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West Coast
6th Nov 2014, 01:16
Topless air hostesses 'could lead to BA scrapping flights to lucrative destinations' | Daily Mail Online (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2029600/Topless-air-hostesses-lead-BA-scrapping-flights-lucrative-destinations.html)

6th Nov 2014, 01:24
‘In Cyprus once, crew returning to the hotel from a night out found a donkey tied up in a field. The donkey was led back to the hotel and the crew managed to get it into a lift and up to the fourth floor, before hotel security intervened.’

Well, it seems somebody does not have a sense of humor. :=


6th Nov 2014, 01:32
The donkey is usually for the hosties to ride.

West Coast
6th Nov 2014, 01:46
Well, we do call the senior cart tarts with dates of hire dating back to the 1960s aisle donkeys, so it's fitting.

6th Nov 2014, 01:49
Any sheep stories from NZ?

galaxy flyer
6th Nov 2014, 02:57
Drunken British hooligans, is there news here? Any British party, family event, dinner party quickly evolves into a piss-up. Love England, love Brits, but do they love the booze.


6th Nov 2014, 03:56
The donkey is usually for the hosties to ride.

Ahh shouldn't the riding be the other way around:E.

Gotta scoot, have a trip to Nairobi planned:p

6th Nov 2014, 04:07
binge drinking to blame; or as it's called in Britain, drinking.

6th Nov 2014, 06:18
In Cyprus once, crew returning to the hotel from a night out found a donkey tied up in a field.

Does anyone remember the Alligator in the fish pond at the Sgt's Mess in Akrotiri, Cypruss brought in by the Nimrod crew?

(Not guilty btw---was before my time.... :cool: )

6th Nov 2014, 06:34
This was a story of interest a while back when some of BA's Cabin Crew were recovering from a bout of Industrial strife. The memo raised a few eyebrows at the time but I surprised to see the story reappear today and wondered if someone had ****** up again.

Then I looked harder and realised it must be a slow news day at the Mail on line because the story was:

UPDATED: 08:06 GMT, 25 August 2011

Tomorrow in the Mail on-line: "Harold takes one in the eye outside Hastings"

6th Nov 2014, 07:51

You beat me to it.

This smacks of being a hangover from the troubles of a few years back.

I hadn't noticed the date and was going to say this story has a hidden agenda.

I like your comment about Harold.

6th Nov 2014, 08:09
The note begs captains and senior cabin crew members to ‘sensitively manage pool/room parties and any raucous crew behaviour’.

Well as a captain if I was begged I could certainly control 'em -

- Male cabin crew will be told to do their pissups at least 5km away from the designated crew hotel.

- All hosties to party at the Co hotel pool.

- All hosties who end up topless will be immediately redeployed to the capt's suite post haste, along with the pilfered champagne, in order to keep them from public display and destroying the Co image.

Cyber Bob
6th Nov 2014, 08:19
Talking of animals - I seem to recall the capture and ransom note for the safe return of the Peabody Ducks, Peabody Hotel, Orlando Fl - all for a couple of cases of beer.

I believe this was resolved very quickly as due to a complete sense of humour failure, the hotel called in the Feds. By all accounts, the wee little quacks were swimming happily in the bath in room 1075!!

On another note, anyone else out there swap around the day of the week floor mats in the lifts of the hotel Tokyu, NRT?

Sir Niall Dementia
6th Nov 2014, 09:36
I do remember a goose ending up in a hostile's room. (Norway, early 90's)

We were all P###ed in the hotel pool, the goose went crazy and destroyed the room, glad I was the P2, the P1 had to do some fast talking about that one, the bill was thousands.


6th Nov 2014, 09:44
I do remember a goose ending up in a hostile's room. (Norway, early 90's)


Wow, what kind of nightstop was this?

6th Nov 2014, 09:49
Riyadh ? :E

6th Nov 2014, 10:02
Illegal USA layover under age 21 drinking by BA cabin crew?.........Who says the Daily Mail doesn't have a sense of humour .

