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6th Nov 2014, 06:01
AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd gets charged with attempting to procure a murder (http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/music/acdc-drummer-phil-rudd-gets-charged-with-attempting-to-procure-a-murder-20141106-11hs1u.html)

Dear oh dear.Malcolm's got dementia,now this.I note PR was not included in the latest band photo,so maybe this has been coming for a while.I guess he's been kicked out of the band for the second time by now

6th Nov 2014, 06:50
A case of dirty deeds, done dirt cheap?

6th Nov 2014, 07:56
Andu :D

[edited for shortness]

6th Nov 2014, 09:24
Rudd, 60,

Bloody hell! If I look like that in 10 years time I'll be depressed.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll, I suppose!

Pinky the pilot
6th Nov 2014, 09:27
A case of dirty deeds, done dirt cheap?

Gee, I wish I'd said that!!:ok::ok::D:D

6th Nov 2014, 09:29
Jeez, I've got almost two years over him and I look better than that even if I say so myself. If I looked like that at 70 I'd be depressed or more likely dead.

All these rock and roll guys seem to age prematurely, look at the Strolling Bones as an example. Who has aged gracefully? Paul McCartney, the late Alvin Stardust. I'm there are others but I can't think of many.

6th Nov 2014, 09:46
I am convinced that Keith Richards is actually a scientific experiment.

' How many drugs can we pump into a guy over a period of 50 years
before he actually curls up his toes ?'

According to the media,he gets regular blood transfusions,probably
courtesy of a US or UK government research lab :p

Takan Inchovit
6th Nov 2014, 10:28
As he is in NZ, it may be a case of dirty deeds, done to sheep.

6th Nov 2014, 10:44
^^God, what brilliant wit.^^

6th Nov 2014, 10:50
I look better than that even if I say so myself

If I look like that in 10 years time

Ah, but is what you see when you look in the mirror what everyone else sees when they look at you?

If you want to get really depressed, get a new passport photo.:ooh:


6th Nov 2014, 10:54
If you want to get really depressed, get a new passport photo

. . . and if you look like it, you're probably too old to travel. :(

Worrals in the wilds
6th Nov 2014, 11:46
Cited as "left hook Rudd" on the original TNT LP cover, so probably not all that surprising. :eek:

6th Nov 2014, 11:51
My latest passport photo is definitely not of me. Even those new fangled electronic contraptions don't think it's me, just last night I was rejected once again and sent to the back of the class.

6th Nov 2014, 11:56
Wish I had a GT40 that was as good as he had.

keyboard flier
6th Nov 2014, 12:02
Hells Bells, I was thunderstruck when I read it. He must have had big balls to come up with that, but if you want blood.
I suppose money talks and it was a touch too much.

Will he attempting a jailbreak?


6th Nov 2014, 14:28
age prematurely, look at the Strolling Bones

Cape-they looked like poo when they were in their teens. :eek: As for Mr. Rudd, time has not been kind.

6th Nov 2014, 14:44
Keith Richards may be a wrinkled old coot but he still has her on his arm:


6th Nov 2014, 15:25
Agreed, rgb, but with his dosh and reputation he could probably have a different 18yo sliding about on him every night!

If only I'd taken that bottom E string off my Telecaster all those years ago . . . :p

6th Nov 2014, 15:33
says something for the both of them that they've been together since 1983.
which is highly unusual in celebrity-hood!

Telecaster eh? I'm a Strat kinda guy! Blacktop to be more specific:


6th Nov 2014, 16:46
To be fair to Rudd he has allegedly been on Methamphetamines which destroy the looks of all it's users, so perhaps with a bit of rest and relaxation he'll scrub up better in the future ?


Nervous SLF
6th Nov 2014, 20:05
ACDC drummer to pay sacked employees 72K | Business | 3 News (http://www.3news.co.nz/business/acdc-drummer-to-pay-sacked-employees-72k-2014031210)

Seems to get easily upset as well.

6th Nov 2014, 20:44
BBC this afternoon reporting that the new album release and next years tour will not be affected by this.............

6th Nov 2014, 22:09
That calls into question just how important is the drummer in a band ?


Sir George Cayley
6th Nov 2014, 22:14
Bbraammhhhhuuumm Tish I thankkew,


6th Nov 2014, 23:27
Keith Richards may be a wrinkled old coot but he still has her on his arm:

As Caroline Aherne famously asked Debbie McGee on The Mrs Merton Show

"Tell me, what first attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels?"

Clare Prop
7th Nov 2014, 02:01
Mick Jagger may have a few well earned wrinkles but last week I saw him do a two hour set non stop running around like a teenager! Keef not quite so well preserved but hey, he said "It's good to be here. In fact it's good to be anywhere" :D

Not been a good year for AC/DC. :sad:

7th Nov 2014, 02:16
How do you know there is a bad drummer at your door?

The knock slows down!

Nervous SLF
7th Nov 2014, 03:03
Police have withdrawn the charge of attempting to procure murder against former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd.
Crown Solicitor Greg Hollister-Jones said on Friday there was insufficient evidence to charge Rudd.


B Fraser
7th Nov 2014, 06:37
No, a drummer knocks four times then comes in late.;)

7th Nov 2014, 08:12
rgb: I'm not really a fender person at all, but I'd play a 5-string Tele if it would help pull the number of wimmin keef has managed over the years!

FWIW, I have one Les Paul and one custom-made SG-style twin-neck. All the rest are acoustic.

Buster Hyman
7th Nov 2014, 08:30
Hells Bells, he was skating on Black ice there. Gotta have Big Balls to line up a Shoot to thrill but the Cops were ready to be his Ballbreaker.
Lucky he got his Jailbreak and is Back in Business, no need to Sink the Pink, or any Ruff Stuff with Bubba in Sin City.

7th Nov 2014, 09:40
Could you not refer to Mr Richards as Keef, please Magnus?

I thought you were referring to our own reverend contributor, who I am sure leads a much more salubrious and respectable lifestyle than the said Stone!