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Ancient Observer
6th Nov 2014, 13:01
So Vodafone "sold" me a new 4G contract and a nice new phone. It was at a very good price - similar to Giffgaff's price.

But - even though their website says that 4 G works inside in my area, it does not work indoors.

3G has never worked in my area. Their website says that it should, perhaps, work outdoors. It does not.

2 G has become patchy. Two of my complaint calls were dropped by the network on 2 G.

An honest Canadian lady on their Tech help line said to me this morning - "You should never have been sold that phone on that contract"

I've asked for my money back, but I've been refused.

There were 3 Vodafones in this household. Huh!! Not for long.

6th Nov 2014, 13:14
We were ripped off by Vodaphone too.

Missus was charged 150 for an eight and a half hour phone call to our daughter. The call was actually a quick call to say we were "on the way" but according to Vodaphone, if the call fails to disconnect it is the responsibility of the "customer" and gets billed. In his reply to my letter on the matter, Vodaphone's General "Manager" for Customer Service agreed that no-one could make an eight and a half hour call, but they wouldn't budge on their position.

How a network system failure is the callers responsibility I don't know: I suppose it's because the "computer says so". Needless to say, we won't be renewing the contract when it comes to an end.

6th Nov 2014, 13:25
You have been sold a contract that is not fit for purpose. Under the sale of goods act they have to reverse it. Threaten them with County Court.

Regarding the 8 1/2 hour call, similar happened to me once, I was charged for an 3 hour call to Nigeria. WTF would I 'phone that place? (My scammers call me but not on that number, which they don't even have). So I went to O2 and asked if their network recorded the IMEI number of the device the call was made from. For every other call I've ever made, the IMEI was part of the system data, but for that one it was a line of 0s, clearly spoofed.

I also showed them my 'phone and asked if they thought the battery would last for three hours.

They cancelled the charge.

6th Nov 2014, 13:45
I was at a standards meeting where I asked an engineer from Vodafone why they were working on standards for G4 when they hadn't got G3 fully deployed yet. His answer was "We've got to do something to fix all the c*ck-ups we made in the G3 standards!"

Fat Magpie
6th Nov 2014, 14:02
Ah Vodafone.... hated in Germany for suspect high pressure sales tactics... i.e. lies

6th Nov 2014, 15:19
I was ripped off by Vodafone; they sold me a contract for 2 phones with a lot of promises about rates etc. I took the precaution of writing it all down in the shop, and making the Manager sign it.

After a couple of bills I realised that at least 2 of the promises had been broken, by large amounts. They said that the charges were their normal published charges. I sent a copy of the promised rates, signed by the Manager.

They said that means nothing. The exchange that followed lasted 7 months, during which we used the phones, they charged the "normal" rates, and we did not pay a penny. Eventually I got bored with it and addressed a letter to the CEO (in Bracknell, I think it was), with copies of all emails back and forth, all invoices from them, and the signed document, and suggested he might like to study it before I met his representative in the County Court.

An apologetic letter came back by return from the Head of Customer Service (or similar), cancelling all invoices and offering to charge from that day forwards at the rates originally promised.

It is possible to win, but by God, it takes time and effort.

6th Nov 2014, 15:20
They have to make up for people like me - spent all of 3 with them over the last five years on PAYG, and most of that was brief calls to my landline to keep the account alive.

6th Nov 2014, 16:53
They wouldn't let me break (or transfer) my contract when I was leaving country A to go to country B, so I had to keep paying the minimum amount for another year, which meant I had to keep a bank account open, which meant I had to keep an address etc in country A, whilst living in country B. No matter how nicely I asked they wouldn't budge. Since then I have steered clear and used other providers. Maybe they're just too big and unless you're a business with multiple account users you just don't get seen.


Ancient Observer
6th Nov 2014, 17:37
They normally waste an hour of my life on the phone to them when their network fails.
To-day they wasted 2 hours of my life on the phone.

Thanks for the ideas. I will do a Personal data held check, (cost UKP10), to find out what they have on their records about me and my complaints, and then I rather like the idea of letter to CEO and then County Court. I'm tempted by a Farcebook campaign, too, as they spend a lot on trying to create a social meeja image.

No wonder the deal sounded so good. The price was good - the service is worse than pathetic.

6th Nov 2014, 21:00
I got sucked into a talkmobile sim deal.
The lines been rubbish ever since it started, thats if i can get a signal.
Guess what they use Vodafone.
Now about to try T-mobile sim contract as the PAYG signal with them was always very good.

6th Nov 2014, 21:50
All I can say is that EE (Orange) are even worse.....

Deepest Norfolk
6th Nov 2014, 22:14
I would NEVER go to Vodafone again. Bought two cheap contracts for myself and my wife and two Sony phones. The trouble we had with getting this simple thing sorted out. It went on and on and on and on and on...........

Threats of dire action immediately worked and our problems were solved swiftly by someone further up the food chain who actually spoke and understood English. After that we have had no problems but I certainly wouldn't recommend them to anyone.


6th Nov 2014, 22:42
Way would you differentiate between vodafone and the word lies? They are one and the same.

6th Nov 2014, 23:31
......and most of that was brief calls to my landline to keep the account alive.

Man after m'own heart, PAYG ( the minimum ) The Way To Go. Then don't use it !

SKYPE keep telling me I'm about to expire, so have to 'phone myself, wait for the answerhone to kick in then switch off.

PPRuNe Towers
6th Nov 2014, 23:40
From personal experience:

A lot of aggressive 'we won't back' down disappears instantly once you serve a county court summons from somewhere as far away from the Newbury area as possible.


7th Nov 2014, 11:52
My one and only experience with Vodaphone was a pretty bad one.

Greek wiretapping case 2004?05 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_wiretapping_case_2004%E2%80%9305)

Rwy in Sight
7th Nov 2014, 12:10
They were my first mobile provider and they were more or less ok. They did have serious issues with capacity on new years eve - well just in the first hour of new year so I drop them (and stopped using my mobile at that time).

I use them again now (after a break of 13 years) as I moved away from a subsidiary of the German national telecommunication company and the transfer went smoothly price is excellent and so far some issues have been settled ok.

I should keep an eye on the invoices.

cattletruck, I was really annoyed my phone was not on the list - who in his right mind would consider phone conversation to remain free from tapping?

Rwy in Sight

7th Nov 2014, 13:54
Just to add that the Communications Ombudsman is about as much use as tits on a bull. But why should that be a surprise . . . :rolleyes:

Gertrude the Wombat
7th Nov 2014, 14:48
An apologetic letter came back by return from the Head of Customer Service (or similar), cancelling all invoices and offering to charge from that day forwards at the rates originally promised.
Surprised they didn't try on the usual:

"The shop is an independent franchise, nothing to do with us. You have a problem with the shop, you sue the shop."

7th Nov 2014, 20:02
I bought a Voda PAYG SIM in Germany last summer. It didn't work immediately, but the shop explained that it would take half an hour to activate, if not bring it back.
It didn't. I went back. The shop had closed for the day (around noon). We were leaving that town in the afternoon, so I put it down to experience - don't use Voda.

The phonecalls never did work, but for some wacky reason the data bit did later in the day (there was not much data included, so it was not a lot of use).