I was a BA long-haul LHR based captain, having morphed in from the BCal 'mergeover' in 1988. My only mild disappointment was that BA cabin crew seemed much quieter and less auto-party minded than perhaps some of us had had hoped for. Cabin crew management was jealously independent, so once off the aircraft, any admin interaction needed to be handled with tact and guile..........usually relaxed friendly atmosphere. Once on duty always very professional, but I can think of just a couple of off duty exceptions on occasions when an ordinary cabin crew member approached me for permission to stay away overnight, or similar, and my clearance was casually rescinded by the senior cabin crew member without any reference to self. One decision I made on a very minor matter on a posting in Australia was overturned by their management in London after the cabin crew member concerned phoned them for a reversal without either of them informing me at any point........not the best recipe for backing up the nominated lead hand. Anyway, I note on my current frequent transits through T5 at LHR that Cabin and Cockpit crew appear to be under the same roof these days, so I'm sure everything is quite lovely. However, if cabin crew is still under separate management, and BA top brass are telling Captains to play 'Mr Angry' with those who push the boundaries of polite revelry.........good luck lads!

6th Nov 2014, 10:29
In the olden days, one of my tasks was to manage slip crew admin in a Gulf State, for 3 airlines, one of them BA.

The BA flight deck crew had to have a different and better hotel from the BA cabin crew, and what's more his Ludship The Captain had to have a suite.

This was entirely the result of the compelling need of BA's pilots in those days to be treated as aviation aristocracy, and their heightened sense of entitlement, but it had the effect of separating the younger (mostly) and oh so willing female cabin staff from the pilots, although not of separating the male cabin staff from each other.

Interestingly, the lists complied by all hotel managements showed that the pilots stole much more hotel property per capita (lamps, mirrors, irons, etc, not just bedding and towels), than the cabin crew.

Perhaps this policy should be re-introduced.

PS. My socialist tendancies led me to put the cabin staff in the better hotel, and it was a long time before BALPA realised what was happening.

6th Nov 2014, 10:36
So which crews have the most fun: pax, cargo or military?

6th Nov 2014, 11:10
The rumours are known as “Galley FM”Is this a PPRuNe thread?:)

6th Nov 2014, 12:11
Hhmm, Capot, we crew got hotel feedback via fleet management as well, and the only SUSPICION of foul play by one or more cockpit crew that I heard of, was an ability to fix a pay- TV so that it became free-view. This was a HKG hotel, and I never heard if it was ever proved.

The bit about separate hotels I think had just about ended when I first entered the 'Corporation' in 1988. This was, as far as I recall a system whereby the Captain only stayed at a separate hotel. I think I experienced this only once......Anyway, I could pretend just once that I was a real BOAC skipper, which is the quaint tradition that remained from the corporation into BA days....felt a bit lonely though..... Maybe a more senior veteran of BA can confirm. Perhaps it was just me they wanted to dump elsewhere.....should have checked. I also remember a long term BA pilot telling me that back even in VC10 days, the skipper would check in to his hotel, then often jump on the bus.....oops, taxi, and join the others. anyway.

6th Nov 2014, 12:28
In the olden days, one of my tasks was to manage slip crew admin in a Gulf State, for 3 airlines, one of them BA.

I was living / working in Jeddah, KSA 1977-79.
The British Airways female cabin crew were reputed to be able to earn £1,000 per trick (with Saudi clients) at that time.
I forget the name of the hotel...

Ancient Observer
6th Nov 2014, 12:56
They aren't trying hard enough. Oh for the days of HKG during the rugby 7s.

Then it wasn't only BA crew who misbehaved in nice hotels.

LGW Vulture
6th Nov 2014, 12:59
I don't / didn't believe this for a second. I want photographic evidence! :E

bugged on the right
6th Nov 2014, 13:24
I joined Classic Airways when they first started and thought I would be dead in about 3 years. Some of the room parties were epics. On the other side of the world, perhaps somebody still has the Qantas captain's letter to his boss after a room party incurred his displeasure . It was posted on this site for a long time.
Different world these days, glad I'm out of it.

6th Nov 2014, 13:30
I have memories of a colleague (BA Capt) who stepped overboard from a speedboat in the Caribbean saying "I am a God" as he tried to walk on the water. He sank. :uhoh:
Also, the poolside 'Dance of the Flaming Ar*eholes'. :eek:

Happy days.

6th Nov 2014, 13:40
Then they run amok, holding wild room parties and going topless in the pool.’ I am trying to figure out what's wrong with this.

