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6th Nov 2014, 05:37
Hi all,

Hope this is the right place to post this!

Soon I will be the proud owner of an Internet aware TV.

Being an aviation "enthusiast", I often find there is not much available on cable TV (DSTV here in South Africa), other than the odd aircrash investigation or something.

The internet however has a lot of stuff out there.

I was wondering if anybody knew of an internet TV channel which might be available out there dedicated to aviation?

I'm happy to pay a bit of "dollar" if need be, so long as the content is filled with decent documentaries...

I've tried searching, but all I can really come up with is a lot of stuff on youtube - which is a minefield to navigate to what I want.

I'm looking for something dedicated to aviation.


6th Nov 2014, 06:50
Sky used to have discovery wings, but that got the chop a few years ago, turned into discovery turbo which is all modes of transport, very little aviation content. Can't say I know any online stuff though.

6th Nov 2014, 06:54
Your best bet would be to PM fellow JBer
Capetonian who's a Seth Effrikan himself
and knows a lot of stuff.

He'd probably steer you in the right area
and save you a bunch of Rand.

6th Nov 2014, 10:15
Henry_crun, The Experimental Aircraft Association has own video channel, EAA Video Player - Your Source for Aviation Videos (http://www.eaavideo.org) which appears to have some good stuff.

To direct you to video on the web that would be of interest, you really need to give us a clue where your main interests lie as there is so much out there. Maybe you could copy this list and put yes or no against them:

Learning to fly
Advanced flying techniques i.e. Stuff to learn after getting a licence
Historic Aircraft
Current Military
Military Operations
Current Civil
New Technology
Operations e.g. Air Traffic Control, Fleet operations, Airport Operations
Crash Investigation
Parachuting/Paragliding/Hang Gliding/Gliding/Microlighting
Specialist stuff e.g. water bombing & heli-logging
'Stunt flying' e.g. Red Bull type activities
Research Flying e.g. X series aircraft
Record breaking

15th Nov 2014, 04:28
Thanks for all the suggestions and help guys.

I've looked at a couple of the things which were suggested, and while some are not exactly boring - it's not exactly what I was looking for either.

The idea is to either watch it on the internet TV or on my Samsung Galaxy while my wife watches whatever she wants to watch on DSTV etc...and it must have a ton of documentaries.

I came across the one below yesterday, which just about is exactly what I was looking for...it hasn't stopped me from viewing yet so I dunno how the subscription works but I signed up.

Quite happy with it, must say....watched till all hours of the night last night. Reckon this will just about do it for the time being.

Thanks once again for all your help and suggestions.

This is what I found:

Aviation TV (http://www.aviation-tv.com)

Nervous SLF
15th Nov 2014, 07:34
Here is a NZ one that you might like:-

airsidetv - YouTube (http://www.youtube.com/user/airsidetv)

New prog every two weeks.

16th Nov 2014, 07:02
Not bad. But a new program every 2 weeks? - bit long to wait?

Still prefer Aviation TV (http://www.aviation-tv.com)

Must say, really enjoying it so far - some old classics on there as well... ;)

16th Nov 2014, 14:04
They have, or had "John" TV in the US, and as most pilots are prostituting themselves on the cheap, there is a connection.

16th Nov 2014, 16:32
...just bookmark this page

https://www.google.ca/search?num=100&biw=1211&bih=612&tbs=dur%3Al&tbm=vid&q=airbus&oq=airbus&gs_l=serp.12..0l10.154902.157909.0.159950. .5.5.0....0...1c.1.58.serp..0.6.360.I6RKJaPMKbY

and where I entered airbus at top...substitute sumfin else...

e.g. Boeing, ATR, ITVV, mayday, mcdonald douglas, justplanes, etc etc etc


JetVideos.Net - Aviation Videos, Airplane Videos, Aircraft Videos, Airport Videos (http://www.jetvideos.net/)

21st Nov 2014, 06:20
Still much easier with the facility they provide on the thing I found "blank"...;)

Must say I do like the last link you provided as well - thanks mate!

22nd Nov 2014, 05:27
A little update on this lot.

I liked this thing so much, and being a software engineer, I was intrigued...

So I tracked down the owner who developed it. He was only half-interested and did it more as an experimental thing
than anything else - turns out I actually studied with him many moons ago.

Bottom line is, I did a bit of a "deal" with him, because I believe in it's prospects... ;)

I am now the owner of this thing.

So like any good politician, I am now declaring my vested financial interest in it, and I've got some bigger plans for it.

If you think this thread is no longer appropriate mods because it is now seen as advertising - please remove it,
but I thought I should inform everybody.

If not, great, as soon as it begins making some money (it hasn't yet), I will need to start donating and/or advertising on pprune...for sure... ;)

Actually quite excited about it.

Started a Facebook page for it yesterday - was amazed at the positive response.

If you're interested:


Hoping the gamble will pay off.... ;)