View Full Version : RIP Mr Clarke

13th Nov 2014, 14:43
Not seen this mentioned...

Actor Warren Clarke dies aged 67 (From Daily Echo) (http://www.dailyecho.co.uk/leisure/news/11596548.Actor_Warren_Clarke_dies_aged_67/)

Not the most well known of actors I agree, but I always liked him when on TV.

RIP Sir, your gruff ways will be missed

tony draper
13th Nov 2014, 14:58
It was mentioned on another thread by a friend of his yesterday,one of those faces everybody knows from lots of different TV series.

13th Nov 2014, 15:54
Met him once in a bar in Birmingham when he was on at the Rep - he was by himself so I asked him if he was Warren Clarke his answer was "Yes ... now fcuk off", mind you it was followed by a big wink so maybe he wasn't really the grumpy old git he appeared to be.

Liked him in Dalziel and Pascoe (or was it Pascoe & Dalziel)??

14th Nov 2014, 00:10
First remember him as one of the droogs in "A Clockwork Orange" ... he has a very memorable face. Always liked him as an actor - gone too young, he's not much older than I am.