6th Nov 2014, 13:57
Having stayed at various hotels around the world used by crews, I can tell you I would not want to be on a flight with most of them the next morning. There are far worse than BA.

6th Nov 2014, 15:43
Hhmm, Capot, we crew got hotel feedback via fleet management as well,The hotels only kept the lists, they didn't feed them back. They wanted to keep the crew business, and just added in a little extra charge to cover the losses. I only got to see them because I knew the Managers well, and they were explaining the price.

I've a feeling that you're absolutely right; it was only the Captains who had to go to a different and better hotel, my memory is fading fast, and it was in the '70s!

There were often F/E's to think about, after all, so putting the whole Flight Deck into the same hotel would have been really dreadful, because the Captain would have had to socialise with the F/E. Really not on, old boy.

So making the F/O's go with the F/E's to slum it with the cabin crew would have been very understandable to BA in those days. Yes, I'm sure that's how it was.

6th Nov 2014, 18:41
I'm so glad to see that maybe a bit of fun is creeping back into the job!

In my day room parties and general misbehaving was standard practice.

Then Les Miserables took control and having fun was sucked out bit by bit. No beer on the bus, no dirty milks on landing, no hi-jinks in hotels. Political correctness added the final nail in the fun coffin.

Good luck to the young crews as long as they don't upset other guests in hotels and turn up for pick up ENJOY:ok:

Krystal n chips
6th Nov 2014, 18:50
" The BA flight deck crew had to have a different and better hotel from the BA cabin crew, and what's more his Ludship The Captain had to have a suite.

Whilst not a separate hotel, it does remind me of an event in YVR in the 80's.

Waiting outside an airport hotel for transport, a crew coach arrives and disgorges a Tri-Star crew. His Imperial Lord of the Skies alights first, the minions follow.

His Imperialship then directs the F/O and the F/E to attend to check in and checking the baggage whilst making the supreme effort of carrying his own nav-bag into the hotel alone.....as you do.

Next morning, at breakfast, the flight deck are seated together, they dutifully followed his Imperialship into the dining room all together....the CC duly seated as far away as possible from their table, the only limitation in terms of distance being the size of the dining room.

You can only imagine what being stuck with an egoistical pillock like that on a flight deck for 12 hrs across the pond must have been like.

I don't think there would have been any concerns as to partying.

6th Nov 2014, 18:54
.the CC duly seated as far away as possible from their table, the only limitation in terms of distance being the size of the dining room

did the CC smell that bad? :confused::}:E

6th Nov 2014, 22:20
Why do I have a feeling that Slasher knows ALL of these hotels :E

7th Nov 2014, 02:17
QANTAS - The Spirit of Australia
The following letter is from the Qantas Flight Operations Newsletter dated June 96.



In your icy, indeed hostile, telephone call of yesterday, you requested a report about the alleged proceedings involving my crew at the Qantas 75th Birthday celebration at the slip port. As the reports from the local authorities and the head of the Australian legation were undoubtedly a complete fabrication, I take the opportunity to put the truth of the matter on file.

Qantas management's kind offer to "buy a round of drinks" was taken on board by the crew who decided to upgrade the event to its correct status, so appropriate quantities of libation and food were purchased, with festivities being held in my hotel suite.

An enjoyable evening ensued but insufficient supplies had been obtained, so several members of the crew left for further purchases at a local bar. In a truly magnanimous gesture, ten bar girls from that establishment helped carry the beer back to the hotel. To demonstrate our appreciation of their assistance, we served them some cool drink. They then offered to show us some local culture, and, in order not to offend, we allowed them to dance some exotic dances.

The banging on the walls of my room had, by now, quite honestly, become invasive, and it was disturbing the dancers, so we arranged an amusing little deterrent. S/0 Brown's impersonation of the Police Officer was excellent! In full Qantas uniform, with an aluminium rubbish bin upside down on his head, he goose-stepped to each room and harangued the occupants with a very witty diatribe about disturbing hotel guests. I personally heard nothing of his alleged threats of life in Alcatraz or the Gulags, claimed by the sister of the Minister of Police whose room was, unluckily, next door.

