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2nd Nov 2014, 21:01
What a bunch of :mad: retards these :mad: are!


2nd Nov 2014, 21:13
Nope, we're the retards.

When they were mounting a perfectly good revolution a few months back, we as the world at large, let them get massacred.

My best friend growing up was from Iran. His mom used to scream at both of us in farsi (when we deserved it) and his dad was a professor of trumpet at a land grant university. They were kind enough to take me with them to Teheran (and subsequently to Afghanistan) when I was in junior high school (before the unpleasantness in either place)

I am assuming that the majority of the people in Iran are like the people I met and knew/know.

I'm sure that it's a small percentage of the population (who just happen to have all the guns/centrifuges) that is oppressing the majority who seem to be reasonable folks.

Mr Chips
2nd Nov 2014, 21:18
I think its worth pointing out that this woman deliberately flouted a law, and was therefore arrested for it...

(I'm not saying I agree with the law)

2nd Nov 2014, 21:27
My perception (and I freely admit that it is likely biased by personal experiences with multiple individuals leading to prejudice as to the population at large), is that the Iranians are among the most "western" middle easterners. (right up there with the Lebanese family of snowmobile dealers that took me in for a few days back in '89)

2nd Nov 2014, 21:29
Four years ago I went to Iran for about three weeks. I experienced possibly the greatest hospitality, generosity, and courtesy that I have had in a lifetime of global travelling. I also felt safe (except for their awful driving and taxis!) everywhere I went. The average Iranian is smart, charming, cultured, and educated.

The country is run by a cabal of religious zealots who are trying to take the people back to the stone age, but the people are not having it.

2nd Nov 2014, 22:05
My 5c - worth.
I worked recently with a new immigrant from Iran who used to run a large construction company over there. A thoroughly likeable, intelligent and reasonable chap. The corruption over there is almost beyond belief, as is the incompetence of Government.
Incidentally, our Provincial Premier is of Lebanese extraction, and there are a number here - also a wonderful people.

The Egyptians generally try hard, the Jordanians are mostly polite and considerate, and some of the Omanis and Iraqis are nice. The less said about the rest, the better.