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3rd Nov 2014, 22:32
An updated version of Google Earth from 25/9/2014 shows quite a bit more detail than previously seen. I note the swimming pool behind the tower has come back to recreational use after we drank quite a bit of it in 1970.

Some helo's are about and a jet is on the Northern end of the pan. Having left the last time at rather short notice, the place seems to me to have found a purpose in these more unsettled times.

3151'37.90"N 2355'12.89"E


3rd Nov 2014, 22:38
Looks just like Marham, with sand ;)

4th Nov 2014, 01:17
Went there in 1966 in a Beverly, can't see the oil stain! ;)

6th Nov 2014, 10:32
Bloody dump!

12th Nov 2014, 23:14
Had four weeks there in 1968 on det from 38 Gp. Glad to leave! Worse than Sharjah (1963-64)

Mr Oleo Strut
14th Nov 2014, 12:57
Transitted thru' on trooping flights to Kenya in the 50s. What a dump! Worse than Khartoum. A real throwback to Lawrence of Arabia, solar toupees, pongs and thongs!

avionic type
14th Nov 2014, 18:53
Passed through there late 51 early 52 on the way to Shri Lanka [Ceylon]from Gibraltar in 224 Squadron Shackleton Mk1s don't remember a swimming pool just desert scrub and living in tents for the short time we were there,doing the wing dance as they were so hot despite the fuel in the tanks ,no toupees just short shorts and the warning of don't wander off in the desert as some of it was still mined .
Happy Days.