I have no doubt that this woman was the sneak who called security and hotel management and I absolutely refute that the shout "Look out, here come the Indians! Circle the wagons!" was made. The simple coincidence of security arriving just as we stood the double bed on its side across the door to make the dance floor bigger is obvious.

The major damage to the room occurred when a group of gate crashers, whom we could not know were hotel security, forced their way in just as most of us happened to be leaning against the bed watching the dancing.

The subsequent events in the foyer of the hotel are an equally vicious distortion of the facts. I was explaining the importance of the 75th Birthday to the General Manager of the hotel and noting that other guests were fabricating stories of noise, drinking and singing at the celebration, when F/O Smith (ex-SAS) and several other keep-fit enthusiasts, in keeping with their almost monastic pursuit of health, organised the race up the drapes which hang along the foyer wall. It says nothing for the workmanship of some of these nations that the fittings were torn from the wall before most of the crew were even halfway up.

At this stage, in an amazing display of international posturing, the Governor of the city, who was attending the National Day cocktail party in the foyer, cast some denigrating remarks about Australian culture. Although he misunderstood our gestures of greeting, female flight attendant Williams rescued the situation with her depth of knowledge of local culture.

Her rendition of the Fertility Dancing Maiden in the foyer's 'Pool of Remembrance' was nothing short of breathtaking. Normally this dance is performed wearing just a sarong skirt so FFA Williams' extra step to nature was a bold step forward.

Unfortunately, during one intricate step, FFA Williams slipped and fell beneath the fountain, so we were lucky that S/0 Brown, who had the great presence of mind to strip to avoid getting his uniform wet, leapt in to help. That the tiles of the pool were slippery is beyond dispute, as it took nearly ten minutes of threshing about before S/O Brown could actually complete his rescue. Such concern was there for these two exemplary crew member's safety, that the rest of the crew were forced to assist, and I deny that this massed altruistic rescue attempt could be construed as a 'Water Polo' game!

This slanderous accusation was first put to me by the Chief of the Riot Squad, whose storm troopers had apparently been called by some over zealous Fascists at the cocktail party.

Order had nearly been restored when the fire started.

I prefer F/O Smith's version of events that the drapes had caught fire from being against a light fitting, and that he dropped his cigarette lighter whilst trying to escape the flames. Had host management fulfilled their responsibilities and used fire retardant material instead of velvet, the fire would not have spread to the rest of the hotel.

The responsible attitude shown by my crew in assisting the bar staff to carry out drinks from the cocktail party is to be commended, not condemned, and the attempt by male members of the crew to extinguish pockets of fire using natural means has been totally misrepresented in some quarters. I cannot overstate how strongly I resent the assertions made in the Chief Fire Officer's Report.

I made an official protest about these matters when the head of the Australian Legation visited us at the Police Station the next morning. However, not only did Ambassador Jones not attempt to refute the preposterous allegations made against me and my crew, but also by failing to secure our release immediately, caused the subsequent aircraft delay.

I did not know Her Majesty was to be aboard our aircraft, but I am sure that her 12- hour visit to that country was appreciated by local dignitaries and probably HRH herself. (I must mention that the local manager is far too obsequious - Smarmy! Smarmy! You should have seen him bowing and scraping. Never make a Prime Minister, that chap!)

Finally, I note that not since 'Rainman' has Qantas been mentioned in so many newspapers. (Some people in Qantas would die for coverage like that.) The main newspaper at the slip port coincidentally mentioned Qantas 75 times on its front page alone, although some of the coupled epithets can only be described as the worst journalistic excesses of the gutter press.

I trust that now I have outlined the correct version of events, we may allow ourselves a discreet smile as to the lack of social sophistication of some of these developing nations and put all this behind us. As far as I am concerned, the crew carried on the finest Qantas traditions.



P.S. I checked amongst the language qualified members of the crew, but no one was up to speed on Latin. Can you recommend anyone in the International Department who could translate 'Persona Non Grata'?

7th Nov 2014, 03:06
New York, Christmas Eve, my BOAC North Atlantic Baron Skipper deigned to use the same crew transport as the rest of the crew, which offloaded us at different hotels.

