View Full Version : Who says ladies don't know how to row? (Well, some don't.)

13th Nov 2014, 13:23

13th Nov 2014, 13:27
Looks like they are in need of a cox.

13th Nov 2014, 13:30
Who says ladies don't know how to row

No one- They are superb at it, Oh you mean row as in oars and boats....

13th Nov 2014, 13:31
It costs a fortune for a good oar. (Did I spell that correctly?)

13th Nov 2014, 14:18
Hmmm, at least the roads are safer whilst these ladies are on the water... :E

13th Nov 2014, 18:52
Perhaps they could be put to some use in Cambridge? Lends a whole new meaning to The Bumps.

wings folded
13th Nov 2014, 18:59
Rowing, quite good.

Steering, a bit pants.

Takan Inchovit
13th Nov 2014, 19:09
They like to give each other 'hull', dont they!

13th Nov 2014, 19:31
Female rowers at Cambridge had to be members of the Cambridge University Women's Boat Club.

13th Nov 2014, 20:58
I've rowed in a Ladies' coxless 4 - long story. We didn't hit anyone!

13th Nov 2014, 20:59
You're probably right G-CBTN but my 40+ hyper-fit sister-in-law still rows competitively there and practices every week at sparrow-fart; perhaps there's a pre-geriatric class for lady rowers. I try not to visit on the Hash Harrier days as the pubs they end up at are too crowded.

13th Nov 2014, 22:30
That lot would liven up things at Henley. Probably wouldn't get asked back though!

13th Nov 2014, 22:37
How to steer Henley (just in case you ever get asked ;))


unstable load
15th Nov 2014, 18:37
Looks like the Cox'n was a little distracted by the other boat and lost awareness of where they were relative to bits that are harder than the crew/boat/rigging....

Been there, but fortunately never steered into any hard bits.
Managed to get our blades tangled with another crew when still a novice, but getting tossed in the river at full tide flow and not being a great swimmer tended to focus one's attention somewhat.....:{

15th Nov 2014, 23:10
I've rowed in a Ladies' coxless 4

Why does this read like an entry in the Caption Comp? I laughed out loud!!!:E