencing as being too severe.

We need an established precedent that violent and abusive behaviour in flight is dangerous; then perhaps proceed to recovering additional costs they caused, although the courts could always decide with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight. that the captains' decision was not appropriate?

13th Nov 2014, 20:41
I don't see anything new here. I find it doubtful he would have gotten any jail time at all regardless of his conduct on the flight if he had surrendered peacefully to the police. The courts have always treated assaulting a police officer as far more serious than assaulting a civilian.

13th Nov 2014, 20:53

Unfortunately, that is more than likely to be a fair assessment.

Greek God
13th Nov 2014, 21:55
The trouble is that we are seeing more and more of this kind of behaviour and attitude, invariably alcohol fuelled. Unfortunately often the airport has a large part to play as they will not gate a flight until D minus 30 as they want maximum passenger exposure to their retail outlets. I'm sure others are similar!
We had a significant delay a while back (3hrs) and what was the airport bar doing? Giving out free shots! Apparently airside does not fall under the normal licensing laws remit either. Not to mention consumtion of duty free on board.
Its a mess...

13th Nov 2014, 22:13
Unless I misread it,the Air Navigation Order 2009 permits penalties up to 5000 fine and 2 years imprisonment for behavior endangering an aircraft. It also sets out the captain as the ultimate authority in deciding what behavior constitutes "endangering".
So I don't know why drunken passengers are not penalized properly.

14th Nov 2014, 03:51
and fought with police when they tried to arrest him

A hunch but I think that's why he copped a
15 month sentence iso 2 weeks suspended.

14th Nov 2014, 05:23
And when this creep gets out in 6 months he'll be full of venom towards the world and no doubt plan his next target whatever that is. 15 months? Should have been 15 years! Sorry but until we get proper justice in the UK then crime rates will soar! And yes before anyone says it I'm part of the 'hang 'em high brigade'

14th Nov 2014, 06:35
Next would be to jail some of those morons who disregard clear instructions and endanger life by taking their cabin baggage out with them on an emergency evacuation.