Sat next to him on the bus as well as in the aircraft, he was just as uncommunicative, but did suggest that I might like to accompany him to some local friends next day for Christmas Dinner. ( even North Atlantic Barons had friends, somewhere ) I graciously accepted his offer, until he said, "of course you have brought your dinner jacket, haven't you, it's a Black Tie affair" Well naturally, we always travelled around the World with Dinner Jackets et al, didn't we, after all, one nevers knew when one might be invited to a party.

I enjoyed Christmas that year with the Flt. Engineer and Second Officer - we went to the cabin crew room party.

In a later era I was visiting friends in Australia, and they invited me to accompany them to a function at their local sailing club, but the invitation said Black Tie. Mindful of my previous experience I pointed out that I didn't travel around the World with Black Tie gear. No worries, they said, they only say that so that too many don't turn up in swimming togs. Sure enough, my friend, a retired BOAC Captain, was the only person wearing a dinner jacket and black tie, not even the Guest of Honour, the Governor of NSW wore that ! ( but he didn't come in swimming togs, either ! )

As a Captain myself, our cabin crew once invited us to join them that evening at their hotel - CC and FC used seperate hotels in that North American city. We bought a pack of beer on the way, then went to the so called "crew party room" provided by their hotel as a way of managing the trail of destruction left around the hotel if assorted rooms were used, they took the view that crisis management for one room in the hotel was acceptable to 12 or more. As we entered, the Chief Steward -as they were called in those days - from another crew told us that this was a cabin crew party room and we were not welcome.

I picked up our box of beer and told him that we had our own booze, not booze that they had stolen from the airline, and we had been invited by our own girls so were not going to try and muscle in on his - and we walked out, and enjoyed our own beer in our own hotel.

CC and FC relations were often strained at that era in BOAC life.

Apocryphal, but written in to folklore, was the story of the stewardess who went to the Front Desk and reported her pilots running naked around the swimming pool. The Concierge said, Madam, if they're naked how do you know that the're pilots ? 'cos they've all got big watches and little c**cks, she said.

But then we've all heard that, haven't we ?

West Coast
7th Nov 2014, 04:15
I am trying to figure out what's wrong with this.

I can think of a few FA's I'd rather not see topless. Can't unsee certain things and you can only drink 'em so skinny.

7th Nov 2014, 09:49
A BA source said: ‘Mixed fleet crews are basically kids of 18 and 20 years old, in their first jobs on pretty low pay, who think it’s a wonderful life staying in posh hotels.
‘They pilfer champagne from the aircraft to drink in the crew hotels because buying their own drinks in a five-star hotel is too expensive.

‘Then they run amok, holding wild room parties and going topless in the pool.’

A BA Source read bitter and twisted old bitch (male or female) member of the Worldwide Fleet who has had their good times stopped by the recruitment of the lovely young Mixed Fleet.
And even more bitter as they can remember the times when they had wild crew parties and ran around drunk and topless trying to shag the Captain, now they can't get their zimmer frames into the crew rooms. :mad:

7th Nov 2014, 23:52
Back in the mid 90's my Houston based airline obtained 737-500's, the simulator was at the East Midlands Airport as it had the EFIS setup we only had the -300 sim in IAH.
We stayed at the hotel by the airport ( nice museum btw), I had the 9pm till 3am slot, we would buy beers at the bar then the bartender would put them on ice and hide them, so we'd have a few cold beers while we de-briefed at 3.30 am in the lobby, no one was there so it was all good.
As we were buying our beers an airline crew checked in for the evening, I have no idea who they were but there was a very attractive young blonde with the crew.
7 hours later we are done mentally, drinking our nice cold beers, when along comes this young lady wearing nothing but her undies and bra and holding her clothes in her hand, we are flabbergasted (in a nice way !) She greets us with a "Good morning gentlemen". We had no reply, our instructor drained his beer and said "Well that takes care of the de-brief, see you at lunch".

8th Nov 2014, 06:44
read bitter and twisted old bitch (male or female) member of the Worldwide Fleet who has had their good times stopped by the recruitment of the lovely young Mixed Fleet.

What a load of b****x! It would be those twisted old bitches as you call them who would have taught them how to have a good time!

Some of the best times in BOAC were at the Gulf Hotel in BAH with QF crews. Then there were the times we were rostered for a 10 day NBO - MRU - NBO with a week in MRU again with QF crews. Suffice to say we knew how to party without wrecking the place.

