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victor tango
1st Nov 2014, 18:09
Do I remember correctly in France, ORY ? they had around three jet engines positioned at angles down the runway. Beginning, mid point and end.
Air France a/c used the facility for free but other airlines had to request them and would pay a fee.
After they were used I belive the fog became even worse due to condensation.
The whole system seemed to quietly die a death and nothing more was heard about it . I believe the system was called Turboclair?

1st Nov 2014, 18:34
Bring back FIDO.

1st Nov 2014, 18:49
Wasn't an advanced Turboclair installed at CDG as well ?

victor tango
1st Nov 2014, 19:21
If only Guy Gibson had named his dog that! Wouldnt have all the PC brigade wets bleeding all over the place!!:*

1st Nov 2014, 20:39
"If only Guy Gibson had named his dog that! Wouldnt have all the PC brigade wets bleeding all over the place!"
But you couldn't have burned dogs on the airfield to disperse fog without having the dog loving brigade wets bleeding all over the place.

2nd Nov 2014, 02:58
There was a time, in France, when the mail always got through, regardless of weather, usually in F27s if I remember correctly, so it is possible these Turboclair were intended for that and not general use of all comers?

2nd Nov 2014, 13:13
Before that DC3s. NDB to a grass airfield, chop the throttles on a stopwatch.

tubby linton
2nd Nov 2014, 14:17
Didn't Edinburgh have a similar arrangement in the 1970s?

2nd Nov 2014, 15:31
On another thread I was remembering the FIDO tanks which were still in situ at Marham in the 70s near the threshold of RW 24.

Long gone now, though

Una Due Tfc
2nd Nov 2014, 15:52
I heard it was Le Bourget just after WWII, i also heard they ignited petrol all around the runway in LVPs

2nd Nov 2014, 17:15
Here is a picture of the installation at Orly. There seem to be 14 jets angled towards the touchdown zone of RW06. There don't seem to be any others on that or any other runway.

There are 7 to the south of RW09R at Charles de Gaulle as well.

(First time trying to add a photo. Any offers of help gratefully received!)



2nd Nov 2014, 18:43

Go to this link.


You will have to open a photobucket account but I have done it for years and it's dead easy.

3rd Nov 2014, 15:38
Thanks Fareeastdriver!

Results above. Maybe a bit too large?

3rd Nov 2014, 16:24
No, ideal size.