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11th Nov 2014, 18:49
CAUTION: this is for animal lovers only - if you are not such, don't bother reading on.

I was struck today by the different approaches made by cats and dogs in demanding food.

The half-feral black cat I feed sets up the loudest screechy miouw on and on and on when she sees me. Roughly translated, this means "Me, Me, Me ! Food ! and I want it now ! Me, Me, Me ! Food, and I want it now ! NOW, THIS MINUTE, IMMEDIATE !" Embarrassing at 7 a.m., wakes up the neighbourhood.

Now I went for a back massage today, the masseur has a 7 year old Border Collie who has learned that there's always a biscuit for her in my right hand pocket. So she gets this one biscuit when I arrive. Then when I'm about to leave, she comes and lays at my feet, rolls on her back, puts one paw upside down on my knee, and looks at me pleadingly, big sorrowful eyes. Roughly translated this means "I'm being very cute and I'm sure there's another biscuit in your pocket - please don't go until you've looked there..."

What a difference.

11th Nov 2014, 18:58
You've never seen my Malamute at dinner time. :p

I have five cats, one is 16 years old and she is the only one that makes any type of noise at dinner time. The other four just sit at my feet and stare at me when it is time for dinner. :suspect:

11th Nov 2014, 19:15
and stare at me

True enough of some cats. My dear old Buster would just sit and stare. Eyes like CREWs. You couldn't not go and feed him or you'd get radiation burns.

11th Nov 2014, 20:12
Different ways of getting food

I just go along to the Food Bank.

11th Nov 2014, 22:34
My dog can tell the time.
He gets fed at five pm.

I was sleeping on the couch one Saturday afternoon and I woke to him licking my face.

I looked at the clock.

It was five oh one...

12th Nov 2014, 06:21
Gileraguy - I would turn the clock to the wall or cover it - that should fix the bugger.

12th Nov 2014, 06:49
I agree that dogs can tell the time. Ours get fed at 5.30. If there is no food shoeing up by 5.35, they sit in the kitchen and stare at the fridge.

12th Nov 2014, 07:50
Dogs before dinner: "Hey mate you're me best friend!"

Dogs after dinner: "Hey mate you're me best friend!"

Cats before dinner: "I love you! I worship the ground you walk on!"

Cats after dinner: "Eh fcuk off. I'm busy doing my after dinner lick. Dork."

12th Nov 2014, 08:30
Our cat howls to be let in, walks in with a look of disdain, ignores whoever opens the door, walks tail in air to its food bowl, stuff its face, and then howls to be let out, which is the reverse process.

This is repeated four times a day.

Horrible bloody animal.

12th Nov 2014, 08:41
One of my cats before dinner is yowling to be fed: her sister just sits there and may make one quiet 'meouw'. After feeding, yowling cat wants to climb on either radeng or mrs radeng lap: quite cat settles down and loudly purrs.

But they Burmese, which as a breed are very friendly.

Dogs have masters: cats have servants.

12th Nov 2014, 10:03
Right now we're minding M&Ds dog....lovely dog......stupid as all get out...incredibly loyal all things Australian Kelpie border Collie cross.....as lovely a dog as it is it does nothing to make me want to care for one full time.....

Mrs Fliegs wants a cat someday...but it has to be a hypoallergenic one!! I really don't much care for the things....but a Serval sounds rather sporty!

Don't at all fancy perpetual hay fever because of cat saliva dust everywhere....rather filthy and disgusting really...but you know...SWMBO and all that.......

As long as the little bastard doesn't take to my fish!!! :mad: this is an example of one of my fish....the lil mongrel breaks the water when you walk past his tank he is that aggressive...a will 'nip' your finger :eek:

Google Image Result for http://www.liveaquaria.com/images/categories/product/p-80696-green-terro.jpg (http://www.google.com.au/imgres?imgurl=http://www.liveaquaria.com/images/categories/product/p-80696-green-terro.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.liveaquaria.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c%3D830%2B889%2B2218%26pcatid%3D2218&h=225&w=225&tbnid=pJ7C-BJrr3HafM:&zoom=1&tbnh=186&tbnw=186&usg=__uamk3AvwehwqpaoSmNa1ldEsfzw=&docid=A6M1GA32sOiKpM&itg=1&ved=0CIkBEMo3&ei=ui5jVKmrFKW2mAXSzoLwDA)

Ancient Mariner
12th Nov 2014, 14:02
As we all know cats and dogs use different strategies towards us humans as being fed is concerned. These from our recent visit to Thailand.

Exhibit A. Dog
This little beauty decided that my size 42 was the perfect place for a snooze, only interrupted by morsels discreetly dropped under the table. My toes where sleeping when we left.

http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o702/perebs/dogcropped_zps2341501d.jpg (http://s1339.photobucket.com/user/perebs/media/dogcropped_zps2341501d.jpg.html)

Exhibit B, Cat
The resident restaurant cat at Deva Samui Spa and Resort took an immediate liking to me upon arrival (she probably recognised a soft sucker) and our friendship lasted for two weeks.
This be her fav position, and she demanded to be fed in situ.
http://i1339.photobucket.com/albums/o702/perebs/Catcropped_zps979399b8.jpg (http://s1339.photobucket.com/user/perebs/media/Catcropped_zps979399b8.jpg.html)

I must be an animal magnet.

12th Nov 2014, 15:21
This was dear old Buster, awaiting food:


12th Nov 2014, 15:38
MtMM just tends to sit at the door to the utility room (where his plates are) with a mournful look on his face until someone notices and feeds him. Some mornings, though, he'll arrive in the bedroom when I'm getting dressed and announce loudly and repeatedly that "My plate is empty and it's YOUR job to rectify the situation".

victor tango
12th Nov 2014, 21:56

You reminded me of a labrador we had that got fed at 5pm on the dot.

If he didnt he would remind me !
When the clocks went forward or back he still came up at 5pm !! How did he know?

12th Nov 2014, 23:46
My green-eyed, pure white cat is just like OFSO's Buster. She positions herself where she can't fail to be seen and just sits and stares at me. It's very un-nerving!