This old bitch can look back to the 70's 80's and think they were the best days when you could drink and shag yourself around the world, unlike now where you don't have the trips and have to be so so PC!

8th Nov 2014, 07:10
Good Old Daily Mail, so it MUST be true!

There has always been a popular myth that down route slips/layovers whatever immediately turn into booze fueled riotous orgies.

This is of course absolutely true! I find as a mid fifties balding rotund fellow I am complete cat nip to the twenty something X factor fans.

Its frankly exhausting .................................:ugh:

8th Nov 2014, 07:53
:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :ok:

8th Nov 2014, 14:55
I reckon the best days ever were to be had on Phil Collins fleet (Tristars) and the Air New Zealand DC10 fleet operated between LHR and LAX by BA crews.

No one today could have matched the partying that went on then.:)

8th Nov 2014, 23:00
Nothing new under the Sun.

Circa. late '50's. One of my mates ( no, not me ) on one of his first trips with BOAC after leaving the RAF, arrived at some foreign destination and was 'invited' to join the crew for a drink when they got to the hotel. Only one female on the crew in those days, and on this occasion she offered her room as the venue (always a big mistake of course )

My mate decided that as an ex RAF Hofficer, it was necessary to maintain a certain standard and change out of uniform before drinking, so unpacked, showered, and changed into his best M & S trousers, tie, and blue blazer before taking the obligatory personal drinking glass from his bathroom, and walking down the corridor to knock on the designated door.

On being told to enter, he espied nothing but a view of the bed - it being an "L" shaped room - with the naked stewardess draped across the pillows, inviting him in, but with the admonishment that he could look but not touch.

Thinking that his decision to leave the RAF and join BOAC was obviously the right move, he joyfully entered the room, to discover all the rest of the crew quietly waiting round the corner - ready to laugh at him, well into the revelry having not wasted time changing out of uniform before hitting the sauce.

Happy Days.

8th Nov 2014, 23:15
I reckon the best days ever were to be had on Phil Collins fleet (Tristars) and the Air New Zealand DC10 fleet operated between LHR and LAX by BA crews.

No one today could have matched the partying that went on then.:)

Think most 'Ascot' crews would have something to say about that :p

8th Nov 2014, 23:49
No one today could have matched the partying that went on then.

Think most 'Ascot' crews would have something to say about that

Not to mention anyone who worked for Freddie Laker! ;)

8th Nov 2014, 23:51
Yep the good ol' days - an aircraft
was a vehicle in which one traveled
from one crew party to another! :)

The hardest thing as a young buck
FO back then was not trying to get
into the pants of hosties, but trying
to keep one's dick out of 'em!

Tended to mix it up with the Sterling
Airways or BA hosties if I happened
to be overnighting at their hotels by
gatecrashing their get togethers. In
some instances I wasn't particularly
after any snatch nor trying chatups,
- but that didn't put off some of the
more determined females wanting to
shag an Australian for the first time.

As an old fart now I'd be content if
one of the girls would just talk dirty
to me! :(

8th Nov 2014, 23:59
As an old fart now I'd be content if
one of the girls would just talk dirty
to me! :(

Trust me, I know exactly what you mean. :{

And on that note about us old farts, I just changed my primary care doctor.

She is 36 years younger than me.

And no, she did not talk dirty to me. :\

galaxy flyer
9th Nov 2014, 00:53
But, she did say drop trousers, SIR!


9th Nov 2014, 00:59
But, she did say drop trousers, SIR!

No she didn't thank God, I didn't want her to die from uncontrolled, hysterical laughter.

9th Nov 2014, 04:05
Oh yesss, those loverly Airquartermistresses in the then large Ascot fleet when the RAF still went East of Suez. Universally (and lovingly) known as Airquartermattresses.

It troubles me ('cos it means I'm even ***ing older) to realise that they'd all be 60yo+ grandmothers now.

3rd Aug 2016, 07:26
Lots of discussions on here about the moans and groans of present day hotels. But what about those from yester year. Ones that come to mind are:

JFK - The Lexington which has a history of gansters.
THR - The International which used to be the local morgue.
SYD - The Cosmopolitan Bondi - a motel which was on Bondi beach.
CCU - The Oberoi - Something left over from WW2.
JNB - The Casa Mia Hillbrow - an old people's home.
ANC - The Captain Cook - Still light at 3am in the summer.

