View Full Version : Okay, forget the boobs, who can recognise the pices they're playing?

Loose rivets
10th Nov 2014, 18:35

10th Nov 2014, 18:39
Vivaldi, "Four Seasons" - easy !

(Quadra Stagioni, like a pizza. Yum yum I could do with one Right This Minute...)

Loose rivets
10th Nov 2014, 18:42
Oh, and eat your heart out, Emerson Lake and Palmer. Playing with your hand behind you? Kid's stuff compared to these guys. (if you can say guys to such a HOT team.)

Still in love with the Corrs :{:{:ooh::\:uhoh::{:{:E

10th Nov 2014, 19:02
have a search for 2 cello's as well.

10th Nov 2014, 19:03
Thanks LR - lots of fun!

My favourite proper version - Kennedy/Berliner Philharmoniker

27:27 for the bit the ladies are playing

10th Nov 2014, 19:32
Quattro vagionis innit ? As much as I like a bit of classical, I find that sexing up (females) in such situations whilst they're playing instruments to be mildly absurd. Does it really sell more seats ?


10th Nov 2014, 19:45
yeah... dunno. Somehow they do not seem to have so much fun themselves? Even though it's witty and skilled and pretty. Maybe it's the 'mildly absurd' bit?

But, if we 'forget the boobs' - they're enjoyable and enjoying (teacher and teachee, if I remember correctly), too.

P.S why this one, Fox? I'd disagree, btw :)
(no, seriously, the tempos are weird - just a tad bit agressively slow or fast)

10th Nov 2014, 19:46
Forget the boobs? WTF? Why? (I'm going to have to confer with Slasher on this one. Get his input.) :}

10th Nov 2014, 19:49
That's an impressive schnozz on the cello player when you see her in profile. Not that I'm a chiselled, prime example of humanity myself...

I'm just sayin'................

10th Nov 2014, 21:18
So what's wrong with being absurd?

Worked very well for Laurel & Hardy, Stooges, Marx Bothers, Lewis, Carrey, Victor Borge, and a ton of others.

I thought it was a hoot.

10th Nov 2014, 21:26
That's an impressive schnozz on the cello player when you see her in profile.
I think it runs in the family.

10th Nov 2014, 21:33
Why the Kennedy/Berliner version?
Firstly, the tempi set by Vivaldi emphasise variation - Adagio e piano, Presto e Forte.
Secondly, it's a piece that can be enjoyed with variations in style.
Thirdly, Vivaldi was a highly accomplished violinist who loved improvised cadenzas - I think it 'takes one to know one', and that's why Kennedy and the Berliner do it so well.

....as well as the fact that it has become standard "please hold" muzac, so it takes some real exuberance to break through that.

10th Nov 2014, 21:35

10th Nov 2014, 21:56
Thanks G-CPTN

Many of Antonio Lucio Vivaldi's compositions were written for the female music ensemble of the Ospedale della Pietà, a home for abandoned children

He would have been dead chuffed with that!

Why hasn't this girl got an album out??????


10th Nov 2014, 22:54
Victor Borge would have enjoyed that

Windy Militant
10th Nov 2014, 23:03
The Bit from 2:22 sounds like Kurt Weill's Die Moritat von Mackie Messer probably better known to you Philistines as Mack the Knife! ;)

11th Nov 2014, 00:04
I find that sexing up (females) in such situations whilst they're playing instruments to be mildly absurd.
Umm,... in what way was it "sexed up"?? :confused:

Four ladies, in modest dress, playing for fun.

No strip tease, no inappropriate clothing?? :confused::confused:

Where you watching a different video?

11th Nov 2014, 02:05
Why hasn't this girl got an album out??????

Because she hasn't got any tits.

She should seek some useful advice from Suzi Quatro about that.

11th Nov 2014, 03:00
Quattro vagionis innit ? As much as I like a bit of classical, I find that sexing up (females) in such situations whilst they're playing instruments to be mildly absurd. Does it really sell more seats ?

I agree with the Checkboard - I don't see anything 'sexing up' in this, and even less anything absurd. Does SHJ maybe has a bit of an obsession? :confused: I saw 4 very well presented and talented females having fun with music and mime and bringing joy to others. No 'sex' issue for me at all. Their skill and talents - musical talents, are what I noticed most of all :D

Thank you for the original link.

11th Nov 2014, 03:05
Oh, SHJ, this is what sexing up looks like (useful when you only have the talent that Robert Palmer had) (and you'll notice that these females have zero, zilch musical talent):


11th Nov 2014, 03:15
But this is a talent. An unfortunately short excerpt from Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik (a tried to channel Slasher, but couldn't get through. I believe it would have received his 'tic' of approval)


11th Nov 2014, 03:43
Enjoyed you last vid Mr 300. Pity she had those ugly tatts though.

I use the Robert Palmer effect by walking with our hosties - hanging around with incredibly sexy women makes one appear less ugly to others...