Fill in as required

The Rev'd
4th Aug 2016, 11:18
Back in the early eighties on the 727 I was over nighting in CNS. That night we all went down to the bar for a few snorts. Before we knew it the FO & myself were dragged up on the dance floor by the flight attendants (as can happen !). The Captain sat at our table but did not partake of any such frivolity and indeed just sat there glaring at us. (Must have been Presbyterian ! )

Next day during pre flt brief, FO & myself were given a severe verbal dressing down for our previous night's activities with the flight attendants ! He implied in no uncertain terms that as married men we shouldn't have been dancing with "those females" ! := LOL

Wasn't our fault, just being sociable....:p

Ancient Observer
4th Aug 2016, 13:43
I have to say that BA staff were learners when compared to B Cal.

4th Aug 2016, 18:15
Crew meal:

The Lexington which had a little cubbyhole in the ceiling known to all as 'The Library' where copies of certain visual reading matter could be found!

The International which I revisited many years later after,the revolution and above the entrance in mosaic was 'DEATH TO AMERICA '

The Cosmopolitan Bondi which was akin to a very low grade Blackpool Guest House.

The Oberoi Calcutta Which one wag remarked was full of rats and most worked behind the bar!

The Casa Mia Hillbrow was indeed The Eastbourne of SA

The Captain Cook Anchorage where I saw, from my window, two locals ( Eskimos) engage in a drunken fight in short sleeve shirts at some ungodly hour in mid winter.

Happy days!

Sultan Ismail
4th Aug 2016, 19:24
Hillbrow was a wild in the 60's and 70's, wouldn't dare go there now.
However I thought all decent crew stayed at the Kyalami Ranch?

4th Aug 2016, 20:27
Ahhh ! The Lexington.

I still have a photograph of my - then - 10 yr. old son in the arms of the stuffed Polar Bear in the lobby of the Captain Cook. We also walked across the ice of the Portage Lake, into the face of the creaking and cracking glacier, then on the way back to the Capt. Cook heard on the car radio a warning not to do that, it had started Springtime melting!

No, I didn't take him to that bar on the way to Portage (name?) with the larger breasted bargirl - Ciel ? On my first visit we were so overwhelmed by the sight that met our eyes on entry, that we dodged into the toilet to regroup - so to speak. On our exit she shouted across the crowded bar - " did you wash your hands?" of course, was the reply, don't you ? "I don't piss on my hands, come and have a drink, BOAC" How do you know that we're BOAC crew, it isn't written on our foreheads ? "No, but you talk funny, come and have a beer"

We'd been briefed to ask for the beer that was kept on the bottom of the 'fridge, so that she had to bend over to reach it, with predictable results, Ass up, Boobs down. As she scooped her boobs back into her skimpy top, my F/O said .. I'd love a photo of her breasts, but I haven't a camera. I had, so I said to her .. my friend would like a photo. of your breasts. "Of course, she replied, but it's too dark in here, let's go outside"

As he stood awkwardly alongside her against the outside wall, she turned to the F/O and said, " don't you want to hold them, love" and promptly scooped out her 46" EE,s and gave him a handful. I eventually gave him the photograph - and the negative ! Nothing queer about me, Carruthers.

Nor did I take my son the Great Alaskan Bush Company. One day, disembarking at ANC, one of the stewardesses suggested that we might be going to the Bush Co. in the evening, and they wanted to go as well? OK. see you in the lobby at 7.00.

Walking into the Bush that night we saw a gaggle of females crowded around the stage, some tearing the portrait of George Washington out of dollar bills, and pushing the rest of the bill over a certain part of a naked man's anatomy whilst he swayed on the stage to a musical accompaniment

Our girls joined the throng with glee, and we repaired to the bar, aghast. Don't worry chaps, said the barman, Thursday is Girl's night until 8.00, it'll all get back to normal soon. Fortunately it did, and our girls soon got bored and went home.

5th Aug 2016, 06:25
I still have a photograph of my - then - 10 yr. old son in the arms of the stuffed Polar Bear in the lobby of the Captain Cook.

I must dig mine out complete with me wearing 'flaired' jeans.

galaxy flyer
5th Aug 2016, 14:23

That would have been the shack called "The Bird House"; burned down, quickly I imagine, years ago. I left, at the crew's demand, underwear stapled to the ceiling along side thousands of other assorted undergarments. The bush Company has also been closed for years.


5th Aug 2016, 15:23
Which was the bar in Anchorage that gave out bowls of monkey nuts and the shells were ankle deep on the floor?

The other crew bar was the Burning (flaming) Embers which closed for one hour a day to sweep out the dog ends and drunks. The first bar I saw table dancers later to morph into pole dancers around the world.

pax britanica
5th Aug 2016, 20:48
Add Excelsior in Hong Kong to the list of crew hotels. I used to go there a lot on business and always nice to meet up in the bar-cannot rememebr the name - with the inbound crew who got you there.

Led toa mildly embarrassing situation some ten years later when married and living overseas. We were friends with another couple and she and I both had a feeling that we had met before. On about the sixth meeting./dinner whatever she mentions she was BA CC .

Ever go to HK I satyys quite unthinkingly -I used to stay in the same hotel as the crew used -oh yes she says I used to go there a lot we must have er.......

Do the crews get time for anything other than a sleep and a meal with no down route runs just turnarounds these days

5th Aug 2016, 21:39
Galaxy Flyer .. The Bird House, of course, many thanks. Sorry to hear of its demise. The Bush Co. moved out of town from the original location, not sure which one you refer to as closing, but as it is over 20 years ago ..... and I won't be re-visiting .... Sayonara.

vtenderness ... I remember the peanut shell carpeted bar, but not the name, somewhere along 4th St. maybe ? Or was that the breakfast joint, that had survived the Earthquake, that we used ?

Following the tradition of not eating in the accom. Hotel, I stepped out of the Capt.Cook one morning to enjoy the menu at a different hotel coffee shop, and was stopped by a smartly dressed young woman who stepped out from between two parked cars and asked if I had any change ? Thinking that she needed a dollar bill changed for parking meter money, I dug into my pocket and held out a handful of loose change. She scooped the lot and said "thanks, I've just arrived in town and need a coffee !" and walked off. What was I supposed to do, she only had to cry Rape ! and where would I have been then ? I guess I only lost a couple of dollars, if that, could have been worse. Was more careful from then on. ILAL(ife)FT

pax britanica
5th Aug 2016, 22:06
Yes indeed it was the Dickens bar and I think back in the day there could be two or even three BA crews if it was one of the days when the Tokyo-Jo Burg via lots of exotic places operated .

I was in Hk 2-3 times a year from 1975-1979 and a couple of 6-8 week spells as well so it was kind of a second home for me., in fact my travels then overlapped pretty well with BA, Bahrein, Qatar, Barbados, Bermuda, Seychelles and had some fun times including a disoriented trolley doll in Qatar who thought my idle drumming of my fingers on my car tailgate was distant gunfire in the Arab Israeli war going on at the time, a mere thousand miles away , while I was 'showing her round Qatar'

7th Aug 2016, 00:39
On about the sixth meeting./dinner whatever she mentions she was BA CC

New Zealand, 2015. Fell over cutting grass around rocks in the garden. Bashed my head, wife called the ambulance, service provided by St. John volunteers.

Two volunteers turned up, ambulance driver and nurse. Usual business, do you know your name, what day is it etc.etc. Eventually the nurse decided that I wasn't going to die, but said ... sounds like you have an England accent? One thing led to another, turned out we had both served on BOAC 707's in the '70's. We had quite likely flown together, but we couldn't positively establish that.

Small world.

West Coast
7th Aug 2016, 05:23

Don't fret, there's still a Great Alaskan Bush company in Pheonix.

So I'm told of course.

7th Aug 2016, 16:42
I remember the peanut shell carpeted bar, but not the name, somewhere along 4th St. maybe ?

That was (still is) The F Street Station at the corner of F Street and 4th Avenue.


Or it could have been The Pioneer Bar or The Gaslight Bar both of which were on 4th Avenue.

7th Aug 2016, 20:09
Airclues. Thanks it was the Pioneer bar that I remember.