11th Nov 2014, 06:46
4 very talented musicians, lots of energy, willingness to move/play outside of the normal range, successful. All wonderful and great. My issue, even though I am attracted to females and have nothing against the female form (or for that matter the human body) is that they, or more likely their management decided to dress them up with plenty of flesh showing, high heels, tousled long hair, vivacious and glamourous. They are using their sexuality to entice and attract and promote in a generally staid world of classical music. Vannessa Mae (?) is/was another example. I wonder how many of you would be so enthusiastic if it were 4 chubby old maids ? Here's some more of them and they're talking about their act.



11th Nov 2014, 07:26
Some great clips there. Here's another.


coarse, vulgar, completely and utterly jb. :D Well done, Henry!

11th Nov 2014, 09:43
I don't see anything 'sexing up' in this

Bloody hell, I did, I'm pleased to say!

I'm all for plenty of flesh showing SHJ. I was waiting for the pianist to get her leg up on the keyboard a la Wee Willie Harris, but unfortunately she didn't oblige :(

Brilliant :ok:

11th Nov 2014, 10:27
ok, but I still like Vanessa Mae best :)

Vanessa Mae - Storm (Live) - YouTube

11th Nov 2014, 11:51
Now this has f**k all to do with the thread, drift anyone? But I thought some might like to watch this video by the gorgeous Ana Popovic of Serbia. She's a blues guitarist and makes her axe sing!


11th Nov 2014, 17:19
How about this for a linked thread drift ? :8

Vanessa Mae given four-year ban for fiddled skiing races that helped her qualify for 2014 Winter Olympics - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/othersports/winter-olympics/11223209/Vanessa-Mae-given-four-year-ban-for-fiddled-skiing-races-that-helped-her-qualify-for-2014-Winter-Olympics.html)

I'm surprised she conducted herself in such a manner. You've got to have some brass to orchestrate something like this without anybody getting wind of it. (plagiarised coz it was so good). :}


11th Nov 2014, 18:17
SpringHeel'd, I bow to your expertise.....

11th Nov 2014, 18:20
her leg up on the keyboard a la Wee Willie Harris

Surely you jest: the Great Master of leg on keyboard is Jerry Lee.....


11th Nov 2014, 20:49
Well you can play the music straight up, and still get the climax:


11th Nov 2014, 22:02
Surely you jest: the Great Master of leg on keyboard is Jerry Lee.....

Fair enough, but I never saw Mr Lewis and I did see Wee Willie performing at a gig in Dundee!

11th Nov 2014, 22:22
I saw JLL live at the Club a'Gogo in Newcastle along with the Nashville Teens - must've been 1964.
Used to get great acts there - the Animals were the house band (having morphed from the Alan Price Rhythm and Blues Combo).

Loose rivets
11th Nov 2014, 23:01
Oh, NO, ob. I'd just decided Iris Siegfried was the most beautiful woman on Earth and your post revealed she . . . she . . . speaks furrin!!!!! :{

11th Nov 2014, 23:08
Alongside her musical career she took a degree in Law which she completed in 2000 when she took her second state qualifying examination. Since then she has worked as a lawyer for a Hamburg law practice specialising in competition and copyright law.
Iris took a second degree at the Hamburg University of Music and Drama (Hamburger Hochschule für Musik und Theater HfMT) to become a graduate culture manager.
As of 2008 she is herself a lecturer at the Institut für Kultur- und Medienmanagement at the HfMT.
From:- Salut Salon - Iris Siegfried (http://www.salut-salon.com/en/quartet/iris-siegfried/)

Loose rivets
11th Nov 2014, 23:55
Just listen to this one's accent to realize how small the world has become.

Nicola Benedetti presents her debut of violin baroque music on Decca Classics - YouTube

12th Nov 2014, 00:00
Benedetti was born in West Kilbride, North Ayrshire, to an Italian father and a Scottish mother.From:- Nicola Benedetti - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nicola_Benedetti)

12th Nov 2014, 00:17
This topic should not be limited to current hotties.

Two top-ranked "mature, shall we say" violinists, Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg and Anne-Sophie Mutter, made their reps on their musical abilities, not their easy-on-the-eye appearances.

12th Nov 2014, 00:22
You didn't mention Susan Boyle.


Loose rivets
12th Nov 2014, 00:30
Well I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at the brilliance of these lovely ladies, the title of my novel is The Perfect Code. I think it's a plausible notion that we're fighting our way back to perfection and sinking into a lesser state to protect our DNA for a few millennia is not an unreasonable hypothesis. Seeing brains, beauty and prodigious musical talent in a single being just goes to prove it's all in there . . . somewhere.

You slipped Susan Boyle in there while I was writing, but still, in her noggin there seems to be an appreciation of what it takes to hit people's emotional circuits, and the reference oscillators allowing her to achieve this. Where do humans get it from - everything from wondrous musical ability, to building cathedrals? We're astonishing machines, though luck still has a lot to do with the packaging.


12th Nov 2014, 08:25
You didn't mention Susan Boyle.

Those with the TRUE gift of entertainment, or for that manner in any field of endeavor, are just ordinary unpretentious bods.